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The Next Step Towards Manifesting Our Dream? Following The Popcorn Trail

Following the Popcorn Trail Towards Our Dream In my last post , I shared a bit more of our dream to own a piece of land, and eventually become more self-sufficient.  I didn't mean to leave people hanging, as if anyone would be, however sometimes I just need to incubate.  Let life happen.  Pay attention to the signs ~ if any become clear ~ and wait.  Patiently wait.  Wait until something seems compelling enough to move me/us forward. Well, that something seems to have happened.  I'll explain what in a bit. I believe that a chain of events gets set in motion as a result of our making a committed declaration  to improving our lives.  The Grand Universe and Creator of synchronous events takes over handling the details.  All that was needed was for us to show up, and declare our intent. What follows will be a popcorn trail of inspired actions to take, simultaneous to intermittent emotional upheavals or obstacles (how much depends on how much inner work one has already do