The BIG Dream, A BIG Leap of Faith, Nature, Justice, Flow & Alignment

Our apartment lease is up at the end of February.  Decision Time.  Renew?  Or take a leap of faith and move?

I have written about our dream to find our piece, or 'peace' of land, to switch from having a brick and mortar acupuncture business, to a work from home situation, and to become more self-sufficient.  Ideally also raising at least some of our own food.

We are considering relocating, leaving prior to the temperatures beginning to sizzle around here, when business slows way down.  Technically, our business lease is not up until September, however, the owner knows we may be leaving to move closer to family.

But, we are not exactly prepared to pick up and a leap of faith?  Or remain another year?

Acupuncture is an excellent therapy for resolving pain, and many health imbalances, including digestive, hormonal, and more, and can help reduce stress and improve one's sleep.  We very much appreciate the health benefits of this thousands year old healing system.  What we learned in understanding the flow of qi, blood, and nutrients has proven valuable to us on many levels.

However, there is a big but...

We feel we are called to fulfill a mission that does not involve owning an acupuncture clinic!

We have greatly appreciated our ability to work for ourselves, and be of service to the local community.  But, the Gods that be seem to be saying it is time to wrap it up.

Why do I say that?

Well, 2017 closed out on a good note.  We have managed to maintain a nice life, while slowly paying off a BIG BIG debt load.  We live near our clinic, something that was important for us.  We can walk to our clinic as needed.

Since the holidays, however, we have been eerily slow!  Of course this is not something I would care to admit, especially publicly.  BUT, (there is that but again) being transparent will help lend the full potency to understanding why this would be such a BIG leap of faith.

In Chinese medicine, we have a saying, "If there is flow, there is no pain."  No flow = pain.

The entire time we were plant based, our Youtube channel at the time never really grew very big, and our plant-based books did not exactly fly off the shelves.  Of course we have removed all of these books from print.

Thank God!  Thank God for our symptoms, and lack of flow!!!

Even when people experience difficult challenges, or perceived 'bad' events ~  bad as interpreted by our ego ~ it could be EXACTLY what is needed.  

Nature is the Ultimate form of justice.  The fact that our health suffered the longer we were eating a vegan diet was Nature supplying us with a perfect dose of justice ~ eat the wrong foods, suffer the consequences.  

Nature offers no mercy, yet there is no judgement either.  Just action, and consequence.  We were not aligned, yet.  However, the experience has helped us to now become who we were meant to be, having provided the opportunity to learn via contrast.  We tried on that vegan suit, and it did not fit.

Here is my theory:

When you are aligned, you will flow.  If you are NOT in alignment, there will be a lack of flow.  The degree to which you are out of alignment will reflect in your life outcomes.  Some hits, some misses, in varying degrees.

SO, while I could be stressed out that our business is soooo slow, I see this as a gift.  A gift of time.  We have been working on our online projects, reading, and taking some needed time to rest.  And, if it is indeed time to move on, then of course we would not want to be taking on a lot of new clients, unless we were to be here long enough to follow through.

While we still have outstanding loans and lines of credit to pay off, with a minimum amount due each month, and... we have NO CLUE just yet what to do to ensure a minimal monthly income to cover those payments once we move, I feel a sense of TRUST AND PEACE.  Either that, or I am in major denial.  I choose to believe the former.  

Even if we do acupuncture for a while as a transition, there is no telling how long it will take to build a business in an area where we would be unknown.

Of course, if we pick the right area, we could be busier quicker if there is little to no competition, especially with the affordable rates that we offer.  So, there is that.

BUT, I have learned to face the reality of a situation at hand, while remembering that anything can turn on a dime.  There is what appears to be real, then there is what is REAL.

When One has clarity, focus, desire, and determination, and is fully aligned, miracles happen.  I know, as that is how I got out here to meet my Prince!  On sheer faith, focus, will, and determination.  

I experienced the seas parting once before.  I knew without a doubt I needed to move.  It was so strong, it felt more real to be somewhere I had never really been, than to be where I was.  Exactly what I needed arrived in the mail, or in my lap at the precise time I needed it, which enabled me to move against all odds, and rational advice to the contrary.

I think it can happen again.  

And, since I believe it to be possible, all the more I believe it will be possible.  

My faith could move mountains.

This physical plane is not all there is.  We do have the power to co-create our reality.  We do not get to know exactly how things will go.  We do not get to know much about what is to come, despite the very human desire to know.  What our mind thinks it wants is different than the yearning of the Soul.  The mind wants answers, and is uncomfortable with change and unknowns.  

If we let our mind take control, we may never dare to take a leap of faith, and will most likely live a much more mediocre life.

Ever since changing our diet, we have felt as if the spokes of our wheels finally were 'trued', and everything began to click into place.  We have become ever more clear about what humans are designed to eat and the potential for humans to experience great joy and thriving health when living in alignment, and eating the right foods.  (And we are not there yet, and neither is 99%+ of the population.)

Don and I both came into acupuncture (before we met each other) with a similar half-hearted desire.  We wanted something else, but chose acupuncture because it was close.  Close, but not a real match.

So much not so for me that I switched gears, and have focused more on energy healing and holistic counseling work.  Counseling was also an interest at one point, but for whatever reason, acupuncture won out.  To me it was to be the proverbial shingle to hang up, then "I could do what I want."

Well, now I am really ready to do what I want.  I am ready to manifest my final and biggest dreams ~ having met my mate, now it's time to 'go home.'

There is no juice left in my cells to play the game of the matrix.  I can no longer see spending my life force attempting to market a brick and mortar business.  I have always rebelled against what I've been told I 'must do' in order to make a business work.  

I have rebelled against much of the operating system of the matrix, or 'civilized' societal living, much of my life, but without the understanding and perspectives I have now gained.  And, after going from plant-based to full-fledged carnivore, and having unearthed much information over the last few years, I understand why things are not working.  The foods we collectively are eating are a big part of our decline.

In my estimation, this system is rigged, and not meant to work.  One need only spend a few minutes observing and pondering to see this is true.  The whole system is rigged to teach us to go against our True Nature.  The system is here to provide the contrasts, which hopefully help us to awaken, and evolve.  Many won't.

 My heart has yearned to live and work from home for much of my life.  I have lost my steam for anything else.  While I love doing energy healing and the hypnotherapy/holistic counseling work I do, and I respect acupuncture as a healing therapy, and while I will miss many of our regular clients, I feel it may be time to take a leap of faith.

If we are really aligned, the support and needed resources will manifest.  Or so that is my belief.

If we remain, especially out of fear (of not having enough, not knowing where exactly we are going, and what exactly we are doing), then it could become an increasing struggle as the rents have continually gone up in this area, while our rates have remained very affordable.  

Something will have to give.  And, struggle = lack of flow = lack of alignment.  So, it's feeling more and more to me like taking the BIG LEAP is in order.

Any thoughts?  What dreams are you ready to go after?  

Sometimes we have to put a lot on the line, or give other things up in order to manifest what we really desire.  Part of the game of life.  But, this game is on a different playing field, and only available to those who break free from the matrix.  And first you must recognize that you are in the matrix, and part of your brain has been destroyed.

Hello, my name is Tracy, and I am a recovering, brain-dead matrix survivor.  Nice to meet you.  It feels good to awaken.  I feel like I've been asleep for a long time.

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