Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Declutter, Rearrange and LET GO to Stimulate Qi Flow & Help Feng Shui Your Life

Rearranging Decluttering & Letting Go 

Don and I have been in a whirlwind of shuffling our 'things' around ~ moving everything out of our clinic, then back into our clinic, decluttering, rearranging, and purging ~ interspersed with a week away to visit family and explore a little slice of southwestern and south central Michigan and northern Ohio.  You can see pictures of our trip on my previous post.

 As per usual, I've written several blog posts in my mind by now, which doesn't do anyone any good if I can't get those thoughts down on the blog!  But, with travel and spotty internet connections, and the utterly exhausting, reorganizing work we've been doing, it is what it is.

I literally feel like I've been on a month-long sweat fest!

The hot water heater that busted and caused a total wall to wall flood in our clinic caused the carpet to begin to lift up and unravel.  We opted to wait to have the carpets pulled out during the summer season since we naturally slow down here in the Valley of the Sun.   The floors in our clinic were sandblasted to polish up the cement that was already there, underneath the rugs.

As a result of moving out to remove the carpet, and sandblast the floors, Don had the idea to change up how we set it back up.

We sacrificed the little room I was using for Reiki and hypnotherapy to use as our office, removing the desks and file cabinet from the main 'reception' area.  This opened up the space quite a bit.  Rather than a clutter of desks and files, we now have a nice area rug, small couch, chairs, and shelves with  items for sale on display.

Getting to the gate at the airport on our return trip seemed to be quite an ordeal.  Three hours from Don's brother's home to the gate.  What normally should have been just over an hour was delayed first from traffic near Detroit.

The TSA agent was bound and determined to find my tiny folding pocket knife if it killed her.   There was no problem leaving Phoenix with it.  I know, I know, what was I thinking???  It's an old pocket knife that just lives in my backpack, so I wasn't actually thinking about it!

(Here are a few pics from the trip.  More on the previous post, linked above.)

Between the travel, and having some very rough nights of sleep on uncomfortable beds, we came home tired from our vacay.  We could have used a respite from our vacation, but it was not to be!

The clinic was quite messy after that sandblasting.  Before we could move back in on Sunday, the morning after our arrival back home, we had to wipe down every surface.  There were black hand prints on several walls, and dust everywhere.  The bathroom itself was covered in dust, even on the cleaning supplies inside the closed cabinet!

Cleaning in that bathroom with the a.c. not yet kicking in was quite a sweaty ordeal!  I was dripping sweat into my eyes, down my face, and throughout my entire body!  Don as well.

Needless to say, we got everything moved in, then continued to rearrange the furnishings and pictures for the next two weeks until everything seemed to be happy in its new place.

The net result is that our clinic is now a very inviting space ~ with a feel of visiting a friend at home.

Once we felt good about the clinic set up, we moved on to our apartment.

We completely rearranged the entire living space, and even some of the bedroom.

We also unloaded around 100 books or more to Half-Priced books for pennies on the dollar!  Even if you don't make a lot of money selling off old books, clearing up the space can be very en-lightening.  Especially if the books that you are attached to represent some aspect of your life, or topic that is no longer representative of who you really are and where you see yourself going.

Like the 'isms' which I discuss in the video, below.  New-Age-ism, Buddh-ism, vegan-ism...

The tear down had begun.  Piles of books were purged.  It really helped lighten up the space!
You can see the After pictures in the video, below.

The BEFORE...AFTER photos in video, below.

Sold some, donated some.

Suffice it to say, we utilized the recent planetary retrogrades and series of eclipses to reflect on our past, purge what no longer felt to be of value, rearrange, stimulate some new qi flow, and conduct a few ceremonies to release, forgive, let go, and reconnect.

Ceremony altar, with representatives of the four elements.  Frog (water), a family of turtles (Earth),
butterfly and feathers (air), triangular-shaped and upward pointing shaped crystals + candle (fire.)

I added our books (pictured below) afterwards, asking to receive a blessing for Don's upcoming book, The Hypercarnivore Diet,
along with my own great little book, The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle.

Release the old default thinking habits and reactions.  Forgive our seeming bad past choices that have had ongoing consequences, let go of books and things that no longer hold value, and reconnect with those attributes and parts of ourselves we inadvertently abandoned ~ our power, our reputation, our more care free and innocent trust in the world, and so on.

We have been eerily quiet at our clinic this month.  Rather than fret, we are doing our best to be in gratitude for the gift of time ~ to recoup from this last month of travel and sweaty rearranging work, and to work on our creative projects, including Don's soon to be published book, and our ongoing website development.

Our passion is to finally buy a home on a piece of land, and write our hearts out.  We also would like to teach and hold workshops or retreats, and do fitness training from home.

We look forward to living among the trees, lakes, creeks and rivers again!

But not yet!

Need some more inspiration for decluttering?  I really enjoyed, and subsequently wrote a book review of Real Life Organizing: Clean & Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day, which you can read here.

More of my own adventures in organizing here.

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