Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ordination, Celebrants, Druids & Bards, Oh MY! What Have I Signed Up For NOW?

What is all this about Bards, Druids, and Celebrants?

I mentioned a change of plans in my last post.  What, pray tell, am I up to now?

Yes, I have jumped in.  I registered for the membership and course at Druidry.org.  And I registered for their Celebrant course as well.  I'm pretty excited.

I've also (re) registered as an ordained minister through Open Ministries.

I was first ordained by a teacher upon completion of the Re-An system I learned, back in 1998 through the Universal Life Church.   Re-An stands for Re-At-Onement Now, or Re-Attunement /Re-Attonement Now.  This was a very interesting sort of energy clearing process which entailed four sessions, paced out over about a 6 week period.  We would help clients unplug, or clear previous life experiences they were still plugged into that were undermining their current choices, while also helping people determine which contracts they came into this life with, and how to clear them, and what were the primary influences in this life and more.

The first wedding I officiated was shortly after being ordained, in 1998.  A couple found me through a local publication.  They wanted an officiant to conduct a non-religious, less traditional ceremony with vows that felt more meaningful to them.  I really enjoyed being able to deliver what they were looking for.

My second wedding was more recent, which was for my sister.

Mom, Sis, me at Barb's wedding in northern Idaho.  Quite the beautiful setting for a wedding!

While a part of me had issues with calling myself a 'minister', I realize that is only because the ideologies imposed upon us have caused us to think certain ways.

According to Open Ministry:

Ordination is quite simply, the act of becoming a Minister with a specific ministry.  There are many organizations and churches that offer ordinations; some are fee based while others are granted for free.  These ministries can be Non-Denominational or fall specifically into a denomination or sect of religious teachings and beliefs.
As a Minister you are provided the same rights as "clergy."  You may perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, baby naming ceremonies and all other services and rites that your ministry allows. 

Since I also have long been a Nature lover, and more recently have discovered the ancient Celtic practice of druidry, and about the Ogham alphabet created after the names of their sacred trees, I am pretty excited to also have recently joined OBOD, The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, based in the U.K.

Druidry is a native European spiritual practice that is an earth-centered belief system for which I deeply resonate.  I love that these teachings have been around for thousands of years.  In my early life, while searching for a spiritual tradition that made sense to me, I came to most resonate with the Native American beliefs I had read about, and Taoism, which both were Nature-oriented.  I had no idea that my own European heritage contained these amazing old spiritual traditions that predate Christianity.  Why would I have known?  We are not taught about our own ancestral heritage!

Nearly every other race retains and celebrates their unique cultural traditions, art, music, foods, and celebrations.  That's what makes travel to places like Japan, Thailand, China, South America, Central America and many other areas so enjoyable!

Those of European descent seem to be especially targeted as being 'not allowed' to celebrate our own unique cultural heritage without being attacked by the social engineers.

I've studied a little Buddhism, yoga and the Vedic philosophies.  Yet little did I realize that what I long searched for, and didn't know existed was what the ancient Celtic, Germanic, Nordic and other European cultures practiced ~ part of my own English, Celtic, French, German and Eastern European heritage.

Tempe Zen Center, socializing post Sunday sit session

The Gershen Institute 

It took me over 50 years to realize that I have a cultural heritage to be proud of.  I didn't have to go outside my own lineage to discover something of meaning.  It was there all along, it just took more digging to find it.

We are not taught much about our own ancestral European heritage.  Instead, we are taught a lot of half-truths and all out lies about Who We Are, and our early and even more current history.

We are being robbed of so much of our great cultural heritage, to our peril.  We are so disconnected; spiritually we feel this as a deep void.  Yes we are all part of the human tribe, but we are also each part of smaller divisions ~ various unique cultures and races or parts that make the whole.

We each have an ancestral heritage which connects us to the greater ocean of life.  We owe it to ourselves to discover our roots, take pride in where we come from, and recognize that each person, family, and tribe/culture/race  has their strengths and weaknesses.  These largely developed because of evolution.  Certain traits were adapted that best helped each tribe or individual race best thrive in its unique environment.  What skills were needed to survive long harsh winters were quite different than the skills required to survive hot and dry or hot and humid climates. We are all fallible, but need to take what was good, leave the rest, and become something even better.

Considering how important it is to connect with something that is Greater than us ~ whether our family and tribe of origin, or tribe of choice of like-minded individuals ~ it is human nature to want to belong to a tribe, and have in-group preferences.  Wolves hang with wolves, not foxes or coyotes.
Being part of the tribe meant survival.  Being outcast from one's tribe would have surely meant death.      Historically, and in current Hunter-Gatherer tribes, the immediate and extended families remain living with or near one another throughout their lives.  This provides a great sense of connectedness, support, and sense of identity as being part of something bigger than one's individual self ~ a set up that allows all to best thrive.  The longest lived people live among their own kind.

We all have roots, and connecting with our roots can give us much strength.  It can source us when we most feel alienated!

So that is my exciting news and recent chain of events.

Nature's Art & Soul is out (although perhaps I'll find another use for the URL.)

Study to become a Bard, the first part of the training is about to commence.  Celebrant course is underway.  Strong Spirit Woman website is being revised and updated.  Business cards have been ordered.  And I will soon be conducting my own ceremony to drum up some Divine blessings for helping me extend my services out beyond the walls of our Scottsdale clinic.  I even finally downloaded Skype today!  Woohoo!  (Baby steps!)

I also received one of my TWO NEW oracle decks that I am super excited to be adding to my collection.

I immediately opened them, cleared the energies from processing and production, and focused on my intention before pulling the three cards that jumped out at me.  I held the intention to pull the cards that best reflected my gifts and strengths ~ the archetypes that best mirrored where as the author explains, our purpose crosses with our path to prosperity.

Your Sacred Wealth Code Oracle Cards delivered what felt to me to be a spot on answer to my query.

I'll share this in the next post.

I also was rejected from getting ordained with another organization that I had previously studied with, and had been accepted to whenever I was ready.

Why was I now being rejected???

That and the Sacred Wealth Oracle Cards, next post.


  1. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’™I myself love Druidry, Paganism, Celtic and Wiccan Traditions. And I can't wait for the day you finally actually marry us....

  2. You were precisely the one who has been on my mind throughout all of this!