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The BIG Dream, A BIG Leap of Faith, Nature, Justice, Flow & Alignment

Our apartment lease is up at the end of February.  Decision Time.  Renew?  Or take a leap of faith and move? I have written about our dream to find our piece, or 'peace' of land , to switch from having a brick and mortar acupuncture business, to a work from home situation, and to become more self-sufficient.  Ideally also raising at least some of our own food. We are considering relocating, leaving prior to the temperatures beginning to sizzle around here, when business slows way down.  Technically, our business lease is not up until September, however, the owner knows we may be leaving to move closer to family. But, we are not exactly prepared to pick up and a leap of faith?  Or remain another year?

Why I Am Not Vegan ~ Pottenger's Cats & Nutritional Degeneration

It is no surprise to any of the readers of my blog that I quit being a vegan in 2017 as my health was suffering.  I tried my best to make what I previously believed to be a healthy, produce-rich, plant-based diet with more protein than most vegans consume to work.  I gave it my all, and more time than I ever should have, for it took Don and I that long to come to our senses, and snap out of our collective vegan daze and denial. You can read more about it in my previous posts, including here, here, and here. Since this all began, I, or we have become increasingly aware of just how rigged the 'system' is, and now see how we allowed ourselves to be duped in this current upside down world of the Kali Yuga. We fell for the notion that it was only the cattle/beef, chicken, egg, and dairy industries that were the powerful lobbyists influencing the government and selling foods they knew were unhealthy. Actually, it is the other way around.  It is the many manufacturers of pro