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What I Am Grateful For, Shifting Values & Supporting Locally Made Goods

It's been an interesting Thanksgiving holiday this year.   Sometimes things don't go as planned.  And sometimes they do, but we have a change of heart. What I Am Grateful For,  Shifting Values, and Supporting Locally Made Goods We arrived ~ by total fluke ~ to our clinic on Sunday, only to find it completely flooded, nearly one inch of water covering the entire floor.  Wish I had taken more pictures. I didn't think to take more pictures, as we were busy sweeping out the water that was gushing out from the water heater, faster than we could sweep at one point. Our water heater had busted over the weekend, probably on Saturday.  I had planned on getting laundry done and out of the way Thursday morning, or at least by Friday of our four-day holiday respite.  It never happened.  By Sunday, we pretty much had to do it, but did not have enough quarters.  We had wanted to take a soak in the hot tub first thing that morning.  The pool was technically supposed to be ope