Sunday, April 1, 2018

My Once In A Blue Moon Magical Birthday And Easter/Eostre Weekend

Happy Spring and Happy Easter / Eostre (Ostara) to all!

I had the good fortune to enjoy a birthday on a blue moon ~ second full moon of March.

We were on the road to head north up to Prescott for the day just as light began to lift the pre-dawn darkness.  Leaving early certainly makes for an easier, swifter, and far more pleasant trip.

Our recent Saturday routine has been to spend 2+ hours at a local coffee shop.  We read, write, and brainstorm over a big hot mug of tea with half and half, or a big latte.  It's such a treat.  I truly look forward to this time of the week.  It seems a good time to get our synapses firing, and through our reading and chatting, inspirations are revealed.  We usually get a good amount accomplished on our website or blog too.

So, not wanting to miss this new, cherished routine while on the road, we headed out early to enjoy our Saturday morning coffee house hang out routine in a new locale up north.

While I had a place picked out, just based on an internet search, we ended up somewhere else.

Sometimes you make a plan, and it works.  Other times, what works best is what happens while trying to make the original plan work! 

The place I looked up had two locations, one in Prescott in a victorian house, one prior to getting into town, at Prescott Valley, near the Trader Joe's, which was where we stopped first.

When we arrived, it was a big open place, empty, although a nice menu for when we decided to eat.  However, it wasn't a warm, comfy and inviting atmosphere ~ key for satisfying my inner cat nature. The deck was still a bit chilly, otherwise would have enjoyed the early morning outside.

So, we thought we'd look for the location in Prescott, the ultimate destination as it was.  Didn't seem to find it, but did pass up this place called The Porch Coffee House.  A huge place.  It's part church, part coffee house.  The cafe rents from the church.  It is literally like an enclosed porch that has rustic looking tables painted white, all along windows with the sun streaming in.  

Warm?  Check.  Cozy?  Check, check.  Suitable for my inner cat?  Oh yes, very much.  And super friendly young women working.  I grilled one of them with questions about living in Prescott, as we have long considered it an alternative to being in the urban metro area.  

If we were Goldilocks, than this was the perfect place, even if it was not the one we (thought) we were looking for.

We had forged a plan while driving from the first potential place in Prescott Valley to Prescott.   We actually brought Eggnog to go, so decided against getting an egg breakfast out, and decided on getting a burger instead.   There appears to be a few good options for burgers, but we zeroed in on Bill's Grill, which opened at 11:00 AM.  

Since we arrived by around 8 AM, this gave us a full 3 hours to hang out.  Three hours to just haaannnng out!  We were off to a real, live your true (introverted) nature Tracy Day.

After our morning at The Porch, we headed off for our first burger of the day.  No bun, no fries.  But plenty of goodness.  Mine had jalapeño bacon, grilled onions, and pepper jack cheese.  Don's had ham, bacon and an egg on top.  Sorry, dove right in, and forgot to take pics of the burgers.

What better way to digest than to walk around the main square, and shop!

During our first trip together, we found Black Feather, a very nice, higher end shop that sells jewelry and art, and traditional Native flutes.  Don has had his heart set on getting one since.  Years later, we finally turned that into a reality.  I wanted to get it for him for his last birthday, so, despite it being my birthday, he also got a gift.

And, so did I!!!  

I held one that was 'just right' (back to the Goldilocks theme) for me.  It fit my little hands perfectly.  

Since I expected the price to be twice what we paid, I still paid the price, and got two flutes instead!

In the end, while we love being in the mountains, and the smaller city, it is growing fast.  After spending time right in the main touristy area, I was ready to get out.  Back to a more natural setting.  So, we headed to a nice and rather big local park to have our Eggnog.

After spending more cat time, hanging out, and walking along the creek, we decided it was about time to head back.  We actually had at this point only purchased the one flute for Don.  The smaller one for me was on hold.  A little time among the trees helped me decide for sure to also purchase the second one.  

Just before going to pick it up, we stumbled into one more store.  I tried on a shirt rather spontaneously.  Everything else I knew I wanted I had found, but this was unplanned.

I got teary eyed trying it on, as the thought of actually moving away from the area soon hit me.  I have lived half my life out West.  The West is almost more my physical and spiritual home, yet the Midwest is my home of origin.  Family calls.  So, I purchased a Prescott tee-shirt, to have with me once we do move as a reminder of the many great get-aways Don and I have had up here, since prior to getting married, during our honeymoon, and since.

The Celtic pendants were ordered during the week, and arrived quickly, by Friday.  I spent days, and many hours staring at pendants online before ordering.   I had wanted one for some time.  

I had many thoughts in mind about the symbolism I wanted, and ended up with these two:

The little sterling triskelion, and an Eagle Power pendant.  It has the triquetra which is the sacred three ~ the three being significant in many spiritual traditions ~ surrounded by or interwoven by a circle.  This is in the center, and represents the Divine Feminine.  There are 6 eagles that represent the element of air, and is considered an active and Divine Masculine energy which  surrounds and protects  the feminine center.  

It's about balance, and to me, a messenger to Spirit.  I wanted it both for helping as an assistant to doing the somewhat shamanic work I do when energy healing, and for protection and balance of the feminine and masculine energies.

On our way home we stopped near where we began, in Prescott Valley.  This time, we stopped to get yet another burger.  In and Out burger!  Two different lettuce-wrapped burgers in one day!

Going home was also magical.  We stopped at the one rest area, as both were getting tired, and needed to get out of the car for a bit.  Don had to use the restroom, but everyone of the restrooms was closed!  What?

So, we had to move on, and I thought hey, there is that little town or area that I have always been curious to stop and check out, but when in transit, we always pass it by, desiring 'to just get to our destination' or 'just get home.'  It has a famous Rock Springs Cafe known for their pies.  We pulled over, and first stepped into the store connected to the gas station.  

It's all quite vintage looking.  Murals painted on the building.  Harley bikers hanging out.

There is a huge property spread out just beyond this compound, available for events.  It's a beautiful setting, surrounded by desert mountains.  Lots of flowering trees in bloom.  An event was happening, with people enjoying live music.

The compound itself has a farmers market.  The guy gets busy!  He packs a lot of stuff in this sort of open air, plus enclosed rustic space.  Pecans, local honey, fruit butters, produce, jerky, and whatever he has available at various times of the year.  People drive out of their way to stop here, apparently.

The rest of the market was almost like being in Central America or Mexico.  Blankets for sale hanging.  Native American made woven baskets.  A commercial line of moccasin and sandals.  

Then there is the main lodge looking place.  A store, with two rooms on either side that are themselves fairly large, quite rustic looking restaurants.  Beautiful wood work everywhere.  It reminded me of being in a rustic ski lodge in Northern Wisconsin when I was still in high school.

The pies were huge.  HUGE.  And walls full of pickled foods, more fruit butters, fresh juice ciders, and so much more.  Pretty cool.  Looked around.  Wanted to try just a bite of some pie, but we walked out empty handed.

The interesting part was when we first arrived at the gas station.  While the restrooms happened to be outdoors, I had followed Don into the store, and was greeted by Rocky, the store cat.

I said hello, as Don left to go out to the restroom.

As soon as I put my hand out to pet Rocky, he swiftly got up on all fours, and in seconds, he was on my shoulders.  And he didn't seem to want to get off.

Here is where the magic comes in .

A couple days earlier, I pulled a few cards from two of my decks.  I pulled four animals, and three from the Goddess deck.

I hadn't mentioned it to Don.   I read the messages related to the Goddesses, but put the animal cards  aside to read later.  But then sort of put it out of my mind.

Note, that Bast is an Egyptian Goddess that turns into a cat at night.  And, the animal card Black Panther was pulled.  Aine happens to be one of my faves, and my (middle) namesake (Ann).  A theme of seeing into the dark, and knowing what is hidden or unknown to those who do not seek truth and hidden knowledge.  Going into the mystery.  Trusting and surrendering to Spirit, to enter a state of grace was the message and medicine of the Swan.  Armadillo of course is boundaries and protection.

While at the cafe in Prescott, Don happened to give me the Shamanic Wisdom book he was reading to check out a section called Moonlight Vision:

The Moonlight Vision is seen most readily by those who identify with the feminine, with gentleness, nurturing and kindness.  People who access this vision aren't interested in power, but in connectedness, in oneness.  The Moonlight Vision is often accessed by the dreamy, gentle, soft, empathic soul....The animals who teach us to see with the Moonlight Vision and stay on a positive path with it include all cats other than Lion, and Owl. 

I had a quick glimpse of owl in a recent meditation.  And no doubt, I have a strength (literally discovered this was a strength from the book Strength Finders 2.0 years back) of connectedness.   I did the online test, and empathy and connectedness were two of my five main strengths according to the test.

I have had very vivid images of tigers in a couple recent dreams.  Very bold orange, black and white coloring.   And, cats are often in my dreams, no doubt because Jasper is all over me through the night.

I didn't put it all together at the time, but Rocky climbing all over me seemed like the exclamation point to what Don happened to have me read earlier at The Porch Coffee House.

There is a small place to stop for an espresso or coffee.

The gorgeous grounds at the Rock Springs exit between Phoenix and Prescott, just south of the main rest area.

Rocky, the store cat, is available for some cat love.  Stop on in!

It was truly a wonderful weekend.

For our Sunday day of meals, Don roasted a ham and turkey breast, both of which were excellent.  The turkey was super moist and tender.

I made a simple Cranberry Sauce.  I simmered a couple cups of whole cranberries that my sister had sent last year that were still in my freezer.  She picked them in Idaho.  I simmered them with 3 dried apricots, and about 1/8 cup each of dried cranberries and raisins.  The dried fruits had enough sweetness.  Once soft, I processed in the food processor.  Came out perfect.

Spiral ham, fried egg, fermented gold beets w/ apple

Perfectly roasted turkey!  Don cuts a couple slits on the top.  Stuffs with butter.  Rub some butter
and about 1 tsp. salt all over.  It can keep uncovered like this in fridge until ready to cook.  When ready, roast at
500º for about 5 minutes per pound to start, then turn low and slow roast at about 225-250º for several hours,
until internal temp is 165º.

Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, horseradish
I had a truly 'once in a blue moon' special birthday, and feel very blessed. The Swan really foretold of the grace I felt the entire weekend.  Like I was floating, and life just presented itself to me in all perfect ways, without my conscious mind having to effort at all.  It's something I wish for you all to experience as well.  Surrender to the magic of life!



  1. 💙🔥💙 So glad you had a Magical Birthday with your Prince sharing every moment with you! Love you.

  2. Thanks Laura! It was a very enjoyable day. Got some good cat love too!

  3. I've been watching your Youtube videos, great stuff!

    1. Thanks Larcana! Glad I have some folks over here from my YT channel.