Why I Am Not Vegan ~ Pottenger's Cats & Nutritional Degeneration

It is no surprise to any of the readers of my blog that I quit being a vegan in 2017 as my health was suffering.  I tried my best to make what I previously believed to be a healthy, produce-rich, plant-based diet with more protein than most vegans consume to work.  I gave it my all, and more time than I ever should have, for it took Don and I that long to come to our senses, and snap out of our collective vegan daze and denial.

You can read more about it in my previous posts, including here, here, and here.

Since this all began, I, or we have become increasingly aware of just how rigged the 'system' is, and now see how we allowed ourselves to be duped in this current upside down world of the Kali Yuga.

We fell for the notion that it was only the cattle/beef, chicken, egg, and dairy industries that were the powerful lobbyists influencing the government and selling foods they knew were unhealthy.

Actually, it is the other way around.  It is the many manufacturers of processed foods that are the ones influencing the standard dietary advice and the food pyramid.  The powers that be are determined to continually reduce our consumption of and access to meat.

Ex Vegan Speaks Out ~ Greater Health & Alignment As A Carnivore

The sicker we all are, the less likely we are to resist being their willing slaves, and participating in their sick-care industry.

I have now come to see just how sick we all are, answering a near life-long curiosity.  When I first began to acknowledge my own health issues, I believed I was a minority.  Ha.  Very very very few among us is actually in really good, optimal, ideal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Reading through Pottenger's Cats recently has me realizing that we are all a living 'second, third, and fourth' generation experiment.

Pottenger raised cats.  He used them initially to test strength of glandular supplementation.  This was in the 40s, when there were not many options to test potency, other than to remove the adrenal gland of the animal, then give it the glandular to observe its recovery.

Noting that he had cats that were not dealing well with this process, he began to experiment with their food.  Well, it was by accident initially.  He was given meat in cooked form to use, but the supply ran low.  He ordered fresh raw meat from another source.  He then decided to compare results, giving one group of cats raw meat, and one group cooked meat.  They all received cod liver oil.

The raw meat group thrived, the cooked meat group got sicker and sicker generationally.

He ultimately tested many variations of raw meat, raw dairy, pasteurized dairy, condensed milk, etc..

The cats on cooked meat (and condense milk products, including pasteurized milk) degenerated  in nearly every way, from size, bone strength and shape, skull shape, dentition, fertility, energy, attitude, mood, and on and on.  The cooked meat pasteurized milk fed cats were infertile by the third generation.  Their bones were elongated, porous and weak.  It's painful to read how poor their health became eating actual food.  We are not talking a modern day dry food diet!

Interestingly, the male cats became more beta.  They lost interest in breeding, became passive, dull, and weak.  The females, by contrast, became super aggressive.  Sound familiar?

I am greatly summarizing all his findings, and highly encourage checking out this book.  It's a fast read, and upon finishing, you may have a lightbulb moment as you too realize we are being used as human test cats.

Looking around at the results, we see around us increased deterioration of our skeletal system, facial features, dentition, mental acuity, moods, energy, vitality, and overall health.  The young men are becoming more and more beta, the women, more and more aggressive, or emotionally disabled and psychotic.

Orthotropics Overview, Resetting My Jaw, Modern Melting Faces by Dr. Mike Mew

The Epitome of Vegan Malnourishment, part 1, by Sv3ridge

I may sound harsh.  But, while I do not meant to sound as I'm just slinging judgmental commentary, I really can see how our diet is impacting our mental/emotional health.  I know how I was effected by it!  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  My vision, my teeth, my mental clarity all suffered from a life of eating the wrong foods, despite thinking I was eating healthy!  I see it everywhere.

I see the impact of our diet playing out among every age group of clients we see at our clinic.  Diabetes, infertility, lots of pain, limited mobility, heart disease, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, allergies ~ nearly my own personal list of ailments ~ are the norm.

The one thing ALL have in common is reduced consumption of animal foods.  Many are attempting to be more conscientious and eat more fruits and vegetables, and those special super dark leafy greens.  I also believed these foods to be the pinnacle of healthy fare, but I realize I was wrong.

Before going on in what I can sense to be quite a blog vent session, I have  put up a couple videos that I recommend.  There are several other recommended videos in the description of my own, just published video ~ Ex Vegan Speaks Out ~ Greater Health & Alignment As A Carnivore! (above.)

Want To Go Vegan/Vegetarian? Watch This First, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride ~ A 1 hr.+
very informative, well-presented video lecture.

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