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The Lioness Roars & The Wolf Bites ~ A Poem About Reclaiming YOUR Might

May this poem help you call back your power, accept your whole  Self ~ the 'dark' and the light ~ and be prey no more to the internal and external voices that cast doubt on Who You Are. Be whole. Be Proud. Be Fierce. Be in Strength. Be One Unified Sovereign Being. Photo courtesy of I Am Who I Am I am the Light I am the Spark I am the Candle that lights up  the Dark I trust and follow my Heart and my Soul Illuminating my Divine Goals Guided by Truth, my sword doth protect me Living honestly, humbly and reverently Willing to slice through life's many deceptions Clearing delusions, falsehoods & misconceptions I am a Snake, I slither and coil Your greatest plans I can certainly foil I will tempt, cajole and cause you to doubt Your own Truth and Trust in what you're about I Am the Deer, gentle and kind to those who earn my respect and my time Tho taught to extend goodness to all and sunder T