Saturday, March 16, 2019

Discovering Your Personal Medicine Coaching Package Launching SOON!

I've been creating a new Personal Medicine Coaching package, which I will be launching soon ~ ideally by the upcoming Full Moon/Equinox/Eclipse this March 20, 2019.

After years of doing inner work, and soul-searching to clearly define my skills and my Divine Purpose in meaningful ways, the light bulb of inspiration finally clicked ON.

I had already been doing 'Personal Medicine Readings' using a variety of animal, nature, and plant decks to help people re-connect with their own True Nature, and personal medicine.  Why not extend it into a full on coaching package?

Without knowing my history, it may be unclear exactly what was so profound about my recent ah ha moment.  It came, as typical, with the help of my in-resident Prince and husband, Coach Don.

The challenge has primarily been that I'm not someone who is wired to make money in and of itself.  And, my highly sensitive/empathic and introverted nature causes me to have an ongoing need to withdraw from the crazy, overstimulating world.  I have a love-hate relationship with social media, and sometimes resent the notion that I must use it to build an online holistic coaching and healing business ~ as is ALWAYS suggested.

I also am living in a desert city, and while there is much to appreciate about it, including the ease of not having to shovel a car out of the snow throughout the winter, at my core, I miss a more natural environment.  I have wanted to 'escape' the reliance of urban living for a LONG time, and yet, as Al Pacino's character in the Godfather would say, "I keep trying to leave, and it keeps pulling me back!"

My life long yearning to finally find our home sanctuary and 'piece of land', coupled with my feisty inner rebel who dislikes being funneled into predictable programming had come to a head.  The inner angst to leave, with the apparent inability to actually present my services in a successful enough manner to really thrive, and experience greater financial freedom had reached a do, or die crossroads.

It's not my lack of ability.  I'm often told that I'm very gifted, and the feedback from my clients is always very positive.

It's my internal battle or schizophrenia vacillating between trying to fit in one moment, then howling like a wolf the next minute detesting feeling like I have to fit into what I perceive as a dysfunctional, unnatural,  upside down system that supports our demise, rather than encourages our ability to thrive.

One day at our clinic, Don was helping me clarify how I write about what I do to make it more clear to the audience how THEY could potentially benefit from my services.

In the process of determining my unique niche ~ something I never really narrowed down ~ I realized that it is EXACTLY my own endless quest to thrive in this 'matrix' world ~ despite always feeling like a round peg trying to fit into square holes ~ and my life-long quest to understand and realize my purpose that was MY personal medicine!

Using the animals to guide me has been quite profound.  The animals (which includes the winged ones, sea mammals, and insects) have been SPOT ON, over and over again.

On the heels of my ah ha moment, I consulted the animal decks, asking for the PRECISE animals that would BEST reflect my personal medicine gifts that I embody.  The RAVEN and the OWL both showed up, revealing not only a longstanding connection with the bird kingdom, but my uncanny ability to sense and 'know' what is hidden.

 I help people see their blind spots, and the many ways the 'Coyote Trickster' can take control of our minds, and cause us to cling to erroneous beliefs, or act out from our lesser parts.

I help people CLEAR away the distorted junk that BLOCKS them from accessing their own Personal Medicine, or Personal Power to live a Divinely Aligned and Illuminated Life.

I'm pretty excited, and look forward to launching it.  Subscribe to my RSS feed for this blog, or at my Strong Spirit Woman website, or send me an email at if you are interested in being notified when I launch my Personal Medicine Coaching Package.  I'll be offering a special introductory offer to a limited number of people, for a limited time, so be sure to stay tuned!

I'll also put up a video on the Strong Spirit Youtube channel when I'm ready to launch.

If interested in doing your own divination, I highly recommend using any of the animal decks, below,  for amazing insights and support.  If you resonate with Nature, the animals, birds, and other winged ones like I do, I believe you'll love these decks!

Feel free to contact me for a Personal Medicine Reading!

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