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Body Fat Composition & Update Week 6 Ketogenic Diet + New Rules

Progress So Far After 6 Weeks on Very Low-Carb, High-Fat (VLCHF) Ketogenic Diet On Saturday morning, I felt an inner sense of lightness.  I could actually see a curve in my right side abdominal area that has been missing in action for some time.  I measured closer to 25.25" around the narrow part of my waist, down from 25.5 fairly recently.  It was up to 26 inches when I began this journey at the beginning of May.   The photos taken on Saturday, June 17, after having consumed at least a liter of liquid, rather than upon first awakening. Friday, June 16 Here were a couple more, taken the next morning, prior to drinking a liter of water.  I'm in a bathing suit a friend gave me.  The hot tubs destroy the elasticity of these suits, so I'm in a serious need of a new suit.  Grateful to have a hand-me-down! What I want you to notice in these photos is that there are clearly changes to my body composition when compared to the photo

The Power of Having True Burning Desires

Do You Have A True Burning Desire?  Do You Know The Power in Not Having? Imagine for a moment having a desire to eat an apple or an orange.  Oops, start over. Imagine for a moment having a desire to eat an egg, or two.  (It is a blog about our ketogenic diet challenge, after all.)  It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination, or effort-ing, to walk or drive to the nearest market, purchase eggs, bring them home, then prepare them to eat. Imagine now you decide you prefer locally produced eggs.  You can pay (or barter) with a local producer or neighbor.  Or, you can raise chickens yourself. This will require a little more effort-ing, won't it?  Can you now imagine having a stronger, more burning desire for eggs to go through the extra effort to raise chickens?  You have to build a structure for them to live and be safe through all seasons, feed them,  mate them, then wait for eggs.  Some chickens may die.  You may be successful.  But, it will take more effort.  An