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Living Your True Nature IS The Strong Spirit Path ~ Updated Blog & Post

Living your True Nature.  What exactly does that mean?

That was the title of the original Living Your True Nature blog that I started when Don and I ended our five+ years of eating various incarnations of a whole-foods, produce-rich, plant-based diet, and began our foray into a low-carb, ketogenic diet, or what I now call the 30-Day Hypercarnivore Challenge.  The brief update and explanation for why Living Your True Nature is being on The Strong Spirit Path is at the end.

Following is what I wrote on that premiere post, from May, 2017:

Simply, it means when we are aligned with our authentic voice, and sense of Self ~ our big 'S' self rather than the limited identities of the small 's' self ~ there is a harmony that exists between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Things feel like they click into place.  We feel on point, and on purpose.  Miracles and magical coincidences become common place.  We have an open heart, and an ability to respond appropriately to situations that arise in the moment.  Our life flows, seemingly effortlessly.  The appropriate people and resources seem to 'magically' show up, right on time.  We may even feel as though we are floating through life.

Contrarily, when we are not aligned with our True Nature, we experience more struggle.  Less flow.  Less ease.  Our physical, mental, and emotional symptoms indicate imbalances.  We don't feel as great as we would like.  Things can be overall going pretty well, but perhaps one area of our lives remains out of sync.

Living in accord with Who You Really Are, and what you came here to share can be all the difference in a life that is filled with enthusiasm and excitement, versus a life that feels like doing what is needed to just cope and survive.

There are always challenges.  But when we are aligned, we see the challenges as opportunities for more growth.  A chance to tap into more as of yet untapped resources.  Or, we simply ride them like a surfer rides a wave, knowing that challenges happen, and they will also pass.  Our attitude towards them is different.

That difference can be great in how much it changes our lives.  We better manage stress, and don't see the world as out to get us.  Nor do we automatically fall into bad mental habits, believing we are not worthy or good enough to have more, or be more than we are expressing.

I know I've been focused on living in alignment with my True Nature all my life, even when I didn't name it as such.  I think I may have been instinctively aligned at a young age, but was convinced otherwise.  The experiences of my youth taught me to NOT trust myself.  The experiences of my adult life have been all about un-doing those beliefs, and re-wiring myself to return to what I knew early on about who I was, and what I desired.  (You can read more about my history, here.)

Little of my original passions have changed.  But my inability to truly manifest the lifestyle I desired, the homestead I dreamed of, and the full clarity of my Divine Purpose seemed to elude me, in part because of a lot of faulty early life programming.

I have created blogs before.  I have created many things, and have also decided at times to totally trash some past creations, born of a faulty ~ or disharmonious ~ alignment.

Actually, it was said about me recently that I truly have re-birthed myself, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of an earlier life that had me feeling like I was thrown sideways.  I was often lonely, and had some debilitating insecurities, despite the many ways I could appear outgoing and confident.

Perhaps I can help you resurrect your True Self from the caverns within your heart and Spirit as well. We always teach best that which we ourselves first experienced.  I help many others find their way to genuine Soul alignment, and living more harmoniously to their True Nature's needs in order to thrive.  

There are always people just ahead, and just behind us on our journey.  Those just ahead have integrated the lessons we are in the throes of assimilating.  They can be our guide, or source of inspiration, wisdom, and hope.  Those behind us will be looking to us for the same.  This is how it goes in the chain of life.  It's perfectly orchestrated by Spirit.

One way that I've been learning to align myself has been through diet.  I have always been a lover of natural foods.  But my definition of what constitutes natural foods has evolved over time.  Now is another one of those moments of redefining what I believe to be natural foods, that best support human health.  Or, I'll say, my health for now.

I'm embarking on a 30 day challenge.  I have been consuming a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet in one capacity or another for the last 5-6 years ~ high fruit, high raw;  LFHC; macrobiotic grain & bean starch-based; and even more Dr. Joel Fuhrman style with more beans and greens.  I have yet to get the results I desired, and in fact have witnessed certain aspects of my health worsen over the last five years.

Prior to being on a plant-based, vegan diet, I had a big health scare.  Since I had relief from that within a short time of transitioning to an entirely plant-based diet,  I believed I was on the right track.  Between my direct experiences, and a good year or so spent devouring much of the literature and documentaries supporting plant-based diets, including watching such horrific documentaries such as Earthlings, I figured I was making the right choice, and becoming more aligned with my heart by forgoing animal products.

I have since come to some new conclusions.

Part of liberating ourselves is being willing to revisit past choices and beliefs with an open mind.

We make choices based on the resources we have available to us at that time.  As we progress, and have a variety of experiences, and come into new information, or perhaps observe another who has a different perspective, we may need to question our previous conclusions.

The more open and willing we are to engage in this process ~ free of our conditioned responses, attachments, and the conscious minds desire 's be right ~ the more we will realize freedom, and eventually align with what is most, or at least more true for us.

Until, it isn't.  And then we readjust again.

It's part of our process of growth.  We learn as much about who we are, by who we are not.

So, my 30-day challenge is to test my hypothesis about where I went wrong in all my past many years of trying to get it right, at least with respect to my diet.

Up next:  An apology, and more about my 30-day challenge.

That concludes the original post from Living Your True Nature, the blog I began to chronicle our journey from plant-based, to nearly plant-free.

I have now deleted some of those earlier posts, and am transferring others over to The Hypercarnivore blog, as that is now the landing place of the bulk of the physical health and food-related topics.

This blog is now called The Strong Spirit Path.

Why the change?  Because that original challenge morphed into helping me reclaim my True Self  ~ my power ~ in many ways I didn't even realize I was missing.  I thought being vegan made me a more compassionate person.  I realize now the errors in my thinking, my actions, and my eating!

Hence, I have created the Strong Spirit Woman website, YouTube channel, and now this blog because I see walking The Strong Spirit Path as the path we embark upon when we are really living in accord with our True Nature.  Not what our mind's think is true.  But the True True.  And our willingness to be vulnerable, speak our truth, and be ourselves, despite the courts of popular opinion, and the increasingly dangerous and paralyzing environment of political correctness.

I hope you will join me on this path.  It's not for everyone.  But it is for those who seek personal growth and evolution, and the ability to really live as their most illuminated selves ~ no matter what others think!

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