Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Reflections From Our Recent Trip to Southwestern Michigan and Northern Ohio

Our Recent Trip ~ Pictures and Reflections

 The first thing we were struck with is how tall and majestic the trees were, especially in Ohio compared to when Don was growing up.  We also enjoyed ~ and miss ~ seeing bodies of water everywhere.  Lakes, ponds, rivers abound, although don't mention it to those who prefer to 'fly over' this part of the country.

We enjoyed seeing family, although not exactly drama-free.  But who's family is?

We also enjoyed having a couple days to travel around southwestern Michigan, into the hillier area of Hillsdale and the Irish Hills.  We visited several quaint smaller cities, each with its own downtown area or other features, such as a river, hills, or historical buildings.

And while we very much enjoyed it all, we still didn't feel a very strong pull to any place in particular.

We decided that the cosmological timing is not quite right.  Our plan is to stay one more winter.  We've nearly made it through the worst of summer, so the rest should be pretty easy.

Time to enjoy our newly remodeled clinic ~ and apartment ~ start teaching classes, do more readings and energy healing, and continue building our websites and YouTube channels.  Next spring, or by the beginning of summer, 2019, I feel pretty confident we will be ready to relocate.  Not sure where to yet, but I trust we will know when it's time.

Leaving Phoenix sunrise, misty rain.

Just spectacular parks and scenery in Ohio

A beautiful walk into the downtown area of Waterville, Ohio, a quaint small
community in a slightly hilly area that had great qi flow!

This was in the town of Dundee, MI, a small but growing city that is along the river.

These are an amazing park in Hillsdale, MI

We grilled steaks at Don's parents' home, and took them to go.  We enjoyed our morning
coffee w/ half-and-half, and steamed milk in the morning while spending some time online,
then would find a nice park to eat our one main meal of steak, w/ a little cheese and Trader Joe's
Turkey Summer Sausage that I brought on the plane.  Worked great.

A big lake outside Hillsdale

Free wind symphony concert in Hillsdale.  Great turn out.  Wonderful music.
Probably 30+  musicians.

The resident cat at the first lodge we stayed in Hillsdale.

Sooo cute and friendly!  She was just waiting for someone to hang out with!

Local trail in another area.  Originally a tunnel for train.

Ran out of steak, so we picked up sliced roast beef and cheddar cheese.  Drank milk
in the morning.  Essentially we mostly just bought milk, and coffee for mornings,
then only had to buy this beef and cheese throughout our little road trip.

Last of the steak!

We found a most peaceful motel to stay at half an hour outside Hillsdale en route back
to Toledo.

Back at the family home.

Grand Rapids, Ohio, another great little city/town, with a great river walk area.

This just beckons us to enjoy sitting and relaxing.  

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate ~ lie down on the EARTH!

Up next, decluttering, rearranging, and the big book purge.  Our busy and sweaty month since (and just prior to) this trip!

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