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Change of Plans, Feeling Shaken, The C.O.R.E. Counseling System & Latest Reading

My Latest Change of Plans, Recent Emotions, & What The Osho Zen Deck Celtic Cross Spread Reveals The Osho Zen Tarot Deck is definitely my personal go-to deck when I am seeking answers.  This deck does not mince words, nor does it sugar coat the many antics of our mind.  After a chain of events or perhaps 'ah ha's' over the Memorial Day Weekend, On Sunday morning, I decided to CLOSE my new store, before it really got going.  On Monday evening, I had completely changed direction ~ probably the direction I should have gone all along. Why did I close Nature's Art & Soul, my online store?   Was I not being 'divinely guided' based on my rush of enthusiasm, as I envisioned my store being 'ground zero' for promoting the benefits of being connected to Nature, writing articles in the store blog?   What was it that caused me to ACT so decisively ~ and uncharacteristically ~ and feel 'so sure' in those moments of taking action