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Amazing & Versatile Parsley Almond Pesto Ketogenic Paleo & Vegan Friendly!

Super Versatile Delicious & Nutritious Parsley Almond Pesto After years of preparing plant-based meals, I have now jumped into a new arena ~ making very low-carb, high-fat meals.  What a switch!  It's been a fun chance to get creative.  The best part is how simple meal prep has been.  I can have my creative outlet without spending hours in the kitchen, freeing up a lot of my time and energy. Pesto is always a great way to use fresh herbs which provide a lot of great nutritional benefits.  And parsley happens to be one of my favorite herbs as it has such a fresh, lively taste. Parsley  is a good source of Vitamins K, C, and A (beta carotene), along with many other minerals, along with important flavonoids, and volatile oils.  According to the  Worlds Healthiest Foods , one of those volatile oils in particular ~ myristicin ~ has been found to block tumor growth in animal studies, earning its status as a chemoprotective herb.  Myristicin  also activates the enzyme gluta

Our Apology!

Our Apology ~ To Whom May Surprise You Please note, that while these are my particular words, Don fully endorses, and shares in his remorse, and heartfelt desire to have this apology be from both of us. Many may feel that I do not owe anyone an apology for simply self-correcting my diet.  Well, for that alone, I don't.  But, I feel very compelled at this juncture to sneak this in before getting on with my posting about this 30-Day Challenge, and learning to Live My True Nature! I have a certain idea about myself.  We all do.  I believe myself to be honest, and strive to live as authentically as possible.  But, living your true nature can require what I call, and have already stated, 'Radical Self Reflection' (RSR) . Of course, at this juncture, and over the last few months, there has been an enormous amount of self reflection.  I had increasing fatigue for some time, and was not feeling 100% since the holidays ~ topics I will still be covering in the next post.