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The Wisdom Of Avalon & The Hidden Realms Reading April 26 ~ Coaching Via Intuitive Readings

 Intuitive Oracle Readings For Coaching & Guidance & Help with Illuminating Our Path

Our potential move out date is fast approaching.  While I've wanted to relocate to a smaller community with cooler temps, and more trees and lakes, rivers, and/or creeks for quite some time now, each time our leases have expired, we opted to remain.  Because of our having worked hard to pay off some huge outstanding loans and debts, and still actually being in the red, we aren't exactly feeling comfortable with the amount we have available for relocation.  It seems wise to have a buffer of 6 months living expenses saved, on top of moving costs, which I estimated to be about $3,000.00.

I  did take the steps to reserve a couple different moving options ~ a Budget moving truck, and a U-Pack it set up.  U-Haul, our preferred truck to use if driving ourselves, as it is easier to load with their built in ramp set up, but was nearly the same cost as packing everything into a trailer cart which gets loaded, and driven across country for us by U-Pack It, which I used when I moved out here by myself in 2010. We would just drive the car.

Packing and moving in the peak heat at the end of August is also not something we look forward to!

I felt inspired to continue to do readings, following my intuition as to which decks ~ possibly just continuing with The Wisdom Decks,  which I am really loving for this.  I will continue to share them here.  It will be interesting to look back on the trail behind us, to see how well the guidance guided us!

The first main reading in this series is here, with links to readings I did around my birthday at the end of March.

(You can click on Amazon links below to read more about these decks.  If you decide to buy a deck, book, or anything else through any of my links, I receive a small commission, for which I am deeply grateful.)

I am also offering readings, and am planning an ongoing type of service for coaching which can include readings, distance energy healing, and channeled healing messages ~ a few of my services that I enjoy, but have until recently sort of kept under the radar.  You can read more about my Services, including my Intuitive Readings, Personal Medicine Readings, Life Path Readings, and my Fees & Specials.  (Yes, I know I have more editing of the design and some pages, but it's getting there!)

I may devise a monthly subscription service, or set up a Patreon, so stay tuned.

The Wisdom 'Mystical' Card Spread, April 26 (just realizing that is the number my birthday month, day, and year add up to, which I mentioned in the previous post.) 2 + 6 = 8, Power & Abundance.

The Wisdom of Avalon

As I laid out my cards on the bed, Jasper crawled on top.  Her paws landed on two cards, so I picked them.  Interestingly, although they were shuffled well, and spread out face down, the Mystery card #52 happened to be under Jasper's paw.  Hmmm.  The mystery continues!  (In case you haven't read last week's reading, I pulled the Mystery in that spread too.)

A reminder of the meaning:  The Mystery is the void of pure potential, where all is birthed from.  Creative inspirations are born of the 'void' or the great unknown, or mystery, but are not yet formed.  The card reminds me, "the magical unknowable forces of destiny and fate are working in your life.  The forces that you can never fully understand or control are, indeed, weaving their magic around you to help you fulfill your true purpose."  

Pulling this card alone, for a second time in a row no less, is exactly why giving/receiving a reading can be so powerfully beneficial.  Most people would not feel very comfortable having NO REAL CLUE how to pull off a major move and transition from doing business as we have been to something totally different, in an area where we have yet to build up a clientele, with very limited (seemingly limited) resources.  It is nerve racking, as we certainly don't want to go back into the debt we are climbing out of.  We are still in there red, and moving is costly!

The Mystery card helps me to surrender and TRUST!  Stay focused on our goals of creating an online business that can help us make a more comfortable transition.

The card prior, #51 ~ Truth: Truth in "word and deed" and "resonating with your own personal truth."

"Truth will build a bridge across a chasm.  Truth will lend a magic wand of strength and integrity.  Truth is freedom."  And, FREEDOM is our ongoing goal, on many levels!

#30 The Fire Faery:  "The Fire Faery sparks ideas into action."  She supports creativity, and taking fast action.  "She is also the voice of happy optimism, showing you signs, signals, and omens that support your dreams.  The Fire Faery gives you hope and courage and ensures that your dreams will come true if you simply act on them."

The Fire Faery brings with her a couple of gifts.  Energy and illumination.  The energy to bring any ideas that serve the greater good to fruition, and illumination to light the way, even when the path seems a bit dark, or unknown.  That Mystery.

So far, I feel quite encouraged.  Just since pulling these cards, and especially through the course of this very day, I can reflect on how she has been in my presence.  I managed to accomplish a lot today, including creating a few collections of some really cool tee shirts, tank tops, and mugs, which you can see at the top right column, or by clicking on the Cool T's page link.  I look forward to ordering a couple for Don and I!

The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Sisters of the Seasons #17: I loved this card, as it's all about remembering that we are part of Nature, not separate.  All of Nature operates in a rhythmic, cyclical manner.  We don't honor our own natural rhythms in modern societies, having to work in urban environments, indoors, year-round, without any real sense of having our activity levels synchronized with the seasons, or even day versus night.

Planting new seeds (literally and metaphorically) in the spring, increased activity during the summer, harvesting in the fall, going more within during the winter is Nature's way.  

"Just as seasons magically pass, be reminded that the nature of birth, growth, harvest, and decay cannot be altered.  So if you keep on your path with determination and discernment, allowing for the natural course of events to unfold, success is assured."

More signs to keep surrendering, and trust that whether it is time to go at the end of August or not ~ and any other details ~ will present themselves accordingly.  Letting go of my attachment to the timing, and remaining focused on my projects has really shifted my energy, and helped me be at peace with the whole decision, or non-decision!

"Divine appropriate timing is guiding your desires into perfect manifest form."

The Chess Queen #30:  This one says it all right in the first line:  "The Chess Queen has all the tools you need to aid you in your quest for a life of purpose, peace, and prosperity."  That's pretty much what I continue to ask for and intend on manifesting!  Of course, aren't we all?  The Chess Queen can be both ally and challenger.  As a challenger, she reminds us to get out of our heads!  To quit "planning, scheming, and strategizing what your future will look like and how and when it will unfold."  

Ha ha, enough said with this card!  Point taken!

The Cosmos #41:  The Cosmos ~ like a handful of other cards ~  is always an ally, rather than sometimes a challenger.  This is yet another card suggesting to focus on creative projects.

We have a nice new routine on Saturday mornings.  We got to a local coffee house, Echo, and get a big half and half latte (half reg. half decaf) with half and half, rather than milk.  Oh so good.  Sometimes we get a big tea with steamed half and half, equally delish.

We can spend a few hours there, and hardly notice the time has passed.  We brainstorm, map our plan out, work on our projects, talk, and/or read. We get a lot done.  Today, I created my Cool Tee's shirt collections.  Later at home, after our shopping haul, I published a video sharing our latest shopping haul, which I'll post on The Hypercarnivore.  It's now nearly 7:00 PM, 13 hours after my first sip of that luscious latte, and I'm sitting with an increasingly sore lower back working on this post!

The themes of these cards certainly wove their way into my life since pulling them on Thursday, three days earlier.

"The Cosmos also represents the principle of infinity and the vastness of the energetic exchange of consciousness influencing all living things.  This tells us that every intention we set is, in fact, contagious, with the power to influence others."

"This is a sign to remind you to open up to the well of creativity deep within you and be mindful of your thoughts and actions:  both are influencing your outer world....Expect to be inspired and to meaningfully touch others with all that you create!"

I hope that following my own trail is inspiring to others, for we are also all interconnected parts of the grand web of life.  In truth, these cards can apply just as well to you.  You actually clicked on this post to read.  

Expect to be inspired, and to magically touch others!  Let the Fire Faery illuminate your path and ignite your creativity!  Call on these magical beings, and I am sure they will respond!

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