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Overcoming Obstacles to Success and MY Latest Project Born As A Result of My Transit Reading

Overcoming A Life of Insecurities To Create Success on MY TERMS

In my post, Astrology Reading and Celtic Cross with Angel Tarot - The Path Unfolds, I alluded at a few details that I was going to write about in a follow up post.  I didn't quite get to that follow up post yet, so will now.  The previous post, Tuning the Human Biofield, My Sound Healing Session Experience  was unplanned, although to me it seemed quite interesting and worth sharing.  Lest I completely forget what I originally wanted to write in that follow up post, I best get on it!

In the Astrology Reading post, linked above, I shared the results of a recent astrological reading with the upcoming transits favoring either coming into money that I would do well investing in an online business, or, starting an online business would do well financially for me at this particular time.  

I have long desired to work from home.  I have been steadily trying to build up my website to sell books, and be available for doing readings, distance healing, and hypnotherapy from home, not just our clinic.  And, I had desires to create an online store for a long time as well, but it was all quite daunting.

At least 20-25 years ago, I knew that if/when I did get married and (possibly) had children, I would not want to send my kids off to be raised by others at a day care.  For sure if I were a new mom in today's world, I'd be homeschooling.  Raising young children to be healthy thriving adults was way more of a motivation and priority for me back then (we are talking half my life time ago) then cultivating a career ever was.  

That original free astrological reading I received indicated through examining my astrological chart that I had an opportunity to have a unique and rewarding professional life, but it didn't happen.  Things got in the way, and the pain of not having cultivated this route has effected me ever since.


Prior to getting the reading,  as I mentioned in my previous post,  I have been on a mission to transcend my remaining mental obstacle(s) to cultivating an enriching, meaningful, purpose-filled life.  Most of all, I have been on a quest for personal and financial freedom, and to live life surrounded by the serenity and beauty of Nature.

I have learned to turn my high sensitivities, often a curse, into a blessing, applying my ability to 'feel' energy into my intuitive readings and energy healing services.  I have a high level of empathy and connectedness.  I connect dots in ways that many in our current society seem to fail to see.  I never realized these things to be the gifts that they are, but it has become evident in our current times that these are indeed rare gifts.

I have written a five diet and nutrition books, the first four featuring whole foods plant-based diet plans of which I have unpublished because I no longer support all of what I had written.  I know there is a more personal book waiting patiently to be birthed into life.

What I want to share here is not about a lack of self-confidence in my capabilities.  It is however the fact that ~ for many reasons ~ I have been haunted by a feeling of being unfulfilled in my professional life, and it has caused me to develop self-doubt and timidity about 'being out there' in the 'real world.'  This feeling began ages ago, with the deep regret at not following my chosen course of study in Nutrition and dietetics back in 1980 as an undergrad.  It continued while eating and promoting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

I have put a lot out there, but the rewards have been small, so far.

Since switching to our low-carb, hypercarnivore diet,  I began to feel more fully aligned than I ever have previously felt.  Something about switching back to an animal centered diet has helped me regain much of my power ~ both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Having my outer life more closely reflect my inner values and desires, in sync with a greater sense of Divine purpose  has been very hard won.  So many past experiences culminated in the feeling of being turned sideways.  Struggles and disappointments, and working and playing hard drained my batteries.  At one point, I felt like I had chronic fatigue.  It has taken a lot of mental focus, emotional clearing, and physical training to 'right' myself, and be more in dominion of my life, something that began in earnest in 2007.

Suffice it to say, I began to think that maybe my 'block' isn't about 'not being successful' but instead, it's about learning to swim with instead of against the stream.

I'm a firm believer that if things aren't flowing, it's probably a sign that they are not meant to.  Our Basic Macrobiotics channel never did well.  The only time we really got any views was when we publicly announced our not doing well as vegans, and our decision to give it up.  All hell broke loose, but we finally had some action on our channel!  (Of course, we certainly have no desire to fill our days up dealing with anonymous YouTube serial haters.)

Eating a high-carb, plant-based diet,  I often awoke with very puffy eyes, taking the bulk of the morning just to feel 'okay' in my own body.   It was a challenge to 'show up' to be present for others on many occasions.  Just the thought of continually having to convince people of the benefits of hypnotherapy, Reiki/energy healing, or even acupuncture when so many people are needle phobic weighed me down, reflecting my own growing fatigue, or dare I say, burn out.  My adrenals were exhausted, and my spirit felt weary.

While I have seen many clients over the years,  I resisted doing the actual marketing.  Clearly an inner part wanted her solitude, preferring to wake up every morning on our piece or 'peace' of land in a natural setting.  One part understood the need to grow my business, another part was resistant.  This push/pull inner cognitive dissonance began to feel like a big dark cloud blocking my progress.  The ability of my mind to will myself into doing what my body greatly resisted was a losing battle.

At some point I finally came to the conclusion that when aligned with our true desires and passion, the motivation bubbles up organically.  If I am being THAT resistant to marketing myself, perhaps this one on one client format is what is not my forte, and I should just admit that to myself, without feeling like a total failure.

I enjoy doing what I am doing while doing it, but I really desire to work from home, and I lust for freedom.  I know I want to  incorporate Nature into my work in some manner, as this feels very important to me.  Whether or not I worked up to a steady number of clients per day is less relevant than setting up the means to work from home at this point.

Since my astrological transit reading seemed to be giving me the green light to do an online business, what if I switched to doing something more online?

I had been working on my website, thinking I would focus on doing readings (which I LOVE to do) for others along with distance healing, coaching, and the guided visualizations ~ from home.

But then another light bulb went off.  In a rather uncharacteristic manner, I felt a strong energy surge move through my body, and I JUMPED ~ free of my normal decision paralysis ~ into a new endeavor.  An online store!

Voila!  Nature's Art & Soul was born.

I have long considered creating my own store, but the reality of setting it up seemed daunting.

I love Nature.  I believe all the various trees, plants, animals, mammals and birds are our 'relatives' who have lived a lot longer on this Earth than we humans.  They have a lot to teach us.  We have become quite disconnected from Her natural rhythms in our modern 'civilized' world.

I know the power of Nature can heal and ground us.  Mother Earth is the Ultimate source of all our material needs and security.  I have imagined doing energy healing work in a beautiful and serene space with views of the trees, or conducting ceremonies among the sacred groves, as has been done for millennia by our own European ancestors.  The Celts, Germanic and Nordic people's worshipped Nature, for they knew their existence depended upon maintaining the delicate balance between Nature and humans.

At first, I questioned if creating an online store was disharmonious to my anti-consumerism values.  However, I began to envision how I could create a store that could be educational in 'nature' ~ pun intended.

Read more about my big picture vision for  Nature's Art & Soul in my next post.  

Lately, many little things seem to be clicking in place.  I started a new channel, and seemingly with minimal effort, Strong Spirit Woman is growing into a Strong Spirit Tribe.  I very recently started Instagram (@StrongSpiritWoman) and that is also going well.  I also have The HyperCarnivore blog. While I have yet to do much diet coaching outside of our clinic, and all of my various blogs, website and YT channel outlets are still in the very beginning stages, with a relatively small following, and I've given more of The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle book away than I've sold, all told, the signs are positive.

Life seems to be assuring me that my diligence and efforts to transcend my 'story' and hindrances has paid off.  I have always given of myself to friends and family in need, born to be of service.  Recently, I've been the recipient of some unexpected and very generous gifts, for which I am humbled and grateful.  One of those gifts has become the seed money for helping me start my store.

Through my perseverance, and willingness to face some uncomfortable truths, I have been slowly carving out the life that finally feels rightly aligned.  I hope by my sharing this, it inspires others to do the same.

I would love for you all to visit the store, and let me know what you think.  It is a work in progress, and will continue to grow and evolve over time.

Earlier this week, I pulled a few cards from my Earth Magic Oracle deck asking what I needed to be aware of for creating this online store, and our ability to generate the needed resources to move forward with relocation plans.  I also 'happened' upon another free online tarot reading.

What do these latest readings reveal about the prospects for my online store, and generating the resources we need to relocate?  That post to follow.

To my very sweet friend in Chicago, your generous and unexpected gift has helped me to move forward with my online store, so it is dedicated to you.  Your surprise gift is being used as seed money to advertise and build my path to freedom!

To all the rest of my readers, I am offering all of you 25% off your entire purchase through May 31, 2018.  The discount code is at the top of the home page of the store.

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