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How To Know If You Have Been Psychically Attacked, and How To Protect Yourself

In this post, I want to discuss psychic attacks.  We have probably all experienced at least one, at some point in our lives.  Some may be more sensitive and aware of being attacked, while others may have experienced symptoms, but considered other sources as the cause.

At one point in my life, I did not play into the dark versus the light notion, however, that has long since changed.  I have personally experienced many psychic attacks, and I have helped clients clear negative entities.  This is a potentially very real problem, especially when people are unaware and caught off guard.

What Does a Psychic Attack  Feel Like?

Psychic attacks can come in many forms.  I do not proclaim to be an expert at all, but I can speak from my own personal experiences.  I sought out the help of a well-seasoned practitioner recently who also helped me to better understand how or why we get attacked.

From my perspective, everything is a form of energy.  Our thoughts have energy.  We all know how different it feels to be among people who love and support us unconditionally, versus when we are at the receiving end of negative scorn, harsh criticism, or when in places that just have a bad vibe.

The power of prayer (1), (2) conducted even at a distance has been found to have a positive impact on helping patients, and the energy of our hearts and our brains has also been measured.  One can do simple muscle testing to determine how the muscles respond to negative thoughts, versus positive.  Typically, the muscle goes weak in response to negative thoughts, and remains strong when focusing positive and loving energy towards the person.

I think this is just logical.  It just does not feel good at some level to have negative thoughts coming your way.  And when they do, that is a potential 'poison arrow' or psychic attack.  How much you are effected by it is dependent on how strong your energetic boundaries are.

If someone is secretly jealous of you, they may be unwittingly attacking you.  They have an unhealed part that has a knee-jerk response to take someone perceived of as more popular, more successful, prettier, or whatever down to their level.  Nobody wants to admit that they feel this way, and sometimes people hardly acknowledge this goes on at a subconscious level.

There are other reasons people attack, whether wittingly, or unwittingly.  Some people have a possession.  The entity occupies their energy field, and can influence their thoughts and behaviors.  I do believe that people who are ultra sensitive, and/or very awake and aware, or are working to dispel 'darkness' and share 'Truths' may be under attack as the dark forces seek to subvert those here to make a positive contribution.  Just my opinion, but I know many others agree, and have also been feeling attacked on a more continual basis in recent years.  Even if this is just metaphorical, it is worth being mindful, and conscious about how one lives and operates.

People who are always going out to bars, or whom are either taking a lot of recreational drugs, or even pharmaceuticals, and/or anyone who is participating in degenerate behaviors, or hanging out in dark/seedy places, and those who are very depressed, manic, or bi-polar will be more susceptible to attacks, walk-ins, possessions, etc.

Even those who are mindlessly watching television all day could be unwitting hosts of subversive programming, which is a form of attack!

When you receive a psychic attack, it can be felt in different areas of the body, depending on the issue, and other factors.

When attacked, you may experience:

Sudden onset symptoms that seem out of the blue
Digestive upset
Very low motivation, especially when it's atypical for you
Sudden change to a low, depressed mood
Chest tightness
Neck pain
Feelings of being held back, or 'not like yourself'
Sudden use of harsh language

There could be other symptoms not listed.  And having a sudden onset of a stomach ache, or head ache is not in itself automatically the result of being psychically attacked.  This is of course not intended to be a diagnosis!  These are just potential symptoms to look out for.

I have had each of these symptoms come on at different times.  It just took me a long time to finally connect the dots that it wasn't me, or my eating something wrong.  I was being attacked.

Some people have entities.  This may show up as a voice in the head, or other symptoms, beyond what I listed, including:

Feeling taken over
Feeling heavy
Strong desires to drink or do drugs, or engage in other illicit behaviors
Being given instructions to do something that you know in your heart is wrong
Ongoing negative or dark thoughts

How To Determine if Someone You Know and Trusted Is Actually Psychically Attacking You:

If you feel more angry, frustrated, or insecure after being in their presence
If they are always responding with dismissive comments, or seemingly benign critiques of you, or what you are creating, without sharing much positive words of encouragement
If you feel or sense a loss of power, or sudden change in your own mood in their presence
If you suddenly experience any of the above symptoms when around the person

How To Protect Yourself

First and foremost, take care of your health!  Being in good health will keep your immune system strong, which will help you stay strong energetically as well!  The best offense is a strong defense.

Secondly, spend regular time outdoors, grounding.  Nature provides bountiful healing energy, especially when you are barefoot on wet sand, grass, or dirt.  The more grounded you are, the less flighty you will feel.  Get early or later evening sun exposure too!

Third, make it a practice to tune into your inner senses.  Check in with how you are feeling before seeing the person, and after.  Are there any changes?  The main thing to pay attention to is patterns.  A sudden change one time could be non-related.  But if you notice it each time, that is another story.

Pay attention to your inner feelings, sense of smell, and any intuitions, or physical sensations you notice.  If you feel upbeat, and inspired or happy in their presence, great.  You have a good friend you can trust!  If you tend to feel more insecure, moody, angry, tense, or tightness anywhere, or even if you happen to notice a foul smell that you were previously unaware of while in their presence, take note!

If you feel genuinely supported great.  If you are not sure if you are being supported, or if you are unclear about the other person's intentions and agendas, use caution when in their presence!

If attacked:

Take a salt bath.  Get the salt crystals that come in the 40 pound bags for about $5.  Add one pound of the salt crystals (not the pellets) to your bath, along with one pound of baking soda.  Add any essential oils you like, and even Willow or Crab Apple Bach Flower Essences.

Burn a smudge stick all around yourself and your dwelling places.

Burn salt.  Use a heat-proof container.  Place on a wood cutting board or safe surface.

Get outside!  Go barefoot and get grounded!

Ask for help from your own Higher Self, and/or angels, archangels, guides, God, whatever feels comfortable and natural for you of a higher power source.  Many call on Archangels Michael, Raphael, and/or Ariel to help clear, purify and restore harmony.  I also like to call on animal guides, and even to lie on my floor, or directly on the Earth and ask for all 'non-essential and non-beneficial' energies to be cleared from your entire Being and surrounding energy field.

In lieu of calling on higher beings, imagine being under a beautiful blue waterfall of light, and sense, feel, or imagine any unwanted energies washing away.  Fill yourself up afterwards with a white, silver, and/or gold light, green light, or whatever feels appropriate for you.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Lioness Roars & The Wolf Bites ~ A Poem About Reclaiming YOUR Might

May this poem help you call back your power, accept your whole  Self ~ the 'dark' and the light ~ and be prey no more to the internal and external voices that cast doubt on Who You Are.

Be whole. Be Proud. Be Fierce. Be in Strength.
Be One Unified Sovereign Being.

Photo courtesy of

I Am Who I Am

I am the Light
I am the Spark
I am the Candle
that lights up  the Dark

I trust and follow my Heart and my Soul
Illuminating my Divine Goals

Guided by Truth, my sword doth protect me
Living honestly, humbly and reverently

Willing to slice through life's many deceptions
Clearing delusions, falsehoods & misconceptions

I am a Snake, I slither and coil
Your greatest plans I can certainly foil
I will tempt, cajole and cause you to doubt
Your own Truth and Trust in what you're about

I Am the Deer, gentle and kind
to those who earn my respect and my time
Tho taught to extend goodness to all and sunder
This surely can be our downfall and greatest blunder 

Watch out for the lion for when he doth roar
your silly delusions will be no more

I Am The Lion-ess who protects her dominion
With laser sharp focus & fierce determination

Photo courtesy of

I Am the Wolf, and will sink my teeth in
To all whom question Who I Am, 
& my worth
My apex predator will show you no mirth

No matter how much the voices will chatter
and lure, entice and try to control
I Am Who I Am, and Who I Am matters
and only I hold the keys to my heart & my soul

I Am the darkness within the Light
United as One, I reclaim my Might
And eat my prey with sheer delight

I am the Light & I am the Spark
I am the Candle that Lights up the Dark

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Why I Don't 'Hate Men' And Disagree With Feminism ~ Yin Yang Principles of Balance

Why I Used To, But Now Refuse To Hate Men!

As I said, I can't hold back any longer.  This man hating issue has me a bit worked up, so here are my two cents worth.  Spoiler alert, longer post.  It may take more than a few minutes to read.

I, too, had good reason to 'hate' men, if I so chose.  Actually, I did once 'hate men.'  Especially the 'white men in the ivory tower' as was perceived by most to be the bane of all our societal woes.  I see things differently now, and will explain here, and in future posts.

I am bringing up the topic of 'hating men' because of the article written by Suzanna Danuta Walters, editor of the Gender Studies Journal, professor of sociology and director of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Northeastern University, titled "Why Can't We Just Hate Men?" and published in the Washington Post.

Walters starts her article naming men recently accused of sexual abuse (Schneiderman and Weinstein), 'mansplaining,' rapes live-streamed on FB, and men's 'red pill' groups, then writes, "Seen in this indisputably true context, it seems logical to hate men."


Do you hate all apples because one in the bushel was rotten?  Okay, that one rotten apple can poison a few that it touches, but not necessarily all of them.  A few.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Change of Plans, Feeling Shaken, The C.O.R.E. Counseling System & Latest Reading

My Latest Change of Plans, Recent Emotions, & What The Osho Zen Deck Celtic Cross Spread Reveals

The Osho Zen Tarot Deck is definitely my personal go-to deck when I am seeking answers.  This deck does not mince words, nor does it sugar coat the many antics of our mind.  After a chain of events or perhaps 'ah ha's' over the Memorial Day Weekend, On Sunday morning, I decided to CLOSE my new store, before it really got going.  On Monday evening, I had completely changed direction ~ probably the direction I should have gone all along.

Why did I close Nature's Art & Soul, my online store?  

Was I not being 'divinely guided' based on my rush of enthusiasm, as I envisioned my store being 'ground zero' for promoting the benefits of being connected to Nature, writing articles in the store blog?  

What was it that caused me to ACT so decisively ~ and uncharacteristically ~ and feel 'so sure' in those moments of taking action to create and build my store?

What did I do ~ or sign up for ~ that took me into an entirely different direction?  And why do I say that this is no doubt the direction I was 'meant' to take all along?

What do the cards indicate about all of this?


I closed the store on Sunday.  I did the spread on Monday morning.  What I signed up to do on Monday evening will follow.

My intention for the reading was to understand what this process was about, specifically why I started then so quickly closed this store, and the outlook for my being able to create a viable and monetized website, offering my services at a distance to help support our relocation, and my ability to 'work from home.'

Card #1 (The issue):  #8 GUILT (suit of clouds/mind)
Card #2 (What crosses the issue ~ hindering or helping): #8 LETTING GO (suit of water/emotions)
Card #3 (The Subconscious influences): CONSCIOUSNESS (Ace of clouds/mind suit)
Card #4 (The Conscious influences): II INNER VOICE
Card #5 (Old Patterns, the old way) #2 MOMENT TO MOMENT (suit of rainbows/physical)
Card #6 (New patterns, moving into the new): XI BREAKTHROUGH
Card #7 (My feelings & attitudes about the situation): XIV INTEGRATION
Card #8 (What I am attracting from the outside): VI LOVERS
Card #9 (My desires/denials): #4 TUNING IN (blue suit of water/emotions)
Card #10 (Outcome/the key): #8 TRAVELING (red suit of fire/action)

At a glance, numerologically speaking, THREE of the minor arcana cards are #8!  My birthday (month, day, year) add up to 26, and 2+6=8.  8 is about achieving Power & Abundance.  The other minor arcana cards were 2 or 4.  2x4=8!

Secondly, A LOT OF MAJOR ARCANA CARDS!  This to me indicates some big changes afoot.

Without going into great detail about what the guide book says about each card, this reading was SPOT ON!  However, what is said in the guidebook is OH SO ZEN.  So worth reading EVERY TIME, even though I also intuit on my own what the cards mean for me, or another when doing readings.

My insights:  

I am again wanting to remind others that I am sharing this journey as I believe I am but a hologram or reflection of what we all go through, especially with respect to the shenanigans of our mind.  

To free ourselves from our own mental enslavement, we have to be willing to see how we enslave ourselves!  And we need effective tools.

We all have many parts.  These parts get triggered when trying to 'ask for more' or improve our lives. This is the crux of the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling approach that I use all the time, for myself and clients.  

We have to become CONSCIOUS of our triggers, then OWN that when we are triggered, it is reflecting something within our own selves, (versus the other/external event) that still requires attention/resolution/release/healing/forgiveness.  

When we do this, we can connect to those unhealed aspects of ourselves, frozen in time with their limiting belief systems about who they are, and their world view.

Then, we can RETRIEVE what was taken/lost as a result of past traumas, issues, neglects (or RELEASE what we've been carrying around of the anger/beliefs/issues of others) then ENGAGE (or re-integrate) our now uplifted parts back into our higher/unified SELF.

Quite simply, it is a MAP for helping ourselves to grow up, and become sovereign ~ free from the trapped emotions and negative/limiting mindsets that cause us to REGRESS & REACT, vs. RESPOND.

This process is very effective ~ the only tools I have found to be so wholly appropriate and encompassing in scope.  I'll write more about this, but you can read more from my website, here.

The caveat to the following explanation/insights is that we all have a greater/higher more resourceful and wise aspect to Who We Really Are, but ~ unbeknownst to us ~ we more often operate from a less resourceful or wounded aspect of who we are.  

We can learn to identify our triggers as a 'part' and not the 'whole' of who we are.  These parts have their own consciousness, and exist, sort of frozen in their own space/time.  Typically, we cultivate erroneous beliefs about ourselves and our perceptions of 'the world' based on the themes/patterns life appears to be presenting us (and we therefore see it as 'real' or indisputable.)

This is less about what the common sense or neutral witness/adult part 'knows' and  more about allowing the part(s) to reveal to you hidden beliefs, and ways in which we are sub/unconsciously sabotaging our forward movement and evolution.  Key though is to be aware enough to know when we have handed the key to the car over to the parts, and are no longer in the drivers seat.  We have unwittingly gone into a 'trance' and flipped into a regressed, reactionary/trigger mode. 

Whew, now that that is hopefully more clear (and you found it at least slightly interesting) I'll share my process.  

Perhaps this will help others to go within, and learn how to reclaim their own lost power, uplifting their stuck parts,  to become  the sovereign and 'Soul' driver of their own vehicles!  Remember, "we only evolve as much as our least evolved parts!" ~ Dr. Martin Hart, creator of the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling/Education system.

Enough.  Back to the reading.

The issue and what is crossing the issue.  GUILT/LETTING GO

Yes, I was feeling a lot of guilt over this decision.  First off, I absolutely cherish our time that we spend at Echo Coffee on Saturday mornings.  We get up, quickly shower and dress, and walk there during the most peaceful, cool, and beautiful time of the morning.  They open at 6:00 am.

We have our big full fat, half and half lattes, and get a lot done.  Usually.  This past Saturday, during the Memorial Weekend, a time with an extra day off, and therefor a time when my mind was set on REALLY getting a lot done, I left feeling a bit like I wasted my time.  

We can't take back what was already 'spent.'

Although I was 'busy' researching how to market my store, creating logos, etc., I didn't accomplish writing a blog post, or more importantly, a website page.  I didn't edit my website, which really needs it.  So, in that regard, I felt like I didn't accomplish much, although sometimes we have to do 'research' which takes time and can feel unproductive.

I proceeded to spend the rest of Saturday ~ typically a day when I feel the most creative and productive ~ attempting to set up social media and prepare to advertise for the store.  My keyword searches at Echo netted me a big zero towards leads for a strategy.  Setting up all the social media correctly was tolerable, but all told, I was getting more and more anxious doing all of this.

I ended my day not feeling very pleased.  A thought passed through my mind. Don's question helped me to voice it.  Then it hit me.  

He said, "How would you feel the rest of the weekend if you did NOT have to work on the store, and instead, I could be free to work on your website or other things?"

I knew immediately.



Why would I start yet a new project, that primarily involves the one thing I most (pardon my language) suck at and despise doing?  I find marketing to be so manipulative, albeit necessary according to how we live in this 'civilized' money-driven world.  It's not part of my operating system.  I resent how much marketing has been used to mold people's minds, and sell useless goods.  

And here I was trying to start an online store requiring all my time being spent online, marketing and relying on social media.  To sell people more stuff.

I do not want to HAVE TO be a slave to social media.  I'm okay participating when I'm in the mood, but not out of obligation.  

I'd rather be on my piece of land, gardening, training, meditating, or feeding animals.  WTF was I thinking?

Choosing products to sell was fun enough.  But the rest is just not my forte.

I enjoy creating my blogs, my website and YouTube channel.  Putting up quick pics on Instagram can be engaging.  It's the  'HAVING TO' that clashes with my quest for FREEDOM ~ for me. 

This caused me to ponder, what was that electric feeling I had that spurned me to act so decisively and jump into this store?

I felt a sense of guilt for having diverted from what would have been a better use of my time and planning for my big picture goals.

I felt a bit of guilt for bypassing my own values and true nature ~ I love being in Nature WAY MORE than using technology.  And I am an introvert.  I'm just not a fan of the idle superficial dribble that Facebook represents to me.  The groups are great.  But from a big picture perspective, it all seems like a massive time-sucking distraction.

Why would I have this seeming area of self-sabotage come up now?  I was really feeling momentum of a flow expanding in my life.

Now I felt shaken.

Could I no longer trust my primary operating system?  It took me my lifetime thus far to re-calibrate it!

A primary tenet of the C.O.R.E. systems says:  We don't always get what we 'want' (or think we want), but we always get what we need.

The reading helped me name my ill ease over this.  And, it gave me permission to just let it go!

I know nothing is for naught, despite my parts that begrudged having 'wasted' my time.  But this reading, and a little writing/reflecting through the rest of the weekend helped me uncover some beliefs that I AM SO READY TO RE-WIRE AND RELEASE, such as:

  • Life is a struggle
  • We must work hard to earn _____ (money, love, God's love, etc.)
  • It is dangerous to be passionate about something ~ I face potential persecution (my dad going ballistic when sharing my interest/excitement about a topic I was reading about, and many other times when my interests were quickly poo-pooed)
  • If it is dangerous to feel passionate about something, and my feelings are part of my operating system, then my operating system must be flawed
  • If my operating system is flawed, then I need to somehow squelch my feelings related to my passion
  • I know, I can encase my feelings into an iceberg and submerge them deep into the recesses of my mind (Remember the Earth Magic Card spread last week with SUBMERGE/ICEBERG as the primary issue?  See how this all ties together???

As per the reading:

Step one:  Let Go!

Let go of my mind's perceptions of having wasted my time.

Let go of my self doubts.

Let go of the store!

Let go of all those above FALSE BELIEFS BORN OF YESTER YEAR!

The rest of the reading fully supported this.

The subconscious influences being CONSCIOUSNESS was quite interesting.  As per the Osho Zen guidebook, The Buddha pictured is: expansive he has gone even beyond the stars, and above his head is pure emptiness.  He represents the consciousness that is available to all who become a master of the mind and can use it as the servant it is meant to be.
When you choose this card, it means that there is a crystal clarity available right now, detached, rooted in the deep stillness that lies at the core of your being.  There is no desire to understand from the perspective of the mind - the understanding you have now is existential, whole, in harmony with the pulse of life itself.  Accept this as a great gift, and share it.

Sounds like the C.O.R.E. Counseling principles!

The conscious influences, INNER VOICE:

The inner Voice speaks not in words but in the wordless language of the heart.  It is like any oracle who only speaks the truth....

There are times in our lives when too many voices seem to be pulling us this way and that.  Our very confusion in such situations is a reminder to seek silence and centering within.  Only then are we able to hear our truth.

Card #5 Old Patterns:  MOMENT TO MOMENT

Actually, I love this card.  The fact that it is in the 'past/old patterns' position indicates to me that I had achieved the ability to live more in the present moment.  As described in the guidebook:

This card challenges us to move away from our preoccupations with other spaces and other times, and stay alert to what is happening in the here and now.  Life is a great ocean in which you can play if you drop all your judgments, your preferences, and the attachment to the details of your long-term plans.  Be available to what comes your way, as it comes.  And don't worry if you stumble or fall; just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, having a good laugh, and carry on.

I certainly had to drop a lot of preconceptions about what is healthy to turn away from what I now believe to be a very unnatural vegan diet.  More recently, I had to recognize that this notion  that an online store would help me realize personal freedom, when I prefer to live more simply and minimally, rather than promote consumerism, was clearly flawed.

Card #6, New Patterns/What is coming in or  near future:  BREAKTHROUGH:

The predominance of red in this card indicates at a glance that its subject is energy, power and strength.  The brilliant glow emanates from the solar plexus, or center of power on the figure, and the posture is one of exuberance and determination.  All of us occasionally reach a point where 'enough is enough'.  At such times it seems we must do something, anything, even if it later turns out to be a mistake, to throw off the burdens and restrictions that are limiting us.  If we don't they threaten to suffocate and cripple our very life energy itself. 
Perhaps my 'something/anything was the store?
If you are now feeling that 'enough is enough', allow yourself to take the risk of shattering the old patterns and limitations that have kept your energy from flowing.  In doing so you will be amazed at the vitality and empowerment this Breakthrough can bring to your life.

After some contemplation, I could now see how creating the store (and getting frustrated, or reaching my 'enough is enough' limit) was precisely how my higher Self helped set me up for this major breakthrough!  My higher Self knew that this would end my attachment to 'struggle' as an M.O.

Card #7, How I perceive the situation/myself in the situation:  XIV - INTEGRATION:

I'll just share a bit about the symbolism:  The eagle and swan are "both beings of flight and majesty." The eagle embodies "power and aloneness."  The swan embodies "space and purity", swimming with ease on the waters of our emotions.
We are the union of the eagle and swan:  male and female, fire and water, life and death.  The card of integration is the symbol of self-creation, new life, and mystical union; otherwise known as alchemy.
I have definitely been on a mission to integrate my values, gifts,  and greatest desires into a purpose-filled, meaningful life.

Card #8 - What I am attracting from the outside:  VI THE LOVERS

I must note that I've used this deck for years.  The Lovers card rarely emerged, whether for myself or others.  However, in the last several years, I have pulled it for personal spreads more often.

Here is what the Zen book has to say about the significance of this major arcana card.

What we call love is really a whole spectrum of relating, reaching from the earth to the sky.  At the most earthly level, love is sexual attraction.  Many of us remain stuck there, because our conditioning has burdened our sexuality with all kinds of expectations and repressions.

He goes on to say that the main problem is that sexual love never lasts.  Perhaps this is true for many. I think he means the initial attraction stage that brings people together.  The ongoing intimacy requires both partners to be intimate, to act lovingly, to create time, and to realize the profound importance of maintaining a healthy connection on every level ~ sexual to spiritual.  These are not separate to me.

He continues to discuss how as we mature, we can experience a higher love, one that "honors the unique individuality of the other."

We begin to understand that our partner often functions as a mirror, reflecting unseen aspects of our deeper self and supporting us to become whole.  This love is based in freedom, not expectation or need.  Its wings take us higher and higher towards the universal love that experiences all as one.
I certainly always loved pulling The Lovers card!  In what manner am I attracting this from the outside?  Am I being a mirror for others to see these aspects within their own selves?  A magnet for self-reflection?

Perhaps when we are in our Divine alignment, we become a beacon of light.  The love within radiates out, unfettered by the heaviness of our unexplored, unresolved parts.  This is the healing and the blessing of grace we receive when we do the inner work.

The last two cards, card #9 - my desires/denials (TUNING IN), and card #10 (TRAVELING) are straight forward enough.  

It is through tuning in, or meditating that we can connect with our 'neutral witness' and simply observe, dispassionately, the antics of the mind without letting ourselves get emotionally hooked into our many fleeting thoughts.

To develop the knack of taking a distance from the mind is one of the greatest blessings.  It is what meditation is all about really - not chanting a mantra, or repeating an affirmation, but just watching, as if the mind belongs to somebody else.  You are ready to take this distance now, and to watch the show without getting caught up in the drama.  Indulge yourself in the simple freedom of Turning In whenever you can, and the knack of meditation will grown and deepen in you.

Card #10, the Outcome card - TRAVELING to me represented that yes, as a result of this recent experience, and the subsequent breakthrough, the result will be the move.  I had the sense that all will fall into place.  This all helped me to finally break free of some residual beliefs from my old way of operating through struggle, or having to work hard to earn money, love, appreciation, whatever.

I learned that I would freeze my feelings to help me cope.  Since I received such a shocking response to my trying to share my feelings of inspiration at a young age,  and had essentially been talked out of most of the rest of my potential courses of study, I must have developed a protection mechanism that would go something like this:  "If sharing what I love, or am passionate about, could bring such harsh criticism or persecution, then I (enter some hero part) better put the FREEZE on any feelings that arise that resemble feeling inspired, to protect the rest of me from that potential pain/persecution.

I tended to engage in pursuits that required too much focus on my weaknesses, too little emphasis on letting my gifts/strengths really shine.  We really need to get ourselves aligned to shine!

That's one big ah ha to me.

Interestingly, as we reclaim what we lost ~ my passion/feelings that indicate to me that there is something good and exciting here worth considering ~ and trace our issues back to the root, it's like they unravel from our existence.  They unravel from our subconscious or cellular memories as if they just vanish.  We know we had this issue, but the emotional charge or association so disintegrates, it's as if it were only a dream that fades with the waking light.

Suddenly, we reflect back, and things don't seem so rough or bad.  It just became blown out of proportion in the minds of those parts that froze the 'trauma/challenge/neglect' in its own space time reality.  It was stuck on a 'story.' That aspect of us gets stunted in its growth.  Our present day adult needs to go back to engage with these younger aspects, and help them merge and re-integrate within us.

So what did I sign up for instead?  What was it that I had a deep resonance with all along?  STAY TUNED!  That will be next!

Intereste in this deck?  Please consider making your purchase through my link.  I receive a very small commission, but every little bit helps.  Thank you! 

Are you enjoying these readings?



Read more here, or leave a message below.  I'm considering offering ~on a limited basis ~ readings for those interested on a by donation.  Leave a comment below if interested or visit my website to learn more.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Next Step Towards Manifesting Our Dream? Following The Popcorn Trail

Following the Popcorn Trail Towards Our Dream

In my last post, I shared a bit more of our dream to own a piece of land, and eventually become more self-sufficient.  I didn't mean to leave people hanging, as if anyone would be, however sometimes I just need to incubate.  Let life happen.  Pay attention to the signs ~ if any become clear ~ and wait.  Patiently wait.  Wait until something seems compelling enough to move me/us forward.

Well, that something seems to have happened.  I'll explain what in a bit.

I believe that a chain of events gets set in motion as a result of our making a committed declaration  to improving our lives.  The Grand Universe and Creator of synchronous events takes over handling the details.  All that was needed was for us to show up, and declare our intent.

What follows will be a popcorn trail of inspired actions to take, simultaneous to intermittent emotional upheavals or obstacles (how much depends on how much inner work one has already done) that will test our commitment to making the needed changes in order to get more of what it is we desire.

Sometimes, we may need to make what appears to be a big sacrifice before our bigger picture vision becomes more clear.  We essentially pay in advance for what we will receive.  And what we actually receive may look different than what we imagined.  We will always get what we need, however, our clarity of what we desire impacts what ultimately shows up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The BIG Dream, A BIG Leap of Faith, Nature, Justice, Flow & Alignment

Our apartment lease is up at the end of February.  Decision Time.  Renew?  Or take a leap of faith and move?

I have written about our dream to find our piece, or 'peace' of land, to switch from having a brick and mortar acupuncture business, to a work from home situation, and to become more self-sufficient.  Ideally also raising at least some of our own food.

We are considering relocating, leaving prior to the temperatures beginning to sizzle around here, when business slows way down.  Technically, our business lease is not up until September, however, the owner knows we may be leaving to move closer to family.

But, we are not exactly prepared to pick up and a leap of faith?  Or remain another year?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why I Am Not Vegan ~ Pottenger's Cats & Nutritional Degeneration

It is no surprise to any of the readers of my blog that I quit being a vegan in 2017 as my health was suffering.  I tried my best to make what I previously believed to be a healthy, produce-rich, plant-based diet with more protein than most vegans consume to work.  I gave it my all, and more time than I ever should have, for it took Don and I that long to come to our senses, and snap out of our collective vegan daze and denial.

You can read more about it in my previous posts, including here, here, and here.

Since this all began, I, or we have become increasingly aware of just how rigged the 'system' is, and now see how we allowed ourselves to be duped in this current upside down world of the Kali Yuga.

We fell for the notion that it was only the cattle/beef, chicken, egg, and dairy industries that were the powerful lobbyists influencing the government and selling foods they knew were unhealthy.

Actually, it is the other way around.  It is the many manufacturers of processed foods that are the ones influencing the standard dietary advice and the food pyramid.  The powers that be are determined to continually reduce our consumption of and access to meat.

Ex Vegan Speaks Out ~ Greater Health & Alignment As A Carnivore

The sicker we all are, the less likely we are to resist being their willing slaves, and participating in their sick-care industry.

I have now come to see just how sick we all are, answering a near life-long curiosity.  When I first began to acknowledge my own health issues, I believed I was a minority.  Ha.  Very very very few among us is actually in really good, optimal, ideal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Reading through Pottenger's Cats recently has me realizing that we are all a living 'second, third, and fourth' generation experiment.

Pottenger raised cats.  He used them initially to test strength of glandular supplementation.  This was in the 40s, when there were not many options to test potency, other than to remove the adrenal gland of the animal, then give it the glandular to observe its recovery.

Noting that he had cats that were not dealing well with this process, he began to experiment with their food.  Well, it was by accident initially.  He was given meat in cooked form to use, but the supply ran low.  He ordered fresh raw meat from another source.  He then decided to compare results, giving one group of cats raw meat, and one group cooked meat.  They all received cod liver oil.

The raw meat group thrived, the cooked meat group got sicker and sicker generationally.

He ultimately tested many variations of raw meat, raw dairy, pasteurized dairy, condensed milk, etc..

The cats on cooked meat (and condense milk products, including pasteurized milk) degenerated  in nearly every way, from size, bone strength and shape, skull shape, dentition, fertility, energy, attitude, mood, and on and on.  The cooked meat pasteurized milk fed cats were infertile by the third generation.  Their bones were elongated, porous and weak.  It's painful to read how poor their health became eating actual food.  We are not talking a modern day dry food diet!

Interestingly, the male cats became more beta.  They lost interest in breeding, became passive, dull, and weak.  The females, by contrast, became super aggressive.  Sound familiar?

I am greatly summarizing all his findings, and highly encourage checking out this book.  It's a fast read, and upon finishing, you may have a lightbulb moment as you too realize we are being used as human test cats.

Looking around at the results, we see around us increased deterioration of our skeletal system, facial features, dentition, mental acuity, moods, energy, vitality, and overall health.  The young men are becoming more and more beta, the women, more and more aggressive, or emotionally disabled and psychotic.

Orthotropics Overview, Resetting My Jaw, Modern Melting Faces by Dr. Mike Mew

The Epitome of Vegan Malnourishment, part 1, by Sv3ridge

I may sound harsh.  But, while I do not meant to sound as I'm just slinging judgmental commentary, I really can see how our diet is impacting our mental/emotional health.  I know how I was effected by it!  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  My vision, my teeth, my mental clarity all suffered from a life of eating the wrong foods, despite thinking I was eating healthy!  I see it everywhere.

I see the impact of our diet playing out among every age group of clients we see at our clinic.  Diabetes, infertility, lots of pain, limited mobility, heart disease, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies ~ nearly my own personal list of ailments ~ are the norm.

The one thing ALL have in common is reduced consumption of animal foods.  Many are attempting to be more conscientious and eat more fruits and vegetables, and those special super dark leafy greens.  I also believed these foods to be the pinnacle of healthy fare, but I realize I was wrong.

Before going on in what I can sense to be quite a blog vent session, I have  put up a couple videos that I recommend.  There are several other recommended videos in the description of my own, just published video ~ Ex Vegan Speaks Out ~ Greater Health & Alignment As A Carnivore! (above.)

Want To Go Vegan/Vegetarian? Watch This First, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride ~ A 1 hr.+
very informative, well-presented video lecture.

Monday, November 27, 2017

What I Am Grateful For, Shifting Values & Supporting Locally Made Goods

It's been an interesting Thanksgiving holiday this year.   Sometimes things don't go as planned.  And sometimes they do, but we have a change of heart.

What I Am Grateful For,  Shifting Values, and Supporting Locally Made Goods

We arrived ~ by total fluke ~ to our clinic on Sunday, only to find it completely flooded, nearly one inch of water covering the entire floor.  Wish I had taken more pictures.

I didn't think to take more pictures, as we were busy sweeping out the water that was gushing out from
the water heater, faster than we could sweep at one point.

Our water heater had busted over the weekend, probably on Saturday.  I had planned on getting laundry done and out of the way Thursday morning, or at least by Friday of our four-day holiday respite.  It never happened.  By Sunday, we pretty much had to do it, but did not have enough quarters.  We had wanted to take a soak in the hot tub first thing that morning.  The pool was technically supposed to be open, but it wasn't, so we decided to walk to our clinic first, then come home, start the laundry, soak, then have some of Don's homemade yogurt.

Nice and thick and creamy!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Self-Sufficiency, Freedom & Our BIG Dreams to Find Our 'Peace' of Land

My Big Picture Dreams:

I have been on a journey to manifest full mental, physical, and spiritual alignment in my life ~ reclaiming sovereignty, and feeling whole-y integrated.

It's difficult to explain why this has been so important to me in a short post, as it entails many varied experiences and challenges, disappointments, loss, and a few triumphs marking my journey of the last 50+ years.  It really is the story of my life, and I now see that I lived through all of it in order to really become who I was always meant to be.  And to learn who I am not by experiencing contrasts.

All told,  it culminated into a feeling that lingered for far too many years of feeling not all together there at many times in my life.  I felt both as if I were not completely embodied ~ therefore lacking my full sense of power, as well as a sense of being 'flawed' or 'broken' ~ something that has taken me a long time to rectify.  How sweet the reunion!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Realizing Health Goals - Very Low Carb, High Protein & Fat Diet

Health Goals, Accomplishments & Future, Big Picture Dreams

It's been about five months since swapping out our whole grains and beans for animal foods.  A short while after, I set up the 30-Day Challenge, similar to the parameters outlined by Chris Kresser in The Paleo Cure, and created the Ancestral Eating / Paleo 30-Day Diet Challenge Facebook group to see if others wanted to join me.  Several of us in that small private group chose to take things a step further, and so, on May 1, we began a super low-carbohydrate, high-fat, ketogenic version of a paleo diet, which excludes grains, beans, and all products made from them, among other highly refined and processed foods which are strictly avoided.

At this point, I feel like I have learned several things, which I was just outlining in a new e-book I am writing ~  The Trust Your True Nature Diet ~ which will be available here and on my website.  I wanted to share what I have learned ~ and accomplished ~ so far, and my more personal, big picture dreams that are very dear to my heart.

What I've discovered so far while maintaining a very simple, low-carbohydrate diet:

  • I really feel much better when I keep my total carbohydrate consumption low, often maxing out at 40-50 grams, or perhaps a tad more on occasion.  At some point, this may change.  But for now, I still believe I have a lot of internal healing to do, especially with respect to my digestive system, my adrenals, and sustaining a healthier blood sugar balance.
  • I feel much better when I limit my total fruit consumption, especially fruits with a higher ratio of fructose to glucose.  I also am avoiding tropical fruits that require importation, and are grown in a different bioregions.   So, no mangos or bananas, our one time staples when eating a high-raw, fruit-based diet.
  • I have much less bloating when I minimize intake of fibrous foods, including excess fruits.   If I have a meal with a lot of vegetables, or a big salad, I will probably not have fruit afterwards, at the same meal.  
  • I am really loving having 3-4 smaller meals, centered around a protein.  Easy to prepare.  Easy to digest. My favorite 'snacks' or mini meals consist of about 100g of some type of meat, like some smoked turkey drumstick or ham, or a couple hard-boiled eggs, along with some chopped cucumber and celery, and possibly a 1 oz. piece of goat or raw cheddar cheese.  This combo is very satisfying ~ and satiating ~ to me at this time.  If still hungry, I will eat a few (American grown) pecans afterwards, or a measured amount of more easily tolerated fruit (currently loving cherries!). 
  • While I always loved fruits and vegetables,  I have far less desire for the quantities of fruits, greens, and vegetables I once craved and consumed.  I no longer believe that fiber is an important element in the diet.  In fact, fiber is a non-nutrient.
  •  When I choose what to eat according to the impressions, or feelings of what I am desiring, I am rewarded with a sense of being more energized after my meal, and I'm more readily getting the results I desire. 

Very tender and flavorful center cut pork chops.  The secret?  I let them sit for at least 8 hours in a big
zip lock baggie marinating in the juice of 1/2-1 lime.  The acid helps break the muscle fibers down,
and prevents the meat from drying out.  I pan-fried on our non-stick, flat-top griddle pan after seasoning
generously with cracked pepper, garlic powder and some sea salt on both sides.  I did add some unsalted
butter to the pan for flavor.  Onions, mushrooms, spinach and a fresh tomato were pan sautéed separately
in a little xvoo, with some garlic. 


  •  If I am craving 'protein',  I have as much as I crave, filling in with whatever vegetables I may have prepared.  The protein is the star of my meal.  It is really easy to eat animal flesh foods high in protein to satiety, without over consumption.  It is satisfying, but when you have had enough, you are done.  Every so many days, I may then crave more fat, for which I will cook with more butter, or be sure to have my morning coffee (usually a blend of decaf and regular, or with roasted dandelion or chicory root) with butter and/or half and half added.
  • Even my protein cravings have been fairly specific.  I have a strong desire for chicken breast one day, then pork another, beef another, salmon another, and so on.  Each has a different nutritional profile, so getting variety is good.  For example, pork is much higher in B1 thiamine than red meat.  Red meat has more iron.  Trust your cravings!

To think I used to drink black dark roast coffee for years!  I still enjoy it, but wow,
adding any combination of unsalted butter, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and/or half and half
makes it such a delectable morning beverage that fuels my morning workouts!

Still enjoying my morning eggnog, which I typically have post strength training, 3 days per week.  I blended
this with a little cantaloupe for a refreshing, slightly sweet flavor.  Briefly blend: 2 eggs, 1/4c egg white, 1/4 c half & half+ a few chunks of cantaloupe.  This is a great drink if you want something quick to sustain you on the weekend
when heading out to the markets too!

The Improvements I've experienced:

  • One benefit I was really surprised to notice was that I no longer have super ridged, scaly elbows.  I mean, that is like a miracle!  They are actually soft!!!
  • My hair has a much nicer sheen.  It was looking so dull.
  • Likewise, my skin in general is smoother and brighter.  I was looking pretty grey-ish, or pallor, a sign of blood deficiency according to Chinese medical syndrome differentiation.
  • I am witnessing my body composition change, for the better, bit by bit.  I understand much better now that this is a process that TAKES TIME!  My waist is now 25 inches, or slightly less.  My thighs have reduced about 1/4 inch, from 19.5 (or a tad more) to about 19.25 inches.  That is the area that will take the longest time.  
  • I don't really have all these uncomfortable twitchy sensations causing me to be continually moving and contorting my body.  I have a greater sense of ease, thank God!
  • Overall better digestion and elimination.  Nothing perfect.  Taking magnesium is helpful.  I rarely get bloated, however, I have had an experience here and there where something I ate did not work for me, causing abdominal distention and pain that passed by the next day.  
  • I feel more and more like my true self, more solid and whole than I've ever experienced, and more fully integrated ~ perhaps my greatest benefit so far.

Not great lighting ~ was just trying to capture the shine in my hair!  It was sadly looking so dark and dull before,
adding to my aged look.  I just didn't realize how much so until now being able to see the contrast.

I am actually nearly a 24.75 in. waist now! Abdominal muscles becoming more visible!

Taking selfies isn't normally my thing, but, this was set up as a challenge, and to
chronicle our progress, so...

Lest we forget.  The following photos are from end of April through mid-May, the beginning of
our very low-carb diet challenge.

This is from April 20 ~ after adding animal foods back but prior to super low-carb
Below are pics from around the beginning or middle of May

I had several days of massive abdominal distention in the beginning as I weaned
off of the high carbohydrate consumption, especially excess fibrous vegetables and fruits.

One of the worst 'eye opener' close-ups I'll never love!

Sometimes it's all about the lighting, but my hair is clearly darker and less shiny looking here.

Good bye chubby thighs.  There will be muscles making a debut soon!

Anything but botox to help w/ those deeply etched grooves (I won't even call them wrinkles!)

Back to the present.  These are within the last 1-2 weeks.

Don looking quite handsome and fit!

This was just last week I believe.  Currently just under 25 inches!

Definite signs of improvement from above!!!!!  Losing fat eating protein and fat!!!

Future Goals:

  • Ongoing improvement of my body composition.  I did the seven fold skin test, and plugged my data into two online calculators used by both the Navy and the Army (found here and here) and determined my percentage of body fat to be about 19%.  It was previously closer to 25%.  My weight is hovering at 100-101 pounds (down from 105-107 pounds)  sometimes up a bit depending on if I over consumed fibrous or salty foods.  I'm happy with my weight, and now just desire to continue dropping  my body fat composition, aiming for 15-17% (considered an athlete level for females my age).  Primarily, I am desiring to continue to strengthen the weaker upper quadriceps (very weak and flabby relative to my hamstrings), and get to where you can actually see muscles on my thighs!  
  • Ongoing improvement in overall health, digestion and elimination, reduction of allergies, and improvement in eye clarity and visual acuity.
  • I have other goals, but my you get the drift.  Continue to feel better, and look more radiant, what we all desire!  I accumulated a lot of wrinkles from way too much stress, and low-fat dieting in my life!  It's time to restore the years the lotus has eaten!
Up Next:  My BIG Picture Dreams ~ Self-Suffiency, Freedom & Finding Our 'Peace' of Land

Below are a few videos that Don has been putting together on his Full Range Strength Channel. He puts SO much thought, time and care into his informative and inspiring videos.  Your help watching, liking, sharing and subscribing is very appreciated!

One video explains how to determine your percentage of body fat.  One is showing a little snippet of me doing the strength training routine he has been putting together.

Two of the sites you can use to determine percentage body fat are linked above.  But you can see how to do the 7-point test, and exactly which calculators to use on, and in this helpful video.

Don shares anatomy pictures of the muscle groups being used (the trapezius and the latissimus dorsi, or 'lats') and how to best train them in this very informational, easy to follow tutorial.