Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Is It Appropriate To Take Vows to 'Do No Harm?' Most May Think So, But Here is Why I Don't

Recently I emailed a group that I have taken Holistic Coaching courses with in the past to query about becoming ordained through their group, something I had discussed doing with them since I first took their course work, over ten years ago now.  I mentioned it in my previous post.   We had a good relationship, and they were happy to allow me to go through the accelerated ordination process because of having already achieved well over their prerequisite of completing a minimum of 200 hours of training in the holistic healing and coaching fields.  The accelerated process involves writing about my purpose or vision for being ordained, and writing about the twelve vows that a potential minister must take.

Even wedding vows should be carefully crafted to allow both people to be true to their word,
such as committing to help support each other to flourish.

Many years back, when learning about another esoteric healing system, we discussed the nature of vows and oaths that are taken ~ often unwittingly ~ in our present or past lives.  According to this system, if one takes a vow of say poverty in a previous life (even if it is subconscious) because of being a nun or monk, for example, then our ability to flourish financially in this present life time could seem perpetually blocked if we never fully unplugged from our previous choices or life experiences.  Often the person may feel like they are working hard to make headway, but it all seems for naught.  The ongoing perceived failures lead to an increasing lack of self-confidence, or creates a general weariness in a life that seems to generate little reward for the efforts.

I imagine unplugging from past choices that are no longer a match for our current goals like the old switch board operators used to do in the earlier days of the telephone.  OK, showing my age here, but my mother did have a job doing this at one point which she quite enjoyed.

I didn't find a photo (in my quick search) of the old switch board operators, but this
antique phone was the right time period!  Photo courtesy of

With this planted in my brain, I'm quite reluctant to take vows I do not feel good about maintaining through the rest of my life, or even future lives ~ at least depending on how they are worded.

I did make a choice to be true to my word after reading Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements (a highly recommended read for all!)  Because of that, I in no way want to set myself up for some divine energetic karma if I were to not ~ for as yet unknown reasons ~ be able to keep these vows.  I do not take the subject of taking vows lightly, as I consider our word law, or in other words, binding.  

I've also ended up down several rabbit holes over the past several years, coming into information that made my head spin.  Certain studies, facts, and historical events that painted a very different picture of reality than I thought I knew.  It turned my world upside down, and yet, it eerily made sense of so many things that haunted me in my past.  It connected many dots.  And it caused me to QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!

The mind is easily influenced.  We are very malleable.  This is used to sell us goods.  It's used in far greater ways than marketing.  Suffice it to say, what once seemed innocent, pure, or 'right' to me prior before our 'awakening' process I now look at with a more discerning lens.  This requires great fortitude, courage and strength of mind to do.  I can tell you as I have been going through this process ever since, and have barely scratched the surface.  I continually come into ever more astounding information that causes me to scratch my head in awe, disbelief,  and often a lot of pain.

Without going deeper into that terrain at this point in time, my new found awareness, coupled with experiences from my own past have caused me to be especially challenged with one part of one of their vows.

Which vow was that?

This may come as a surprise to some, but it was:  Do No Harm.

Those in the medical profession take this vow.  Ironically, I consider giving people pills, and cutting out body parts to be a form of harm.  Sometimes it brings relief.  But botched medications and inappropriate or botched surgeries are among the top three killers in the United States, although that statistic gets swept under the rug.

In Nature, death is part of life.  Lions kill their prey without apology.  They don't take vows.  

My life has been a testament to not doing harm.  I've gone out of my way to not harm.  I've done my best to not harm flies, catching and releasing them outdoors when able.  I've not harmed the doves I have rescued and brought to a Vet to rehab.  I've not harmed the baby duckling that was quickly heading down stream away from its parents, and towards a water power facility.  We have been more than generous at helping people at our clinic, especially a few extra needy clients.  I had people come up to me at my 30 year high school reunion thanking me for being "one of the nice ones."

And trust me, I'm not saying I'm anything special.  I'm "just another bozo on the bus" as one of my past coaches would say.  I am quite sure that MANY of YOU also do your best to do no harm on a regular basis!

The one time that I really should have inflicted harm, I did not.  During college, when I was attacked, and held up by knife point, I struggled for some time to avoid the worst.  With only one door in and out, I was not able to escape.  At one point, while getting forced and locked into my bathroom, I got a hold of the knife.  I hesitated.  In that brief moment, I thought, "I can't harm someone."  It was someone I knew.  Of course there were some other troubling logistics as well.  But, I could not see myself inflicting the harm I know I could have inflicted had I really stabbed this guy without hesitation.  Not even to kill, but to harm.  To harm the predator so as to save myself.

I've regretted not using that knife to inflict harm far a long time.  It was expressing itself in strange ways.  AT one point, several years back, I just kept sensing myself stabbing my own husband.  It was really wigging me out, as of course I would never do that.  But he knew.  He understood that I had that fight in me still.  It was never appropriately expressed.  I had to live it out in my mind while shaking my fists (as if I were actually stabbing someone) to get it out of my mind.

I sent an email mentioning that because of a past event, I would not take a vow of "Do no harm" without the caveat "unless in self defense of myself or another."

For this, they determined I lacked clarity, and could reconsider trying again in the future.  They then offered their services to help me.


No thanks.

These people may now be self-assigned 'ambassadors of love and happiness', but I do not believe they are in a spiritually more superior position because they are willing to take a vow that I consider counter to Natural Law, our True Laws.

We are governed by Natural Laws, or Universal Divine Laws, even if we have never heard of them.  We are part of Nature, and this is the time of awakening to that reality. Those who abide by Her Laws thrive.  However, many powers that be seek to turn us upside down, and have us believing we are separate from Nature.  That we can control Nature through technology, or that Nature is here for us to conquer or use, indiscriminately and without reverence or a cooperative give and take arrangement.

Ask any indigenous population where that attitude will lead, and they will tell you.  Exactly the direction we are headed.  Unless we begin to awaken.  Especially those of us in the 'civilized' urban areas reliant on the grid, and technology for every aspect of our survival.

Just ponder that for a bit.

Live harmoniously with Nature, or go against our True Nature?  One path leads to far greater flow, grace, ease, and enchantment.  The other most likely will lead to stress, dis-ease,  a sense of dis-connect, and often much worse.

I know my choice!  How about you?


  1. 💙🔥💙I choose to Love above all else and to do no harm. Unless someone is attacking me or attacking someone I Love or attacking someone who cannot defend themselves, most especially women and children and animals. Then I will defend and harm, but only what is necessary to stop the impending violation. So Tracy, maybe your ordination is meant to be from somewhere new that shares your higher understandings. Love is so much bigger than their judgement. Jussayin'

    1. It's the natural response. It's not to be feared or rejected. We of course remain open, neutral, and ready to witness the Truth and Greatness of each soul. But when that is not reciprocated, we do not need to 'turn the cheek' while we accept the hit. It is counter productive, and enables the abuser to continue. We are meant to defend and protect ourselves and loved ones, and those who can not defend themselves. That is the Divine Masculine archetypal energy being played out, and it's the Divine Mother's instinct, as seen in the fury of a Mama Bear protecting her cubs. Love will prevail when we say no to all that is NOT of Love, and when we see Truth.