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Eating High Protein, Low-Carb For Fat Loss ~ Especially For Women Over 40: My Update

A Short (For Me) & Sweet Update Post I have been feeling pretty good lately, and wanted to share an update in conjunction with the tweaks we have been implementing, outlined in the previous post. Here are a few bullet points of the main themes I want to remind people about: Everyone needs to find what works best for them with respect to food.   The basic 30-Day Challenge outlined (click here or above Nav link) is a great place to start Learn to be more fluid with your choices, to allow your body's true desires/needs to guide your choices Adjust day to day as needed Adjust seasonally For whatever reason, a few weeks or so back, I had inched back up to 105 pounds, the very high end of what I prefer to weigh.  I may have had too much sodium, and retained water.  I may of had too many fruits or carbs at once, and retained water.  Maybe I just was on a streak of poor elimination.  Or, it could be due to increased muscle mass, and shifting body composition.  

Low-Carb Weight Loss For Women ~ Especially if Petite, Older & Active

If you have been hitting a plateau with weight loss while following a low-carbohydrate or ketogenic diet, or if you have yet to lose any weight after 2-3 months of eating low-carbohydrate, you may want to try the following tweaks. Body builders tend to lead the way in manifesting successful ~ and even sustained ~ fat loss while achieving an ideal body composition.  Okay, the body composition of some body builders may seem either out of reach for the average person, or in some cases, unattractive.  But, I'm primarily referring to those who train sans steroids. In this post, I will share some tweaks I've made to my dietary routine.  It's still low-carb, keeping my total carbohydrate consumption to about 50g/day, or no more than 20% of my total calories. Read on to learn what changes I have made to my protein and fat intake, and number of meals per day.  Be sure to read the captions under the photos to see what my meals have been for the last couple days, including a lis