Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Awakening to God & Healing Issues With 'Father' and the Need to be Validated

May was a pivotal month for me.  I experienced a couple of profound and palpable heart awakenings, that are pretty indescribable, while also going through another week long case of diarrhea, and utter fatigue.  This ignited a new direction into some uncharted territories, for which I had the thought to chronicle here on this Strong Spirit Blog.

All the ways in which I have lived against my true nature, and 'logos' began to pop into my mind at one point.  I had racked up my share of regrets, shame ~ and debt ~ from having not trusted myself.
While I thought I had worked through my past baggage, I realized some residual, sticky layers lingered ~ reminding me of the consequences of having made decisions counter to what I felt was best for me.  I paid a price for not trusting my instincts, and I'm ready for that debt to be paid in full!

This is all on the heels of a years-long journey down into rabbit holes that never end.  What began as a quest to learn more about my ancestry led to a need, a strong need to better understand historical events, and why things seemed so upside down in our modern day.

More recently, we stumbled upon E. Michael Jones, who has been  interviewed on several different YouTube channels, one of which I show below.   He is writing a book about Logos, and discusses world events in terms of Logos ~ more appropriately, the ways in which certain groups or agendas are continually pushing lifestyles and conditions that are counter to Logos, or the Natural Order / Natural Law of the Universe.

Don and I had already realized how much we went against our true nature while following a plant-based diet, witnessed by our declining moods, vitality, and health.

Nature is the ultimate Justice.  We thrive when we live in harmony with Logos.  We experience discord and disharmony when we don't.

This is not about dogma or ideology.  It's the rules of our cosmic operating system and Nature.  E. Michael Jones also refers to Logos as synonymous with Jesus, something I find interesting.

During my profound heart awakening in May, I felt a sudden overwhelming pressure in my chest, like my heart was trying to crack open.  I became obsessed with learning more about the origins and history of the Bible, which was new for me.

After this heart opening, new 'things' popped into my awareness.

I stumbled onto a video of Doreen Virtue's experience of seeing Jesus back in 2017 while at a New Thought church, and subsequently repenting, and getting born again.  She completely gave up all she had previously published, including all of her Angel oracle decks.  She literally tossed out bags full of items accumulated over the years related to the 'New Age' movement ~ things that scripture declared blasphemous and idolatry.

I read this after having already listed  the decks I still had of hers on eBay!  I was feeling done with them, and done with much of the New Age nonsense that I hear parroted among many YouTubers these days.  Discussions about ascension, New Earth, 5D reality, aliens and star beings tends to shut me down.  Whether these people know something I don't or not is irrelevant.  It's just too impractical and out there for me personally.

Doreen Virtue expresses in her free e-book, The Joy of Jesus, that she had felt a void in her life that no amount of success seemed to fill.  Jesus or God was too far away and impersonal to her.  I found it very interesting.  I believe many people seem to be experiencing a similar void, attempting to fill it up with all the wrong 'things.'

I watched several of her more recent videos, including one that explains simply what it means to repent, and interviews of those that left the New Age movement, and 'found Jesus.'  I watched a few videos of those who had near death experiences, and met either Jesus or Mary or were taken to hell.

A quick preface here.  I was raised atheist, despite my father's mother being very religious, and his brother being a minister.  I fell into the New Age movement after college, during the 1980s as I attempted to heal and better navigate the challenges of my life.  I was a seeker, through and through, ironically on a mission to discover my mission in life!


Meanwhile, the heart awakening sensation led me to  do my own from of repenting ~ via journaling.

I wrote and wrote, pouring out through my written word all that came to mind of my past experiences for which I still held shame, regrets, or remorse.  I prayed to release it, to be forgiven, to forgive myself, all while profusely crying.

This would  happen one more time, about one week later.

The second time, I prayed to heal my sorrow and anger at never having had a healthy, loving, and supportive father-daughter relationship.  This caused me to do many things that I had regretted, no doubt because of a strong subconscious need to be validated and approved of.

On Memorial Day, 2019, Don and I sat by the beautiful flower gardens and water fountains at the Old Town Scottsdale Civic Center.  With his support, I again prayed and wailed, asking to heal my relationship with my dad, and bigger, with God!

I realized that what still remained unhealed within me was my relationship with my true Father ~ God!

Until this point, I believed in a higher intelligence, but I still had old New Age terms running amuck in my brain.  The 'Universe' was God ~ as per many of the teachings of the Laws of Manifestation.  Just think positive, and vibe your desires into existence.  The Universe handles the details.

I was not even comfortable using the term God, or Jesus, because of the old prejudices I still carried about the ultra religious believers and the dogmatic teachings of the church.  Mind you, I had never read the Bible, nor attended church.  The prejudices related to wide spread stereotypes, legitimate or not.  The problem with stereotyping is how easily it can enable us to dismiss an entire teaching, throwing out the baby lamb and the baptismal bath water.

After my first experience of my chest or heart area breaking open, and praying, crying, and repenting, I had a dear friend, and a couple sweet women neighbors who all were ecstatic.  I spilled  open my heart, and shared my newly vulnerable and inexplicable experience.  They prayed for me to let Jesus in and to be saved.

It was an incredible few days.

The day after my first journaled repenting experience, I felt at least 70% of what I was feeling of shame and regret lift.  Prior, it felt murky and heavy.

Two days later, I felt it all lift.  I felt so light and at peace.  It was amazing.  I was filled with gratitude and joy.

I sang as I walked through the field.

I mean, I  was still aware of these past experiences that I felt ashamed about, yet it was as if I had to think hard to fully remember what it was that even bothered me.  I was aware, but it was so far removed from my reality, it was a miracle.  I no longer felt it holding sway and weighing down my body, mind, and psyche.

The blissful state of peace lasted a few more days, then began to fade a bit.

After my Memorial Day experience, I felt as if more weight lifted.

I never had a positive experience of 'Father' and for the first time ever, I felt fully loved and adored, and totally supported by my True Father and Creator.  God.  I thought I would go to my grave with the bitter sweet sadness of not having a better father - daughter relationship.

I found myself driving and singing praises of being 'My Father's Daughter' followed by many affirmations ~ whatever flowed into my heart and out my voice.  Like "I Am my Father's daughter, and I'm so grateful He created me (OR)  provides for me / believes in me / shares His Love with me...etc.

This was the  healing I needed to transform my lifelong subconscious feelings of not being valued, or worthy.

Feeling unworthy and seeking approval from outside sources is like poison to us.  It drives our thoughts and behaviors, perpetuating experiences of 'not feeling validated' triggering us until we finally heal it at the root.

How can we feel unworthy when we are created in His image and likeness?  To not feel worthy is an insult to He who created us.

I share my experience in the video below.

As a result of this, I ordered several new books.  I began, as per a recommendation by Doreen Virtue, to read The One Year Bible NLT.  It seemed like a good way to tackle the seeming daunting task of reading the Bible.

I must say, it is quite intriguing!  God's scorn, a fall from Paradise, and a massive flood, followed by incest, polygamy, one man's willingness to burn his own son as a sacrifice, more power struggles, jealousy, sinning, and the spread of nations ~ 'brother against brother.'

Questions Questions Questions 

Needless to say, I have questions.  Many questions!

So I will be exploring these questions in my future posts, here and possibly on my YT channel, along with input from Don.

You see, I get God as my Father.  I have a hunch that we all crave ~ especially women ~ to be unconditionally loved, guided, supported, and protected, as the Divine Masculine archetype is intended to provide.  Healing our relationship with God can help us get aligned and heal our lives ~ something that I am focusing on through my Strong Spirit Path (or Strong Spirit Woman) website.

But, I still have questions.  I have questions that I know will piss off one audience or another.  Of course since this blog is still in it's infant stages, I may escape much potential persecution for putting my questions and concerns out there ~ just due to a small reach.

However, God knows my truth seeking soul.  I can not undo that.  It is my nature.  I know my heart can not accept what does not feel right, without discovering first hand what is or what isn't.

My Quest

I am open to what I learn and experience through this process.

While Christians hold much scorn for 'pagans' I believe the use of the word has been weaponized, and an understanding of what the Pre-Christian Europeans, and Native populations from around the world   once practiced has been greatly distorted.

My desire is to better understand the teachings of the scripture, and the words of Jesus while also taking into account what came before, without immediately dismissing or disparaging what can be known about Pre-Christian spiritual teachings.

There are many who question if Jesus existed.  There are plenty of sources that cast doubts.

I believe our pre-Christian 'pagans' are being conflated with modern Satanists, and Wiccan practices which bare little resemblance to our early traditions, thus giving it all a bad rap.  Yet there are massive stone circles, mounds, cave paintings, ruins, mythology, poems, and stories that have been handed down helping us to at least acknowledge that our ancestors had traditions that they held sacred.

In truth, much of Catholicism has its roots in our own pre-Christian pagan spiritual teachings and practices.  There has been much obfuscation, and distortion of that history which my heart will not allow me to ignore.  Our current culture casts off our European ancestors as the scourge of all existence, responsible for the vast majority of wars, death, enslavement, and genocide.  This is patently false, and intentionally distorted.

All cultures world wide are rooted in earth-based spirituality, and shamanism in various forms.  If I go by the teachings in the scriptures, then I would have to discount, dismiss, question, or even repent many of my own spiritual experiences, including the energy healing work I do for others, as this is all considered taboo.  While I am open to understanding the Christian point of view, I must discover what I am guided directly to believe.

So, as I read the One Year Bible, I'll pass on what I learn.   My thought, should there be interest, is to share my interpretation, and the subsequent questions that arise.

I also would like to have Don help me to contrast what the Bible teaches with what is taught in other traditions, along with a discussion of Natural Law, and what living in alignment with logos means for us, for you, for all.

Interested?  Join me.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

This could be fun, or at least very interesting!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

March Full Moon, Eclipse, Equinox ~ Animal Medicine Guidance For This Auspicious Time

March 20th, 2019 will be a full moon eclipse, on the equinox.  The beginning of spring and a return of the Sun, with equal days and nights.  Spring is a time of planting new seeds, new growth, and rebirth.  It's a playful time, as we emerge from the long winter, sometimes with a bit of cabin fever!

On Friday, March 15, 2019, I decided to pull an animal card that had the most pertinent message for me at this time.  Astrologers consider this to be a potent time period, where many planets are direct, except Mercury which is currently still in retrograde.  Some planetary alignments we have not seen since the uprisings of the 60s.  According to the Leo King, there are alignments we have not seen since the 1500s!  For details of all the planetary alignments, I recommend checking out Dave's  video, here, and for a better understanding of the energies of this full moon eclipse, you may like this video, by Melanie of  AskAngels, on YouTube.

In a nutshell, this full moon-eclipse-equinox is dishing up some extra oomph to more fully step into our higher ideal expression, leaving behind what no longer serves us.

It's a great time to balance the scales too.

Discovering Your Personal Medicine Coaching Package Launching SOON!

I've been creating a new Personal Medicine Coaching package, which I will be launching soon ~ ideally by the upcoming Full Moon/Equinox/Eclipse this March 20, 2019.

After years of doing inner work, and soul-searching to clearly define my skills and my Divine Purpose in meaningful ways, the light bulb of inspiration finally clicked ON.

I had already been doing 'Personal Medicine Readings' using a variety of animal, nature, and plant decks to help people re-connect with their own True Nature, and personal medicine.  Why not extend it into a full on coaching package?

Monday, February 4, 2019

Today ~ Monday February 4, 2019 ~ is a New Moon, and Day 4 of my 'Illuminate Your Life' or 'Show Up Differently' challenge.   I have been posting a video each day of the challenge, sharing my daily affirmation, and tips for helping overcome emotional triggers, and to more consciously respond to present moment challenges.

Today's affirmation:  I am living luxuriously!  I am living according to my rhythms, in harmony with Nature, and the natural world, surrounded by beauty, and soon ~ on our (peace) of land in our beautiful home sanctuary.

Typically, when we are 'triggered' by another person, or external event, we go into a spontaneous, instantaneous, trance-like state and unconsciously react (rather than consciously respond) from the unhealed wounds of a regressed part.  If this continues to happen and go unchecked, we never learn to rise above these triggers, and in essence, we become a slave to them.

The tools I learned from the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling process, created and taught by Dr. Martin Hart have proven valuable time and again.  Dr. Hart has created a very effective system, or MAP to helping people become more conscious creators of their lives, and understand the messages that are showing up via our physical symptoms, and mental/emotional challenges.

Once we can begin to connect the dots between our symptoms, and a greater conscious awareness of where in our lives we are in discord ~ living disharmoniously to our truer greater selves ~ we become more free.  Essentially, we literally lighten up energetically, allowing us to more easily manifest, or align with our most illuminated, elegant, meaningful and joy-filled life path.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

A One-Week Challenge to Show Up Differently And Choose to Be Our Most Illuminated Selves

Now that January 2019 has come to an end, and a New Moon, Feb. 4-5, is around the corner, how about making some new intentions to show up differently?

Whether or not you made any New Year's resolutions, the New Moon is an ideal time to focus on what you want to bring in to your life.  What would your life look like if you had more of whatever it is you could use more of....more energy, vitality, joy, happiness, peace, financial flow, social connections, creative expression?

How about joining me on a challenge?   For one entire week, let's show up differently.  Let's wake up, look in the mirror, and focus on what we are grateful for ~ our inner brilliance ~ rather than our 'flaws.'  Let's acknowledge what we are doing well, rather than what is missing, or our seeming mistakes.  Let's choose to let the most illuminated versions of ourselves emerge ~ every day, for at least one week.

Throughout the day, if we find ourselves losing patience ~ whether in traffic, at work, at home, or in line at a store, let's remind ourselves that we chose to show up differently.  We chose to allow the most illuminated versions of ourselves to have the keys to the car, at least for one week.

How differently would that look?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Week Long Purge ~ Letting Go Of What and Who No Longer Supports Being Your Best Self!

Nothing like a week-long+ bout with diarrhea at the beginning of a new year to usher in a full-on life purge!

After what may have been perceived as an unfortunate sequence of events ~ eating tainted food leading to the big purge ~ precipitated a purge on multiple levels, not just physically!   I share details and some of what I learned during this process ~ at least with respect to attractions versus aversions to various foods and beverages, and more ~  here.  In this post, I will share what else I was purging during this incredibly transformative week.

If you prefer, I also share some of this on the video, below.

A few days into this process, I was experiencing a heightening of my sensory apparatus ~ my external and internal guidance system.  I would have very clear 'downloads' or 'knowings' of some step I needed to take, which felt nearly as urgent as some of my runs to the bathroom!

What else was I purging, aside from all that 'crap' that my body was releasing?

Thursday, December 27, 2018

How To Know If You Have Been Psychically Attacked, and How To Protect Yourself

In my previous post, I shared the story of our client's daughter having taken her life, on the heels of seeing two different 'healers' or spiritual teachers ~ or whatever may be their preferred titles.  As someone who has been in holistic healing arts for three decades now, her story triggered my own inner 'mama bear' to come out.  I feel an inner call to help protect others from a similar fate.  As a so-called 'insider' ~ one who has been on both the receiving and giving end of a myriad of holistic health practices and practitioners ~ I hope my voice will be given credence.

In this post, I want to discuss psychic attacks.  We have probably all experienced at least one, at some point in our lives.  Some may be more sensitive and aware of being attacked, while others may have experienced symptoms, but considered other sources as the cause.

At one point in my life, I did not play into the dark versus the light notion, however, that has long since changed.  I have personally experienced many psychic attacks, and I have helped clients clear negative entities.  This is a potentially very real problem, especially when people are unaware and caught off guard.

What Does a Psychic Attack  Feel Like?

Psychic attacks can come in many forms.  I do not proclaim to be an expert at all, but I can speak from my own personal experiences.  I sought out the help of a well-seasoned practitioner recently who also helped me to better understand how or why we get attacked.

From my perspective, everything is a form of energy.  Our thoughts have energy.  We all know how different it feels to be among people who love and support us unconditionally, versus when we are at the receiving end of negative scorn, harsh criticism, or when in places that just have a bad vibe.

The power of prayer (1), (2) conducted even at a distance has been found to have a positive impact on helping patients, and the energy of our hearts and our brains has also been measured.  One can do simple muscle testing to determine how the muscles respond to negative thoughts, versus positive.  Typically, the muscle goes weak in response to negative thoughts, and remains strong when focusing positive and loving energy towards the person.

I think this is just logical.  It just does not feel good at some level to have negative thoughts coming your way.  And when they do, that is a potential 'poison arrow' or psychic attack.  How much you are effected by it is dependent on how strong your energetic boundaries are.

If someone is secretly jealous of you, they may be unwittingly attacking you.  They have an unhealed part that has a knee-jerk response to take someone perceived of as more popular, more successful, prettier, or whatever down to their level.  Nobody wants to admit that they feel this way, and sometimes people hardly acknowledge this goes on at a subconscious level.

There are other reasons people attack, whether wittingly, or unwittingly.  Some people have a possession.  The entity occupies their energy field, and can influence their thoughts and behaviors.  I do believe that people who are ultra sensitive, and/or very awake and aware, or are working to dispel 'darkness' and share 'Truths' may be under attack as the dark forces seek to subvert those here to make a positive contribution.  Just my opinion, but I know many others agree, and have also been feeling attacked on a more continual basis in recent years.  Even if this is just metaphorical, it is worth being mindful, and conscious about how one lives and operates.

People who are always going out to bars, or whom are either taking a lot of recreational drugs, or even pharmaceuticals, and/or anyone who is participating in degenerate behaviors, or hanging out in dark/seedy places, and those who are very depressed, manic, or bi-polar will be more susceptible to attacks, walk-ins, possessions, etc.

Even those who are mindlessly watching television all day could be unwitting hosts of subversive programming, which is a form of attack!

When you receive a psychic attack, it can be felt in different areas of the body, depending on the issue, and other factors.

When attacked, you may experience:

Sudden onset symptoms that seem out of the blue
Digestive upset
Very low motivation, especially when it's atypical for you
Sudden change to a low, depressed mood
Chest tightness
Neck pain
Feelings of being held back, or 'not like yourself'
Sudden use of harsh language

There could be other symptoms not listed.  And having a sudden onset of a stomach ache, or head ache is not in itself automatically the result of being psychically attacked.  This is of course not intended to be a diagnosis!  These are just potential symptoms to look out for.

I have had each of these symptoms come on at different times.  It just took me a long time to finally connect the dots that it wasn't me, or my eating something wrong.  I was being attacked.

Some people have entities.  This may show up as a voice in the head, or other symptoms, beyond what I listed, including:

Feeling taken over
Feeling heavy
Strong desires to drink or do drugs, or engage in other illicit behaviors
Being given instructions to do something that you know in your heart is wrong
Ongoing negative or dark thoughts

How To Determine if Someone You Know and Trusted Is Actually Psychically Attacking You:

If you feel more angry, frustrated, or insecure after being in their presence
If they are always responding with dismissive comments, or seemingly benign critiques of you, or what you are creating, without sharing much positive words of encouragement
If you feel or sense a loss of power, or sudden change in your own mood in their presence
If you suddenly experience any of the above symptoms when around the person

How To Protect Yourself

First and foremost, take care of your health!  Being in good health will keep your immune system strong, which will help you stay strong energetically as well!  The best offense is a strong defense.

Secondly, spend regular time outdoors, grounding.  Nature provides bountiful healing energy, especially when you are barefoot on wet sand, grass, or dirt.  The more grounded you are, the less flighty you will feel.  Get early or later evening sun exposure too!

Third, make it a practice to tune into your inner senses.  Check in with how you are feeling before seeing the person, and after.  Are there any changes?  The main thing to pay attention to is patterns.  A sudden change one time could be non-related.  But if you notice it each time, that is another story.

Pay attention to your inner feelings, sense of smell, and any intuitions, or physical sensations you notice.  If you feel upbeat, and inspired or happy in their presence, great.  You have a good friend you can trust!  If you tend to feel more insecure, moody, angry, tense, or tightness anywhere, or even if you happen to notice a foul smell that you were previously unaware of while in their presence, take note!

If you feel genuinely supported great.  If you are not sure if you are being supported, or if you are unclear about the other person's intentions and agendas, use caution when in their presence!

If attacked:

Take a salt bath.  Get the salt crystals that come in the 40 pound bags for about $5.  Add one pound of the salt crystals (not the pellets) to your bath, along with one pound of baking soda.  Add any essential oils you like, and even Willow or Crab Apple Bach Flower Essences.

Burn a smudge stick all around yourself and your dwelling places.

Burn salt.  Use a heat-proof container.  Place on a wood cutting board or safe surface.

Get outside!  Go barefoot and get grounded!

Ask for help from your own Higher Self, and/or angels, archangels, guides, God, whatever feels comfortable and natural for you of a higher power source.  Many call on Archangels Michael, Raphael, and/or Ariel to help clear, purify and restore harmony.  I also like to call on animal guides, and even to lie on my floor, or directly on the Earth and ask for all 'non-essential and non-beneficial' energies to be cleared from your entire Being and surrounding energy field.

In lieu of calling on higher beings, imagine being under a beautiful blue waterfall of light, and sense, feel, or imagine any unwanted energies washing away.  Fill yourself up afterwards with a white, silver, and/or gold light, green light, or whatever feels appropriate for you.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

One Mothers' Pain of Loss ~ Red Flags When Choosing A Holistic Therapist

Red Flags to Look Out for When Choosing a Holistic Health Therapist

A client at our clinic who we had not seen in a while came in the other day, who did not look like her normal cheery self.   She experienced one of the hardest thing anyone can experience ~ the loss of a child.  Worse, her daughter, the youngest of three, took her own life.

What could cause this beautiful young woman ~ the daughter of our client ~ who had a huge, gorgeous smile feel like her best option to dealing with her ongoing internal conflicts was to opt out of life?

As the story unfolded, I began to feel my own blood begin to boil.

This woman had seen two different 'holistic' health therapists ~ one an author with a YouTube channel, and the other seemingly indicating that she was well trained in every kind of shamanic practice imaginable ~ prior to taking her life.  She paid each a lot of money too.  So what went wrong?

Well, it began with the author.  As it turns out, the daughter of our client is on one of her YT videos of who I will call Therapist #1.  She has a video that 'shows what it looks like when someone reclaims their soul' or something along those lines.  Several women (and one guy) are gathered in a beautiful setting outdoors, and the practitioner is speaking to each in turn, having them bring their focus from their minds, into their bodies, and pay attention to what they are feeling.  She highlights a few of the women who appear to be experiencing emotional pain at first, then are magically transformed, with a big smile replacing their frowns, as if they just had a major ah ha, break-thru moment.  It appeared to be a beautiful, touching, transformative healing process.

Apparently, what happened off camera is where the story begins.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Living Your True Nature IS The Strong Spirit Path ~ Updated Blog & Post

Living your True Nature.  What exactly does that mean?

That was the title of the original Living Your True Nature blog that I started when Don and I ended our five+ years of eating various incarnations of a whole-foods, produce-rich, plant-based diet, and began our foray into a low-carb, ketogenic diet, or what I now call the 30-Day Hypercarnivore Challenge.  The brief update and explanation for why Living Your True Nature is being on The Strong Spirit Path is at the end.

Following is what I wrote on that premiere post, from May, 2017:

Simply, it means when we are aligned with our authentic voice, and sense of Self ~ our big 'S' self rather than the limited identities of the small 's' self ~ there is a harmony that exists between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Things feel like they click into place.  We feel on point, and on purpose.  Miracles and magical coincidences become common place.  We have an open heart, and an ability to respond appropriately to situations that arise in the moment.  Our life flows, seemingly effortlessly.  The appropriate people and resources seem to 'magically' show up, right on time.  We may even feel as though we are floating through life.

Contrarily, when we are not aligned with our True Nature, we experience more struggle.  Less flow.  Less ease.  Our physical, mental, and emotional symptoms indicate imbalances.  We don't feel as great as we would like.  Things can be overall going pretty well, but perhaps one area of our lives remains out of sync.

Living in accord with Who You Really Are, and what you came here to share can be all the difference in a life that is filled with enthusiasm and excitement, versus a life that feels like doing what is needed to just cope and survive.

There are always challenges.  But when we are aligned, we see the challenges as opportunities for more growth.  A chance to tap into more as of yet untapped resources.  Or, we simply ride them like a surfer rides a wave, knowing that challenges happen, and they will also pass.  Our attitude towards them is different.

That difference can be great in how much it changes our lives.  We better manage stress, and don't see the world as out to get us.  Nor do we automatically fall into bad mental habits, believing we are not worthy or good enough to have more, or be more than we are expressing.

I know I've been focused on living in alignment with my True Nature all my life, even when I didn't name it as such.  I think I may have been instinctively aligned at a young age, but was convinced otherwise.  The experiences of my youth taught me to NOT trust myself.  The experiences of my adult life have been all about un-doing those beliefs, and re-wiring myself to return to what I knew early on about who I was, and what I desired.  (You can read more about my history, here.)

Little of my original passions have changed.  But my inability to truly manifest the lifestyle I desired, the homestead I dreamed of, and the full clarity of my Divine Purpose seemed to elude me, in part because of a lot of faulty early life programming.

I have created blogs before.  I have created many things, and have also decided at times to totally trash some past creations, born of a faulty ~ or disharmonious ~ alignment.

Actually, it was said about me recently that I truly have re-birthed myself, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of an earlier life that had me feeling like I was thrown sideways.  I was often lonely, and had some debilitating insecurities, despite the many ways I could appear outgoing and confident.

Perhaps I can help you resurrect your True Self from the caverns within your heart and Spirit as well. We always teach best that which we ourselves first experienced.  I help many others find their way to genuine Soul alignment, and living more harmoniously to their True Nature's needs in order to thrive.  

There are always people just ahead, and just behind us on our journey.  Those just ahead have integrated the lessons we are in the throes of assimilating.  They can be our guide, or source of inspiration, wisdom, and hope.  Those behind us will be looking to us for the same.  This is how it goes in the chain of life.  It's perfectly orchestrated by Spirit.

One way that I've been learning to align myself has been through diet.  I have always been a lover of natural foods.  But my definition of what constitutes natural foods has evolved over time.  Now is another one of those moments of redefining what I believe to be natural foods, that best support human health.  Or, I'll say, my health for now.

I'm embarking on a 30 day challenge.  I have been consuming a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet in one capacity or another for the last 5-6 years ~ high fruit, high raw;  LFHC; macrobiotic grain & bean starch-based; and even more Dr. Joel Fuhrman style with more beans and greens.  I have yet to get the results I desired, and in fact have witnessed certain aspects of my health worsen over the last five years.

Prior to being on a plant-based, vegan diet, I had a big health scare.  Since I had relief from that within a short time of transitioning to an entirely plant-based diet,  I believed I was on the right track.  Between my direct experiences, and a good year or so spent devouring much of the literature and documentaries supporting plant-based diets, including watching such horrific documentaries such as Earthlings, I figured I was making the right choice, and becoming more aligned with my heart by forgoing animal products.

I have since come to some new conclusions.

Part of liberating ourselves is being willing to revisit past choices and beliefs with an open mind.

We make choices based on the resources we have available to us at that time.  As we progress, and have a variety of experiences, and come into new information, or perhaps observe another who has a different perspective, we may need to question our previous conclusions.

The more open and willing we are to engage in this process ~ free of our conditioned responses, attachments, and the conscious minds desire 's be right ~ the more we will realize freedom, and eventually align with what is most, or at least more true for us.

Until, it isn't.  And then we readjust again.

It's part of our process of growth.  We learn as much about who we are, by who we are not.

So, my 30-day challenge is to test my hypothesis about where I went wrong in all my past many years of trying to get it right, at least with respect to my diet.

Up next:  An apology, and more about my 30-day challenge.

That concludes the original post from Living Your True Nature, the blog I began to chronicle our journey from plant-based, to nearly plant-free.

I have now deleted some of those earlier posts, and am transferring others over to The Hypercarnivore blog, as that is now the landing place of the bulk of the physical health and food-related topics.

This blog is now called The Strong Spirit Path.

Why the change?  Because that original challenge morphed into helping me reclaim my True Self  ~ my power ~ in many ways I didn't even realize I was missing.  I thought being vegan made me a more compassionate person.  I realize now the errors in my thinking, my actions, and my eating!

Hence, I have created the Strong Spirit Woman website, YouTube channel, and now this blog because I see walking The Strong Spirit Path as the path we embark upon when we are really living in accord with our True Nature.  Not what our mind's think is true.  But the True True.  And our willingness to be vulnerable, speak our truth, and be ourselves, despite the courts of popular opinion, and the increasingly dangerous and paralyzing environment of political correctness.

I hope you will join me on this path.  It's not for everyone.  But it is for those who seek personal growth and evolution, and the ability to really live as their most illuminated selves ~ no matter what others think!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

How I Overcame My LIFE-LONG Hyper-Sensitivity to the Opinions of Others

Overcoming A Life-Long Habit of Worrying About What Others Think

I have been dealing with an old, debilitating issue that was triggered while visiting family.  My long-term operating system tended to default to always being concerned about what others were thinking and feeling ~ rather than, or ahead of my own feelings and needs.  (A common trait among women, I suspect!)  I also unwittingly spent a lot of time seeking approval, in an attempt to compensate for what I was lacking in my relationship with my father.  Women who are raised with a good, healthy relationship with their fathers tend to grow up with greater confidence and easier ability to be successful in life.  (Note to all considering raising children as a single parent ~ the father figure is quintessentially important ~ as are mothers ~  for both girls and boys!)  I recall coming across a thick book decades back saying as much, although I do not recall the title.  However, I did a reading on Thanksgiving while visiting my mother, just as the crux of this issue was rearing the darker, or rather more debilitating side of this seemingly 'compassionate' faulty operating system of chronically being hyper-concerned about 'others.'

First, a bit of background.

According to Chinese Five-Element, I have a lot of water and earth in my chart.  I'm a natural nurturer, and tend to blend in to the environment, and 'go with the flow.'  I'm also a natural harmonizer.  Growing up amidst a lot of fighting was a challenge, hence I became driven to 'keep the peace' in my feeble attempts to restore harmony, as I dreaded all the conflict.

I am also very empathic, and was quite shy and introverted when young.  I learned how to cope as an introvert, by adopting some more extroverted behaviors, however, that often involved alcohol to help me feel 'less boring.'  I think my hyper-concern of the opinions of others gathered momentum when I began to get bullied in grade school.  No doubt, these conditions made me especially susceptible to those deeper feelings of 'not being worthy' or 'not being valued' that are among the most debilitating beliefs to overcome.

The silver lining:  It is by overcoming what is often referred to as our 'chief obstacle, or stumbling block' that we experience our greatest growth and the many rewards that follow such a huge life-altering transformation.  On the flip side, if we let these beliefs fester unchecked, it will be our greatest source of self-sabotage, for as Dr. Hart, creator of the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling system always says, "You only evolve as much as your least evolved parts."

After a week of visiting with family, I found myself unconsciously desiring for everything to go 'perfectly' ~ especially while visiting my mom with Don.  (That old nagging need for 'approval.')

We have not had many opportunities to all be together since the wedding, so they are essentially still getting to know each other.  Well, of course, contrary to my hopes, the week started off a bit sketchy.  My expectations were a bit confounded, causing me to have a couple of mini melt-downs.

In retrospect, we were simply a bit drained from the first part of our trip, which involved long hours of travel, and few hours of decent sleep.  By the time we were visiting my mom, we were really lagging.  So much so, my mom was unsure of what to make of Don, as he was very quiet.  (And my mom is not.)  Turns out he had an ongoing headache, and was on the verge of not feeling well, beyond just still being worn out.

On Thanksgiving evening, our last full day in Chicago, I did a Celtic Cross reading with the Osho Zen cards.  As always, it was spot on, in so many ways.  It not only answered my inquiry, but it helped me get the perspective I needed to once and for all let go of my long-standing issues with worrying about everyone else's needs, and opinions.

While it was very personally fitting for what I needed to 'get' ~ I think the many can benefit from the message, hence why I thought to share it.

My inquiry:  What can I expect between now and when our leases are up next August ~  especially with regards to finding our next home ~ our 'piece of land.'

Card #1 - The issue - Rebirth - the evolution we go through from being acquiescent to the needs of others, self-absorbed, and worried about what others think, depicted as a camel at the bottom of the picture, from which a lion emerges on top of the camel, and a young boy playing the flute emerges from the lion.  As the lion, we rebel and roar our truth and claim our independence, no longer worrying about others.  While the young boy is the symbol of innocence, spontaneity, and purity.  We no longer acquiesce, nor rebel at life.  We are One with our Spirit, in the Spirit of the moment.

I have spent way too much energy in my life attempting to maintain peace and harmony, especially where it simply was not necessary ~ erroneously interpreting the harmony as a form of acceptance, or in some cases, approval.

Card #2 - What is crossing (helping or hindering) the issue - Slowing Down ~ The turtle reminds us that he/she carries it's home on it's back, hence, it is always 'at home' wherever it is!  Also, patience.  Step by step things work out.

The subconscious influences, Card #3 - Thunderbolt (The Tower major arcana in traditional tarot.)  Internally, I've felt the forces rising within me of the clash between accepting what is, and really wanting things to be different, personally and locationally.  The tower represents the sometimes strong shake up, like an earthquake that can be needed to help us make needed changes.  It's the storm before the calm, or the break down prior to the break through.

The conscious influences, Card #4 - Guidance - The internal guidance we will receive when we are still enough to listen, and quit looking outside ourselves for answers.  Trust Your True Nature!

Card #5, the position of what is leaving, or now in the past - The Miser   All I can say is thank God for that card being in that position!  Good riddance!

In life, we have periods of contraction, and periods of expansion.  I took this to mean that our time of contraction is in the past.  We have recently gone on two trips back home, however prior, it had been a couple of years.  We live pretty frugally.  We have goals, and outstanding student and business loan debts which stand in the way of our goals.  We have made great progress paying them off, yet have not had a chance to save as much as we would like to buy our own home yet, and relocate.

NOTE TO THE YOUNG:  Debt is a freedom killer.  If you don't need it, don't buy it.  That goes for college education!  They are by and large brain-washing institutions, which provide little value, depending on where you go, and what you study.  Go to a trade school!   The trades need you!  Live within your means.  Live simply.  Enjoy yourself, but learn to be savvy, and stick to a budget!

Card #6 - What is coming in - The Master!  A teacher, or stepping into (or up to) who I was created  to be as a spiritual teacher.

Card #7 - The position of what I am feeling about the issue.  Ice-Olation.  Here's where it really hit home.     When we don't express or 'feel' our feelings, they get submerged within, as if buried under an iceberg.  When we are continually focused on our own personal issues, we also isolate ourselves from the world.  We become focused fully on the me, and lack the warmth and wherewithal to be present to others.  Love is the warmth that can melt the ice.

In The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan (now available), I incorporated a section taken from Anam Cara, (an awesome book) by John O'Donahue, who discusses the varied types of vision from which we can view the world.  When we can view life with loving vision,  our boundaries dissolve, and we feel a greater sense of connectedness to the whole.

Card #8 - What I am attracting to me, The Source, which matched perfectly with The Master card.  The Source is always there, waiting.  When we get still, and go within, we return to The Source.

Card #9 - the desires/denials card - The Dream.  The image of a woman dressed like Cinderella in rags, hunched over looking sad as she daydreams about her being held in the arms of her 'Prince.'

Hollywood and love songs have programmed us all to desire a perfect romance, idyllic lives and happy endings.  None of us are perfect, or we would not be here.  Relationships help us grow.  They take effort, commitment, and ongoing communication. When we fantasize about our ideal partner,  or perfect whatever, we get detached from the reality of the situation.  We become let down when we do have (our alleged perfect partner), yet the relationship doesn't live up to our expectations.  Our expectations ~ expecting the 'other' to be the 'everything' that is the cause of our suffering.

NOTE TO ALL IN RELATIONSHIP:  Stay present.  Communicate.  Have patience.  Make an effort to remain connected, on many levels.  Don't expect the other to be your everything!  Don't surrender your happiness to anyone.  It is all on you to take care of you.  In relationship, the care taking should be a give and take, not one doing all the caring, and the other doing all the taking.

Card #10, The final outcome card - 0 - The Fool, major arcana.  I pulled a second one, which was 1 Existence.  (interestingly, O-1 being computer code, on/off, yin/yang.) Both cards indicating the ability to trust implicitly all that is unfolding, while remaining fully present ~ within ourselves ~ spiritually/energetically ~ and without  ~ in the physical world.

This reading ~ along with feedback from both Don and my mom ~ helped me to finally have the aha I needed, to see how I have spent far too much energy in my life trying to gain the approval (of parents, or others), or trying to 'keep the peace', and worrying about how others are feeling, or what they are thinking.

I realized in my preoccupation to maintain a harmonious connection with Don, my mom, and myself, that I was that camel, and I caved under the weight.  Later, in a discussion, I had my lion moment, as my feelings of being pulled in two directions came blurting out.  Finally, I became the child.  The reading smacked me in the face with the clear message.  LET IT GO!  The sweet surrender of all that concern and worry helped me feel ten times lighter, and years younger!

By the evening prior to Thanksgiving, we were all  harmoniously prepping and cleaning up together in the small kitchen, squeezing around one another, each focused on our respective tasks.  It was great, we had a wonderful meal, and day, and my mom finally could enjoy the Don I know and love.  She enjoyed our company, and was sad to see us go.

In the end, my mom and I felt bad for being so insensitive to Don's needs!  He could have stayed home the day we went downtown, rested, or walked to the lake.  He could have done Don, and I could have spent time with mom, whom I just don't see often enough.

Sometimes when you finally 'get' something, the shift is palpable.  This shift was distinct, and complete.  I've been floating since.

I can feel the winds of change now.  Good change.  Positive change.  All it took was this last shift to release an old way of operating so what is new can now come in.

Bring on the magic of the holidays!

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Lioness Roars & The Wolf Bites ~ A Poem About Reclaiming YOUR Might

May this poem help you call back your power, accept your whole  Self ~ the 'dark' and the light ~ and be prey no more to the internal and external voices that cast doubt on Who You Are.

Be whole. Be Proud. Be Fierce. Be in Strength.
Be One Unified Sovereign Being.

Photo courtesy of

I Am Who I Am

I am the Light
I am the Spark
I am the Candle
that lights up  the Dark

I trust and follow my Heart and my Soul
Illuminating my Divine Goals

Guided by Truth, my sword doth protect me
Living honestly, humbly and reverently

Willing to slice through life's many deceptions
Clearing delusions, falsehoods & misconceptions

I am a Snake, I slither and coil
Your greatest plans I can certainly foil
I will tempt, cajole and cause you to doubt
Your own Truth and Trust in what you're about

I Am the Deer, gentle and kind
to those who earn my respect and my time
Tho taught to extend goodness to all and sunder
This surely can be our downfall and greatest blunder 

Watch out for the lion for when he doth roar
your silly delusions will be no more

I Am The Lion-ess who protects her dominion
With laser sharp focus & fierce determination

Photo courtesy of

I Am the Wolf, and will sink my teeth in
To all whom question Who I Am, 
& my worth
My apex predator will show you no mirth

No matter how much the voices will chatter
and lure, entice and try to control
I Am Who I Am, and Who I Am matters
and only I hold the keys to my heart & my soul

I Am the darkness within the Light
United as One, I reclaim my Might
And eat my prey with sheer delight

I am the Light & I am the Spark
I am the Candle that Lights up the Dark

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Declutter, Rearrange and LET GO to Stimulate Qi Flow & Help Feng Shui Your Life

Rearranging Decluttering & Letting Go 

Don and I have been in a whirlwind of shuffling our 'things' around ~ moving everything out of our clinic, then back into our clinic, decluttering, rearranging, and purging ~ interspersed with a week away to visit family and explore a little slice of southwestern and south central Michigan and northern Ohio.  You can see pictures of our trip on my previous post.

 As per usual, I've written several blog posts in my mind by now, which doesn't do anyone any good if I can't get those thoughts down on the blog!  But, with travel and spotty internet connections, and the utterly exhausting, reorganizing work we've been doing, it is what it is.

I literally feel like I've been on a month-long sweat fest!

The hot water heater that busted and caused a total wall to wall flood in our clinic caused the carpet to begin to lift up and unravel.  We opted to wait to have the carpets pulled out during the summer season since we naturally slow down here in the Valley of the Sun.   The floors in our clinic were sandblasted to polish up the cement that was already there, underneath the rugs.

As a result of moving out to remove the carpet, and sandblast the floors, Don had the idea to change up how we set it back up.

We sacrificed the little room I was using for Reiki and hypnotherapy to use as our office, removing the desks and file cabinet from the main 'reception' area.  This opened up the space quite a bit.  Rather than a clutter of desks and files, we now have a nice area rug, small couch, chairs, and shelves with  items for sale on display.

Getting to the gate at the airport on our return trip seemed to be quite an ordeal.  Three hours from Don's brother's home to the gate.  What normally should have been just over an hour was delayed first from traffic near Detroit.

The TSA agent was bound and determined to find my tiny folding pocket knife if it killed her.   There was no problem leaving Phoenix with it.  I know, I know, what was I thinking???  It's an old pocket knife that just lives in my backpack, so I wasn't actually thinking about it!

(Here are a few pics from the trip.  More on the previous post, linked above.)

Between the travel, and having some very rough nights of sleep on uncomfortable beds, we came home tired from our vacay.  We could have used a respite from our vacation, but it was not to be!

The clinic was quite messy after that sandblasting.  Before we could move back in on Sunday, the morning after our arrival back home, we had to wipe down every surface.  There were black hand prints on several walls, and dust everywhere.  The bathroom itself was covered in dust, even on the cleaning supplies inside the closed cabinet!

Cleaning in that bathroom with the a.c. not yet kicking in was quite a sweaty ordeal!  I was dripping sweat into my eyes, down my face, and throughout my entire body!  Don as well.

Needless to say, we got everything moved in, then continued to rearrange the furnishings and pictures for the next two weeks until everything seemed to be happy in its new place.

The net result is that our clinic is now a very inviting space ~ with a feel of visiting a friend at home.

Once we felt good about the clinic set up, we moved on to our apartment.

We completely rearranged the entire living space, and even some of the bedroom.

We also unloaded around 100 books or more to Half-Priced books for pennies on the dollar!  Even if you don't make a lot of money selling off old books, clearing up the space can be very en-lightening.  Especially if the books that you are attached to represent some aspect of your life, or topic that is no longer representative of who you really are and where you see yourself going.

Like the 'isms' which I discuss in the video, below.  New-Age-ism, Buddh-ism, vegan-ism...

The tear down had begun.  Piles of books were purged.  It really helped lighten up the space!
You can see the After pictures in the video, below.

The BEFORE...AFTER photos in video, below.

Sold some, donated some.

Suffice it to say, we utilized the recent planetary retrogrades and series of eclipses to reflect on our past, purge what no longer felt to be of value, rearrange, stimulate some new qi flow, and conduct a few ceremonies to release, forgive, let go, and reconnect.

Ceremony altar, with representatives of the four elements.  Frog (water), a family of turtles (Earth),
butterfly and feathers (air), triangular-shaped and upward pointing shaped crystals + candle (fire.)

I added our books (pictured below) afterwards, asking to receive a blessing for Don's upcoming book, The Hypercarnivore Diet,
along with my own great little book, The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle.

Release the old default thinking habits and reactions.  Forgive our seeming bad past choices that have had ongoing consequences, let go of books and things that no longer hold value, and reconnect with those attributes and parts of ourselves we inadvertently abandoned ~ our power, our reputation, our more care free and innocent trust in the world, and so on.

We have been eerily quiet at our clinic this month.  Rather than fret, we are doing our best to be in gratitude for the gift of time ~ to recoup from this last month of travel and sweaty rearranging work, and to work on our creative projects, including Don's soon to be published book, and our ongoing website development.

Our passion is to finally buy a home on a piece of land, and write our hearts out.  We also would like to teach and hold workshops or retreats, and do fitness training from home.

We look forward to living among the trees, lakes, creeks and rivers again!

But not yet!

Need some more inspiration for decluttering?  I really enjoyed, and subsequently wrote a book review of Real Life Organizing: Clean & Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day, which you can read here.

More of my own adventures in organizing here.

Reflections From Our Recent Trip to Southwestern Michigan and Northern Ohio

Our Recent Trip ~ Pictures and Reflections

 The first thing we were struck with is how tall and majestic the trees were, especially in Ohio compared to when Don was growing up.  We also enjoyed ~ and miss ~ seeing bodies of water everywhere.  Lakes, ponds, rivers abound, although don't mention it to those who prefer to 'fly over' this part of the country.

We enjoyed seeing family, although not exactly drama-free.  But who's family is?

We also enjoyed having a couple days to travel around southwestern Michigan, into the hillier area of Hillsdale and the Irish Hills.  We visited several quaint smaller cities, each with its own downtown area or other features, such as a river, hills, or historical buildings.

And while we very much enjoyed it all, we still didn't feel a very strong pull to any place in particular.

We decided that the cosmological timing is not quite right.  Our plan is to stay one more winter.  We've nearly made it through the worst of summer, so the rest should be pretty easy.

Time to enjoy our newly remodeled clinic ~ and apartment ~ start teaching classes, do more readings and energy healing, and continue building our websites and YouTube channels.  Next spring, or by the beginning of summer, 2019, I feel pretty confident we will be ready to relocate.  Not sure where to yet, but I trust we will know when it's time.

Leaving Phoenix sunrise, misty rain.

Just spectacular parks and scenery in Ohio

A beautiful walk into the downtown area of Waterville, Ohio, a quaint small
community in a slightly hilly area that had great qi flow!

This was in the town of Dundee, MI, a small but growing city that is along the river.

These are an amazing park in Hillsdale, MI

We grilled steaks at Don's parents' home, and took them to go.  We enjoyed our morning
coffee w/ half-and-half, and steamed milk in the morning while spending some time online,
then would find a nice park to eat our one main meal of steak, w/ a little cheese and Trader Joe's
Turkey Summer Sausage that I brought on the plane.  Worked great.

A big lake outside Hillsdale

Free wind symphony concert in Hillsdale.  Great turn out.  Wonderful music.
Probably 30+  musicians.

The resident cat at the first lodge we stayed in Hillsdale.

Sooo cute and friendly!  She was just waiting for someone to hang out with!

Local trail in another area.  Originally a tunnel for train.

Ran out of steak, so we picked up sliced roast beef and cheddar cheese.  Drank milk
in the morning.  Essentially we mostly just bought milk, and coffee for mornings,
then only had to buy this beef and cheese throughout our little road trip.

Last of the steak!

We found a most peaceful motel to stay at half an hour outside Hillsdale en route back
to Toledo.

Back at the family home.

Grand Rapids, Ohio, another great little city/town, with a great river walk area.

This just beckons us to enjoy sitting and relaxing.  

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate ~ lie down on the EARTH!

Up next, decluttering, rearranging, and the big book purge.  Our busy and sweaty month since (and just prior to) this trip!