Why I Don't 'Hate Men' And Disagree With Feminism ~ Yin Yang Principles of Balance

Why I Used To, But Now Refuse To Hate Men!

As I said, I can't hold back any longer.  This man hating issue has me a bit worked up, so here are my two cents worth.  Spoiler alert, longer post.  It may take more than a few minutes to read.

I, too, had good reason to 'hate' men, if I so chose.  Actually, I did once 'hate men.'  Especially the 'white men in the ivory tower' as was perceived by most to be the bane of all our societal woes.  I see things differently now, and will explain here, and in future posts.

I am bringing up the topic of 'hating men' because of the article written by Suzanna Danuta Walters, editor of the Gender Studies Journal, professor of sociology and director of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Northeastern University, titled "Why Can't We Just Hate Men?" and published in the Washington Post.

Walters starts her article naming men recently accused of sexual abuse (Schneiderman and Weinstein), 'mansplaining,' rapes live-streamed on FB, and men's 'red pill' groups, then writes, "Seen in this indisputably true context, it seems logical to hate men."


Do you hate all apples because one in the bushel was rotten?  Okay, that one rotten apple can poison a few that it touches, but not necessarily all of them.  A few.

She continues:

"I've rankled at the "but we don't hate men" protestations of generations of would-be feminists and found the "men are not the problem, the system is" obfuscation too precious by half."  She sprinkles in some of these new terms, like "transnational feminists who decry such glib universalism to U.S. women of color who demand an intersectional perspective..."

What the f*@#?

Reading this makes my head scramble.  (Apparently, Stephan Molyneux's as well.)

Suddenly these terms are common place, but I am so far removed from University life, that my my mind just goes, "what???"  I'm reading lots of words, but I have no idea what the content is.  It's like double-speak to me.  Fluff.  If that.

Who are the "would-be feminists?"  The "transnational feminists?"  An "intersectional perspective?"

I am sure those who follow her rancor, and she herself, would probably fire back at my illiteracy, or having had my head in the sand for the last several decades.  I can certainly attempt to figure out the meaning behind her words, or who are the alleged members of these newly formed groups, many admitted just by proxy.  I just find interesting that many will read it and somehow know exactly whom or what she refers to.  They speak the same language.  It's just not my language.

Maybe I am dense.  But, I still live on Earth, and I have a completely different perspective.  I don't just immediately assume something to be "indisputable" or the "logical" foregone conclusion without looking at more than one side.  Or doing some research.  Or providing some data.  Something besides long, tongue-twister verbiage that sounds pretentious  and emotionally charged, rather than of much actual substance.

"These critics rightly insist on an analysis of male power as institutional, not narrowly personal or individual or biologically based in male bodies.  Growing movements to challenge masculinity built on domination and violence and to engage boys and men in feminism are both gratifying and necessary.  Please continue."

I see.  Except I don't.

First off, can we all begin to be more clear about just who are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes?  Must we continue to stereotype, judge, accuse, and lump 'all men' or 'all white men' into categories of guilt by association, based on totally presumptuous claims, and false narratives?  I don't see this constant mudslinging of one group blaming another for being oppressed and victimized productive.

Men are different biologically than women.  We are not meant to be the same. There are many men who failed their duties as fathers and husbands, or sons and brothers.  But there are plenty of women who have been equally negligent.  Women also abuse children.  They also abuse men!  Women are equally filled with faults.  This blaming, and getting everyone to change ~ to go against their Nature, is in itself to me an attack on the Divine Feminine, which is Nature herself.  That is how I see it.

Women evolutionarily speaking were attracted to men that were perceived as capable of  being able to provide for the family.  Women played the very important role of support.  Care of children and household.  We each had roles that suited our biology, and our Divine Nature.  This system worked.  Women have not forever been the material possessions of men.  I'm tired of this worn out belief.

In fact, I see women as powerful beings.  And I see feminism as continually speaking of women as eternal victims.  Well, we will be if we keep affirming this truth, because the subconscious mind hears the message over and over, until it believes it.  Entire narratives are spun that we all accept without question, and without pausing to ask ourselves as Byron Katie would, "Is this really true?  Can I be 100% certain that this is true?"

As I previously mentioned, I had my reasons to scorn men.  Beginning at home.

I had a very authoritarian father.  He didn't seem to care if he had children.  He was dishonest at times.  He was deceptive at times, always when it could be used to his advantage.

He traveled for his job.  He cheated on my mother while on buying trips.  With prostitutes.

He could manipulate numbers to suit his needs.  He was fired from more than one good job as a buyer (back in the days when there were more manufacturing jobs in the U.S.).  He was accused of stealing.

He drove my mother crazy by continually leaving his dirty socks and underwear all over.  He couldn't seem to manage getting his dirty laundry into the laundry basket, despite her requests to do so.

He drank every night.

I've been told by a teacher I had for massage, and decades later, for reflexology that I had been molested at a very young age.  It was insinuated that it was my father.  I have no idea if he ~ or anyone else ~ really did, or what they were picking up on.  If something happened, I blacked it out.  I don't think he really did anything 'wrong' however, he did have a creepiness about him at times.  Like a perversion.  He spoke of women to me while I was still an adolescent in weird ways.

To be fair, he could be very nice too.  We did fun things as a family, like ride bikes along the lakefront, and play card games.  He just had wounds from his own early life he never explored.  Nobody did back then.  Not really.  Well, there were those that fell for the Freudian crap implying that monogamy was a pathology.  The attempts to break up the family have been in the works for centuries.  But that is just an aside.

My father and mother had owned a tavern during my youth.  When my mother asked for a divorce, he 'cooked' the books to show how poor he was.  This helped him to avoid paying much in alimony or child support.  I of course registered this as not mattering to him.

He and I clashed.  A lot.

I tried to love him.  I clearly spent my life acting in ways that unbeknownst to me consciously was my search for feeling unconditionally loved, approved of, supported and valued.

In retrospect, while my dad was also very intelligent, so was I.  I excelled in school.  I skipped first grade.  I think he was jealous.  He had a poor relationship with his mother, who according to him was not supportive of him as she should have been.  He was the youngest, born during the Great Depression.

I found out recently that he ran away once when still a teenager.  He ended up in a bad situation, of which I do not know the details.  But he was raped.  He mentioned this to my mother once, and never again.  Shit just flows down hill.  That is unless we take the pain to break the chains, to heal ourselves, forgive, and therefore bring healing to the entire familial line.

While in high school, I dated a guy for three years.  WAY TOO LONG!!!

He was manipulating me quite a bit.  He coerced me into sex way before I was at all ready.  I regret spending these very painful years with him, further alienating myself from my other actual friends.  My mother worked nights, my sister was now away at college ~ as far away as possible without crossing the state line ~ and I was home alone.

And quite depressed.

When I ended the relationship, this guy freaked out.  Wow.  Wasn't expecting that!  Here I am, 16 dealing with this enormous burden of seemingly driving a knife into someone who was as I see now, borderline mentally disturbed.

After, I got a job, which was a good job.  I began to hang out with a guy from the work place.  He seemed very nice.  He lived in the suburbs.  Quite different than my life in the city.

One thing led to another.  He had me experimenting with drugs.  More external influences on my still quite vulnerable mind, still searching for approval, and therefore lacking appropriate boundaries.  Lacking the ability to speak my Truth, and walk away from those who disrespected it.  Lacking the power to say NO!  To cherish and protect my precious energy, sanctity, pride, and dignity.

When I ended that, he got angry too, I guess.  He broke into my family home, and stole the stereo which he helped me purchase.  He was an 'audiophile' as described at the time ~ into good quality stereo equipment.  His brother had a drum set said to have been given to him by the drummer of The Little River Band.

This went to court.  I was not allowed in.  But I heard how embarrassed and ashamed I would have been had I been present to hear what was being said.

The equipment was in his garage.  Yet investigators failed to look.  He won in court.  I lost.  I lost my reputation.  I lost the equipment.  I lost more trust.  I accumulated more pain.  Hurt.  Confusion.

In college, a guy I dated began to beat me up, and throw all my stuff around.  Prior to that, I was living with a couple other women.  One had a boyfriend that was around all the time.  He accused me of stealing, and put a big cable lock on their bedroom door.  I have no clue where that accusation came from, except that a couple antique items I began to collect as an investment, and my cherished patchwork, handmade (expensive) quilt were stolen.  Then the lock showed up.

Hmm.  Sound familiar?

Accuse THE OTHER of exactly WHAT YOU YOURSELF ARE DOING!  A common current tactic in media and world events.

Well, I had been dating that guy for a while.  He lived in a big old Victorian home with several guys.  One of them lived in the basement.  He was an odd sort.  He had a face full of pimples.  No surprise considering his diet. He drank Mountain Dew and ate Strawberry Shortcakes cereal in a precise cup and bowl every morning.  If that precise cup and bowl were not where they should be, he lost it.  Can you now imagine the brain damage?  He had a mentally imbalanced sister that was in an institution.  It ran in his family.  He was like an idiot savant.  He knew every single detail about baseball there was to know.


He was mocked all the time.  I was always nice to those who were made fun of by others.   I was a sucker for 'the underdog.'  (Another side effect of being infected with alien belief systems and values.)

I've since learned to tone down my care, although that is hard to do.  Hence why I refused to take the vow to do no harm, unless modified with "unless I or another are being harmed.  It is not inappropriate to defend one's self, and one's family.   A properly functioning immune system fights off would-be invaders.  Our skin is our 'wall' or first line of defense.  If we let in foreign bacteria, viruses, or entities, we will get sick.  These viruses will set up shop, and use us as a host, feeding off of our food, and good will.

This is Nature at work.  We don't have to even think about it, unless, of course, we become sick, and our immune system becomes compromised.  People with cancer and other dis-eases know that they must be extra vigilant to keep out foreign bacteria and other bad energy!

I also see this, metaphorically speaking, as an aspect of the Divine Masculine expression, or yang energy, as I will discuss more below.  In Chinese medicine, it is called Wei Qi ~  the energy that circulates around our outer layers, or within the skin that protects us from 'evil qi' or external pathogens.

It turns out, this creepy, pimple-faced, Strawberry Shortcake eating guy was sneaking peaks in the keyholes of his fellow roommates when they had girlfriends over.  Apparently he had been watching The Boston Strangler, based on a true story, and came up with an idea.  I ended up being in his version of The Boston Strangler.  He attacked me while I was living in that house with the boyfriend of a roommate who had it out for me.  He strangled me with a huge winter scarf (it did happen to be Friday, January 13), and held me up with a big hunters knife.

So, I moved into the attic in a house full of guys.

At one point,  the guy I was dating began to hit me and throw my things around.  That ended that relationship.  I was out of there.  I didn't stick around of course, but the fact that I even got to a point in my life where all this was happening, despite being "so smart", was weighing heavily on my mind and heart.

More 'reasons' to 'hate' white men.

I grew up watching All in the Family.  Archie Bunker became the epitome of a prejudice, angry 'white male.'

The government seemed filled with white men back in the 60s and 70s.  They became collectively considered "The White Men's Club."  I saw them as being the ones in charge, creating injustices everywhere.  Against women.  Against minorities.  Against the Natives.

They were ~ so it was believed ~ solely responsible for genocide, colonization, slavery, and even burning women at the steak, centuries earlier.

In a nutshell, I grew up hating men.  Especially white men.  I grew up hating men of my own race.  I saw them to be the source of all the evils in the world.

The media ~ movies, sitcoms, journal articles ~ also indicated that men always cheat.  They can't help it.  They need more sex than women want.  We are just objects to satisfy their desires.


I grew up KNOWING  in my heart of hearts that there was a particular man I was supposed to meet.  I so cherished a hidden fantasy of wanting a traditional marriage and family.  One in which the baggage would not be handed down.  Where children would be raised with appropriate care and support.  A loving mother and father, who also had a great relationship with each other.  I saw myself working from home to raise my own children, rather than send them off to be raised in daycare or nursery school.  And I was with a husband who would NEVER consider cheating.

I had this fantasy driving all my behaviors, wanting to meet this person, yet fearing it to be impossible.  "Men didn't want monogamous relationships" or so movies and sitcoms were now portraying.

Quite a conflict!

On one hand, in my mind, men were oppressors and abusers.  On the other hand, I so desired the love and protection I never got from my own father.  And that I so deeply desired to have as a life long partnership.

I did find my guy.  THANK GOD!!  I know those in the Twin Flame movement.  I know that I never felt whole or complete, despite my being okay with being on my own.  I felt the pull to meet my specific special ONE, despite many many many voices telling me that there are many potential partners.  There isn't just ONE.  That my desire was because I had a hole within me.  That I actually only craved union with God.

I knew without knowing (back since age 9 or so) that I was a twin flame.  I just had yet to hear about #twinflame yet.

I only wanted to fill a void?  Or connect with God?  F that.  I knew I was here to be with this person.  And thankfully, I was Right!  I waited, and we finally met.

Still under the influence of earlier beliefs?  I don't think we took a photo
of the men only at the wedding!

And over the last several years I have come to see this man issue quite differently.

First off, blaming all the world's woes on 'white men' is ridiculous.  It's a FALSE NARRATIVE!!!!

Every single bit of it.

There are white men that participated in wrong doings.  And there are men of every color that have as well.  And guess what else?


Women are the driving force behind many of the upside down world craziness we are experiencing.  They are the ones that corporations targeted their marketing on as they know women are more emotional.  They are more self-conscious, and concerned about health.  They will buy things to feel better about themselves more than men.  They act more impulsively, ruled more by emotions.

Case in point when women several decades back were convinced that industrial oils were more 'heart healthy' than the traditional fats they had used, and their grandmothers, and great grandmothers have used for centuries.  Since the explosion of these pro-inflammatory toxic oils, obesity, diabetes and other health issues have sharply risen.

I highly encourage registering for the free one month, and watching this in its entirety, along with 
the documentaries, and other presentations, especially by Dr. Ted Naiman about the role of insulin.

For those women who may think they are NOT ruled by their emotions, I would hazard to guess that not feeling may have been a strategy that started when young, as a coping mechanism when having too little resources.

The mind will subconsciously begin to FREEZE from feeling painful emotions.  It's part of the Fight, Flight, and Freeze cascade of events triggered with the release of adrenaline and other hormones when in danger, or our needs are not being met.

We numb our feelings as the pain of feeling is too hurtful.

To cry out for our mothers to hold us, feed us, or change us and have no response ~ over and over again as mothers were taught to ignore their child crying by the psycho-cologists of the day ~ a toddler or child will turn the faucet off.  The mind goes on lockdown to the actual feelings, which still move through us, but get crystalized as beliefs into the depths of our being for potentially decades to come if left unchecked.

Libby Copeland did a survey of 'bad advice' given to mothers from the 1700s through the mid-20th century.  In her article, The Worst Baby Advice Ever, she writes, "What stands out most in these books is the chiding tone espoused by the mostly male physicians writing them. From the 1700s until the mid-20th century, when Dr. Benjamin Spock advocated a gentler, instinct-based approach to parenting in The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, science was often positioned in opposition to motherly instinct, and mothers were repeatedly criticized for being “anxious, well-meaning, but ignorant...”

Here are some more gems on advice for child-rearing that influenced generations of women, and their children:

A Spoiled Baby Is a Socialist Baby 
Before Spock’s 1946 book, a strict approach dominated baby advice books. Experts advised mothers to keep infants on schedules for feeding and sleeping. Holding them just for the sake of it was considered a sure way to produce what a 1911 text termed a “little tyrant.” As the U.S. Department of Labor observed in an “Infant Care” pamphlet in 1929, “a baby should learn that such habitual crying will only cause his parents to ignore him.” 
Under the behaviorist thinking pioneered by psychologist John B. Watson and others, spoiling a baby was an immoral act that could forever curdle a child’s character. Watson advised parents “never” to “hug and kiss” their children.... 
As late as 1962, well after Spock’s kinder, gentler approach had become a staple of nightstands across the country, a Miami pediatrician named Walter W. Sackett Jr. came out with a book called Bringing Up Babies, in which he implied that parents who failed to impose strict schedules on their babies were downright unpatriotic. Absolutely no night feedings, he wrote, no matter how young the baby, nor how much it cried. “If we teach our offspring to expect everything to be provided on demand, we must admit the possibility that we are sowing the seeds of socialism,” Sackett warned, likening overindulgent parents to Hitler and Stalin.
Well, I see these references to being 'like Hitler' are not new.  They have been used as weapons since the second world war.  What is interesting, is that references to 'Stalin' are now left out.  

Well Stalin getting a hall pass seems a potential subject worthy of further exploration...

Back to the men.  

Yes, some have been a total menace to world peace.  But not always the one's we believe to blame are to be blamed, at least not without further understanding of ALL SIDES.  There is ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE SIDE TO EVERY STORY!!!

There are certain groups of men that have heavily influenced our reality.  The European white man stands among those most heavily accused for the atrocities of the last couple of centuries, and beyond.

This is such an enormous bundle of stuff to unpack that I will not begin this process here.  Suffice it to say, that for my own ability to reclaim my power, and speak MY TRUTH, I must begin to expose who I am.  And, in today's world, this is frightening.  I fear persecution and more attack, something I have barely healed from.

I've been feeling under attack my entire life.

Constant fighting at home.  Yelling.  Clashing.

Being bullied in grade school.

Being continually dismissed and disregarded.

All while being ultra introverted, empathic and sensitive.  This just means that I lacked the personal operating system that allowed me to shrug off the opinions of others.  Instead, I took it all in, quite deeply, and allowed it to poison me slowly, until I nearly let my light go out.

I hated men.

I hated aspects of myself if I were to be more honest.

There is a group of men (and a few women) that are controlling world events, and have nobody's interests but their own in mind.  They mean to make slaves of all of us, white, brown, or otherwise.  They admit this.  This is no secret.  And in many ways, we are all enslaved already, but believe we are free.  But, it is forbidden to be discussed, except amongst themselves and their own journals.  And, I do have total faith that this is changing.  This is the time of the Great Awakening.

Many have had their lives destroyed, or are imprisoned for questioning world events.  For calling out the sources of the true evil forces pulling the puppet strings.  Some have been assassinated.

There are many good men.  Many many men have risked and even lost their lives trying to ensure the freedom of future generations.  Many tried to come forward with the Truths they knew to be "indisputable" but were blocked or snuffed out in one way or another.

The worldview of Natural Law

The reason I will not acquiesce to feminism is because it is a fragmented, reductionistic perspective that lacks a greater understanding of Nature, and Natural Law.  I have a background in Oriental medicine.  I see everything from the perspective of holism, and yin yang theory.

The Divine Masculine archetype is the Light.  The White aspect of the taijitu, yin yang symbol. The role of the protector and creator who brings form to life.  The male archetype is the solar sun that shines the light of Truth onto the darkness.

The Dark Yin is the untapped potential. The void from which ALL LIFE  takes form.  We are co-creator.  The substance and fertile ground which the seeds can be planted.  The moist EARTH  which supports and sustains ALL LIFE.

The Divine Feminine archetype is the NURTURER of that life.  We also protect, like a mother bear.  We are less apt to take risks, and therefore can temper the natural risk-taking masculine energy.  Both are of equal value and importance.  But each quality is not equal.  Women can be strong, but do not have the genetic predisposition to muscular development as men do.  Or men used to anyways.

Women have other strengths men lack.  Our potential ability to nurture, soothe, soften and connect.  There are more, but hopefully the point is understood.  The 'masculine' and 'feminine' principles are equal in value.  Not always equal in values, physical traits, and mental/emotional capabilities.

Yin and Yang are mutually complementary forces.  NOT EQUAL.  NOT UNEQUAL.

Yin and yang, masculine and feminine each have their distinct characteristics that generate a propensity to certain activities for which they are best suited.

Women are natural caregivers.

Feminists are trying to dismantle the natural beauty and care of the Divine Feminine Role, seeing it in their minds as subservient.

I see it as a natural extension of who we are, as divined by Nature.  Mothers care for their young.  Simple as that.  If we want to continue to exist, than Nature dictates the rules of survival.

To deny this is to deny Nature.  To deny Nature is to deny the feminine principle.  Seems counter to the desire of the feminists, but what do I know?  I live according to Natural Laws, not man-made rules designed to control and manipulate.

To try to be like a man is to disrespect and disregard your own true power as a woman.

We will continue to be oppressed if we fail to see how we are contributing to the oppression by trying to silence the natural masculine expressions of protection (our wei qi), strength, and the solar rays and power of the Sun to also help foster growth, and illuminate the darkness.

We don't have the rape culture as described.  Much of this is #fakenews.  Yet we are letting in a culture that does support and encourage oppression women, including rape, especially of those not of their own.  Women are displacing their natural care for their own onto those other than their own, something quite counter to what is Natural.  Rather than nurture their own offspring, they use their natural care in very unnatural ways.  It is the Natural expression seeking to express, but through twisted ideologies and motivations.

Women are natural receptors.  We receive.  WE take in the life force, and can give birth to form, whether children or works of art.  Men offer the seed, or spark to that life.  Men naturally strive to protect their family ~ at least historically.  It is biologically hard-wired to desire to succeed, and have his genes and family line live on.

In fact, our pre-Christian Celtic and European men and women alike believed they themselves became their offspring.  We are a new form of our own ancestors.  WE are here because of how well they lived, and took care of their own.  Women were respected equal partners ~ contrary to the narratives we are taught.

You can want to change things, or live differently.  But you have no right nor ability to change the underlying wiring of the Divine Creator, and Nature herself.  Make your choices.  Then live in the bed you created, rather than try to convince all the world that what always worked through millennia was somehow wrong.

Make your own choices, but be brave enough to own them.  Stand proudly in your choice, but don't demand that everyone else respect or support your choice, because there will always be those that don't.  Accept that, and get over it.  Like I  continue to do.  Don't expect or demand special treatment, special privileges, special spaces, special pronouns, and special trophies.  Be a true man or women and simply own who you are.

And for God's sake, grow an immune system.  GET OVER THIS VICTIMHOOD CRAP!

I for one am tired of hiding.  Tired of fearing persecution.  The very persecution that is happening daily, whether from commenters on my Youtube channel who hate on me for changing my diet, or in the universities and in the media.

I will NOT be one to perpetuate the hatred of men, especially white men of my own race.

I will be one to acknowledge a natural biological and genetic in-group preference.

I will say that I have met men of all races that I have absolutely fallen in love with for the great heart and soul that I could 'see' and 'feel'.  Something about their humor, or relaxed approach.  Their rational insights.  The true care I saw they possessed.  Their gifts and talents.  And their rightful anger and outrage at those attacking what is theirs, including their families.  Their confidence, and lack of fear for being true to themselves, and their divine masculine expression.

And I have seen and met those that I found less agreeable.  I am aware of many men that I despise because of the hate they are fomenting among all of our individual races towards each other, for their nefarious reasons and ultimate gain.

I for one believe there is a balanced and an imbalanced ~  positive or negative pole ~ of every expression.

The Divine Feminine aspect is characterized by being more  perceptive, intuitive, and nurturing.  It is a more right brained, artistic, multi-faceted, multitasking skill set, designed to be connected to our offspring, and carry the imprint of NATURE and all that is of beauty.

The Divine Masculine is more left-brained oriented.  Thank God.  We need those who operate more from logic.  WE need the testosterone!  WE have plenty of estrogen.  Women who love to take up the banner and shout all their anger and hatred for all the world to hear.

Feminists are tearing apart the sexes.  They ~ with our processed plant-based diets ~ are de-masulinating men, while women become more aggressive.  Just like Pottenger's Cats.

Unless we can see that within each of us is a particular and unique blend of both the feminine and the masculine, the light and the dark, the caregiver, and the aspect that allows us to know when to shut off our care, than we will fail to heal the growing divide.

This divide is causing men to no longer be men.  And for women to act as if they can be both, while shutting down to their true care, and true feminine strength, power and beauty.

I have lived too long in beta mode myself.  Especially while vegan.  I must now in my personal evolution learn to speak my Truth, as if my life depended upon it.  Because it does.

I stand with good men everywhere.  I give thanks to all you have done and created that is part of our 'civilization' and that provides us the level of comforts we all enjoy.  I am grateful for your ingenuity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, and hard work.

Perhaps we enjoy too much comfort, but that is another story.

I give thanks for taking the risks. For the protection.  For helping me reclaim my power, and realize that it was never so much stolen, as I gave it away.

I understand that those who hold the pen and the camera have painted less than flattering portrayals of many men, especially white men, that I no longer buy.  I have long since unplugged from these hypnotic sources of mental mind-fucking that has the masses hooked and enslaved to.

I honor all the mothers of the world.  I honor the caregivers, for it is a challenge to live in our world.  Women raise children.  Then they take care of their parents.  It's endless.  I honor those who embraced their roles gladly, knowing it was in service to their own family, and the  Creator of all life.

I respect the right for all to choose their own path.

But I no longer glorify this path of developing a career as a women.  I was sold that crap when growing up.  I made myself believe that I had the ambition to be successful.  In truth, I wanted to be loved, and to share my love with a family that I never ended up having.

BE yourself.  But quit whining.  Quit playing victim.  It's disempowering.  It's also ugly.  It's manipulative.  It's not cooperative.  It's not helping heal the divide.

That is my opinion.  It is only my opinion.

I am prepared to take the heat that may follow, now or in the future as I finally spill out the contents I've kept hidden for too long.  It's causing me unnecessary anxiety, and preventing me from realizing my own potential.  I can no longer self-censor for fear of the opinions and persecutions of others.  I can no longer let this PC upside down world hold power of my own voice.

We don't hear much about the horrifyingly high rates of sex trafficking, and pedophilia, of which girls and boys are equally targeted.  And women are participating in these egregious acts.  Or letting them happen without protection.

We don't hear so much about the high rate of suicides, especially among young white males.  We don't hear about how they are being shamed and ridiculed,  and essentially talked out of being male.

We don't hear about how many of the baby boomer generation now lives alone.  How many are women.  How they struggle to avoid feeling lonely.  I hear about it from my clients.  According to this census report:

 consequently, while most elderly men are married, most elderly women are not. In 1993, noninstitutionalized elderly men were nearly twice as likely as their female counterparts to be married and living with their spouse (75 percent versus 41 percent). Elderly women, on the other hand, were more than three times as likely as elderly men to be widowed (48 percent versus 14 percent). The remaining men and women were either separated, divorced, had never married, or had absent spouses. Thus, while most elderly men have a spouse for assistance, especially when health fails, most elderly women do not. 
Many elderly live alone.  Another consequence of the relative scarcity of elderly men is the fact that elderly women were much more likely than men to live alone. So much more likely, in fact, that 8 in 10 noninstitutionalized elderly who lived alone in 1993 were women. Among both sexes, the likelihood of living alone increased with age. For women, it rose from 32 percent for 65- to 74-year-olds to 57 percent for those aged 85 years or more; for men, the corresponding proportions were 13 percent and 29 percent. 

Many women have turned against marriage and family life.  Some of today's feminists complain about any type of household chores, as if these duties of daily living are a sign of being in servitude to men.  I find keeping the home organized an important part of our lives.  A spiritual practice.

Everything is connected.  We all need to take care of ourselves, including our homes.  Do it with joy rather than seeing it as 'women's work' that is detested.  You choose your perspective.  You can suffer through necessary daily routines, or not.  You can avoid doing them, and live in chaos and filth if you like as another alternative.  See how that makes you feel.

Some women may hate the notion of being in a traditional monogamous relationship, and staying home to raise children, but don't assume that is how all women feel.

Stop speaking  for all women.  Before the men begin to write articles titled, "Why Can't We Just Hate Women"  And I wouldn't blame them!

The change begins with you.  NOT screaming for 'big daddy' to pass more laws to control the behaviors and beliefs of others.  Do you not see the irony in this?

From When Tolerance Becomes Hate - Image Blindness and Cognitive Dissonance | Women's March,  Sharia Law vs. Feminism, Soros and Linda Sarsour - Stillness in the Storm:

"In other words—and I mean this with all due respect to my fellow human beings and spiritual brothers and sisters—the radical left, on the one hand, promote tolerance, fairness, an end to prejudice, racism, and bigotry. But in executing their agenda, they use hate, prejudice, bigotry, and racism—although this isn’t apparent to the vast majority of proponents or the sleeping masses. The hypocrisy pouring out of this emerging movement is palpable for anyone who has the capacity to think critically and discern reality first hand."

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