Self-Sufficiency, Freedom & Our BIG Dreams to Find Our 'Peace' of Land

My Big Picture Dreams:

I have been on a journey to manifest full mental, physical, and spiritual alignment in my life ~ reclaiming sovereignty, and feeling whole-y integrated.

It's difficult to explain why this has been so important to me in a short post, as it entails many varied experiences and challenges, disappointments, loss, and a few triumphs marking my journey of the last 50+ years.  It really is the story of my life, and I now see that I lived through all of it in order to really become who I was always meant to be.  And to learn who I am not by experiencing contrasts.

All told,  it culminated into a feeling that lingered for far too many years of feeling not all together there at many times in my life.  I felt both as if I were not completely embodied ~ therefore lacking my full sense of power, as well as a sense of being 'flawed' or 'broken' ~ something that has taken me a long time to rectify.  How sweet the reunion!

Now, I see how I was in my Right alignment all along, however forces within the external world had me believe otherwise.  As I have written previously, I learned how to not trust my own Self, and my direct experiences.  I inherited notions about what I should like, what I ought to want to do, and how I ought to live that I now see were never my destiny.  Those ideas or ideologies of how to live came from somewhat 'alien' sources, not my intrinsic nature.

And now it is finally time in my life to reclaim full sovereignty!  I am now ready to put into place my biggest, final, as of yet unrealized dreams.

I have put myself through the fires of life, and emerged on the other side ~ like the Phoenix rising ~ more fully emboldened and clear about Who I Really Am, and what I would like to create, including what type of legacy I would like to leave behind.  And this stirs my passion.  This ignites my enthusiasm, arousing me out of a multiple year, sub-level, passion-killing state of indifference.

I've been amazed how a change of diet has been able to be like a final cog clicking into place, helping me feel reconnected to my own ancestral heritage, while feeling more fully present and in alignment with who I really am, and my greater sense of purpose.

I have long dreamed of owning a piece of land, and living on a homestead.  I have been living in larger cities much of my life, yet I have always most enjoyed when I lived in smaller cities or towns.

I was filled with cognitive dissonance growing up as my natural, maternal, and divinely feminine drives seemed in conflict with the growing idea that to be a 'stay at home housewife' was akin to a great waste of one's life.  Something that was not appreciated or valued.  We should strive to be career women.

Besides, there is over population, and children are expensive, after all.

Feeling great about my health progress, which you can read about in my previous post!
Shinier and lighter hair, reduced % body fat, smoother skin, and more!

All I knew for much of my life was that IF I had children, I had a few criteria:

  1. It needed to be with the Right partner (for which I strongly sensed since I was very young that there was one in particular that I was 'supposed' to meet)
  2. I wanted to be able to work from home to raise my children, rather than let them be raised by any sort of institutional day care or nursery school ~ Thank you mom for having a stay-at-home day-care that enabled me to remain out of schools/care centers until kindergarten, while providing a great environment for other children
  3. I did NOT want to pass on any dysfunctional habits ~ I knew I wanted a very supportive environment designed to encourage my children to pursuit their interests and talents, create healthy boundaries, communicate openly, and feel supported, especially by their father, something I very much missed

We got to visit with Don's brother as he was passing through Phoenix in his big, shiny new truck!

I have often felt somewhat disconnected from a sense of family.  I did not even know until I was a teenager that I had Polish ancestry, and at that time, felt embarrassed about it, as Polish jokes abounded.  There were other aspects of my heritage that I just learned to hide or dismiss ~ aspects I still to this day have no sense of connection to.  However, I now couldn't be more proud to be Polish.

I have English/Celtic ancestry as well, and I'm enjoying learning about the pre-Christian Celtic, Greek, and Norse deities and spiritual practices.  Many of which are the same, with different names.  Much the symbolism of Christian holidays and beliefs are rooted in pre-Christian spiritual and lifestyle practices, something of which I never knew about.


To grow up with no sense of connection to my ancestral, familial, or spiritual heritage.  No wonder I felt so disconnected and lost. (By the way, this is the English root meaning of my family name, Minton, as per

Minton Name Meaning
English: habitational name from a place in Shropshire, so named from Welsh mynydd ‘hill’ + Old English tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.

I am a nature lover, and absolutely love and miss being around trees.  A LOT more trees.  I have enjoyed living in the desert Southwest while I have, especially some of the areas of northern New Mexico, but I am really hankering to be in a more four-season climate, with cooler weather.  I feel less and less tolerant of the heat.  And, I have always loved being in hilly areas!

I believe we most resonate in climates similar to that of our ancestors.  And when we do our best to align our lives in all ways, we find greater harmony, peace and meaning.

I really believe in consuming food from as local sources as possible, and would prefer to support local farmers, and ranchers.  

We do our best, but have had a really tight budget, owning a brick and mortar business, and paying off huge student loans.

In fact, I'd really like to be growing and producing more of our own food, using (rather than tossing out) our food scraps be feed to chickens, and/or perhaps eventually a few pigs or other animals.  We recently began to bury the egg shells and coffee grounds in the soil, as a small first step.  I otherwise feel like I'm committing crimes against nature daily by throwing out all of our organic waste material, without any decent place to compost.  This is no small thing, but sadly, too few really ponder.  Yet the health of our soils is tantamount to the health of our food supply, and our nation's stability.

I would like to be creating healthy soils, and adding carbon back to the earth.   This is especially important at this juncture as we have lost much of our original, nutrient-rich top soils.  Joel Salatin speaks of this in his book Folks, This Ain't Normal.   So much of what we take to be 'normal' these days is not normal in the bigger schemata of human life.

I would like to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and freedom are among my greatest values.  I long to own a piece of land, closer to family, and finally sink my roots ~ and hands ~ into the soil.  These are my ultimate remaining dreams I have been envisioning for some time.  First, I had to meet my Prince.  Then together, we have had to unravel and let go of all that will not serve us during the next part of our journey together.  Now, both of our life-long dreams are on the horizon, and I am so excited as I can just about taste it.

We have both been away from home and family for too long.  This diet has reminded me of the importance of having strong family bonds.  I have never felt part of a bigger tribe either.  I have lived in diverse cities, never had children, and rarely visited with relatives.  I have recently connected with a cousin that I had been estranged from since I was in high school, at least.  Don's parents miss having us around, and my mom is alone.  Meanwhile, there is new life.  Don's brother's son and wife recently had a child.

It's time to find a way to go home, and ideally teach and inspire others to feel their best, and live their dreams.  

It's time to be practicing more of what I profoundly believe is of upmost importance ~ minimizing our use of resources, becoming more self-sustaining, producing our own food or sourcing it from local farmers, recycling our food wastes, getting in our best ever shape, and inspiring the spiritual and lifestyle practices of our ancient European ancestors who promoted courage, valor, and greatness.

It's time to create a great legacy to leave behind to future generations.  The old adage about leaving the trail or camp ground in better shape than when you arrived.  Perhaps if we are all willing to boldly go after our true desires and dreams, we can together leave a legacy of a safer, more harmonious future for generations to come.

Once a tree hugger, always a tree hugger!  This was actually while I was in college!

Care to join us?  Please share your own great dreams, and we can support one another in this grand adventure!

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