Saturday, March 16, 2019

March Full Moon, Eclipse, Equinox ~ Animal Medicine Guidance For This Auspicious Time

March 20th, 2019 will be a full moon eclipse, on the equinox.  The beginning of spring and a return of the Sun, with equal days and nights.  Spring is a time of planting new seeds, new growth, and rebirth.  It's a playful time, as we emerge from the long winter, sometimes with a bit of cabin fever!

On Friday, March 15, 2019, I decided to pull an animal card that had the most pertinent message for me at this time.  Astrologers consider this to be a potent time period, where many planets are direct, except Mercury which is currently still in retrograde.  Some planetary alignments we have not seen since the uprisings of the 60s.  According to the Leo King, there are alignments we have not seen since the 1500s!  For details of all the planetary alignments, I recommend checking out Dave's  video, here, and for a better understanding of the energies of this full moon eclipse, you may like this video, by Melanie of  AskAngels, on YouTube.

In a nutshell, this full moon-eclipse-equinox is dishing up some extra oomph to more fully step into our higher ideal expression, leaving behind what no longer serves us.

It's a great time to balance the scales too.

The equinox is a time of equal day and night.  In earlier times, many pre-Christian  European cultures considered this to be an important time of year, marking the return of the Sun after surviving yet another long, cold and often harsh winter.   Survival required adapting the right skills ~ being able to think ahead, plan, prepare, and work cooperatively with nearby neighbors or clans to ensure all necessary provisions were stored for the months ahead.

Given my plan to launch my Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching special, and my deeper desire to finally be able to acquire our dream home and piece of land, and relocate back to a place with more trees and water, I was ready to consider whatever I may need to make the best next steps.

How could I best utilize these powerful currents of energy happening during this New to Full Moon eclipse plus spring equinox cycle?

Which of the Animal Allies had the most pertinent message for me at this time?

Actually, it was a toss up between two.  So after my first pick ~ Ant, I went back for the second, nearby card I nearly picked first instead ~ Butterfly.


According to Jessica Swift, author of the Animal Allies oracle cards, Ant medicine is all about "Building your dreams little by little."  Similar to Alligator medicine, Ant reminds us that patience and persistence pays off.  "Work for the good of everything, and everything will work for the good of you.  Be a good citizen.  You are supported."  

Ants are also very strong for their size.  Many of us can carry a heavier load than we may have given ourselves credit!


Most people automatically associate butterflies with metamorphosis.   Butterflies can be so transformative, it is no longer possible to recognize what it was prior to going into its cocoon to gestate until ready to emerge.  Once a butterfly emerges, it sits still, waiting for its wings to set so it can finally fly.

Butterflies are the epitome of renewal, and rebirth.  They bring joy, beauty and lightness into our lives, just as someone with strong Butterfly medicine may do for those with whom they come into contact ~ including strangers ~ whether they are aware of it or not.


This spring New Moon - Full Moon time period is ripe with opportunity to shed what you no longer identify with, rid yourself of limiting thoughts and beliefs, and let go of the mental, emotional, and physical clutter in your life.  Free yourself of toxic relationships as well.  

Lighten up your life, from the inside out!  

If, like Ant, you've been slowly but surely working on building your own foundation to live your most illuminated life, you are sure to emerge victorious, land transformed, ike the Butterfly.  The Universe, and constellations will be supporting your endeavors to create more joy, beauty, and balance in your life.  

Reignite the flames of love between you and your partner by being more present, open, and honest, and being accountabile for all that you contribute, rather than making snap judgements, or casting blame.  Being more appreciative and reverent in all of your relations will help you by decreasing unnecessary stress, and creating more harmonious environments ~ at home or at work.

Take flight.  Bring your new ideas and projects to fruition.  It's time to begin to fly in the higher dimensions, guided by a lighter, brighter, more uplifted and illuminated version of YOU!

If interested in doing your own divination, I highly recommend using any of the animal decks, below,  for amazing insights and support.  If you resonate with Nature, the animals, birds, and other winged ones like I do, I believe you'll love these decks!

Feel free to contact me for a Personal Medicine Reading!

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