How To Know If You Have Been Psychically Attacked, and How To Protect Yourself

In this post, I want to discuss psychic attacks.  We have probably all experienced at least one, at some point in our lives.  Some may be more sensitive and aware of being attacked, while others may have experienced symptoms, but considered other sources as the cause.

At one point in my life, I did not play into the dark versus the light notion, however, that has long since changed.  I have personally experienced many psychic attacks, and I have helped clients clear negative entities.  This is a potentially very real problem, especially when people are unaware and caught off guard.

What Does a Psychic Attack  Feel Like?

Psychic attacks can come in many forms.  I do not proclaim to be an expert at all, but I can speak from my own personal experiences.  I sought out the help of a well-seasoned practitioner recently who also helped me to better understand how or why we get attacked.

From my perspective, everything is a form of energy.  Our thoughts have energy.  We all know how different it feels to be among people who love and support us unconditionally, versus when we are at the receiving end of negative scorn, harsh criticism, or when in places that just have a bad vibe.

The power of prayer (1), (2) conducted even at a distance has been found to have a positive impact on helping patients, and the energy of our hearts and our brains has also been measured.  One can do simple muscle testing to determine how the muscles respond to negative thoughts, versus positive.  Typically, the muscle goes weak in response to negative thoughts, and remains strong when focusing positive and loving energy towards the person.

I think this is just logical.  It just does not feel good at some level to have negative thoughts coming your way.  And when they do, that is a potential 'poison arrow' or psychic attack.  How much you are effected by it is dependent on how strong your energetic boundaries are.

If someone is secretly jealous of you, they may be unwittingly attacking you.  They have an unhealed part that has a knee-jerk response to take someone perceived of as more popular, more successful, prettier, or whatever down to their level.  Nobody wants to admit that they feel this way, and sometimes people hardly acknowledge this goes on at a subconscious level.

There are other reasons people attack, whether wittingly, or unwittingly.  Some people have a possession.  The entity occupies their energy field, and can influence their thoughts and behaviors.  I do believe that people who are ultra sensitive, and/or very awake and aware, or are working to dispel 'darkness' and share 'Truths' may be under attack as the dark forces seek to subvert those here to make a positive contribution.  Just my opinion, but I know many others agree, and have also been feeling attacked on a more continual basis in recent years.  Even if this is just metaphorical, it is worth being mindful, and conscious about how one lives and operates.

People who are always going out to bars, or whom are either taking a lot of recreational drugs, or even pharmaceuticals, and/or anyone who is participating in degenerate behaviors, or hanging out in dark/seedy places, and those who are very depressed, manic, or bi-polar will be more susceptible to attacks, walk-ins, possessions, etc.

Even those who are mindlessly watching television all day could be unwitting hosts of subversive programming, which is a form of attack!

When you receive a psychic attack, it can be felt in different areas of the body, depending on the issue, and other factors.

When attacked, you may experience:

Sudden onset symptoms that seem out of the blue
Digestive upset
Very low motivation, especially when it's atypical for you
Sudden change to a low, depressed mood
Chest tightness
Neck pain
Feelings of being held back, or 'not like yourself'
Sudden use of harsh language

There could be other symptoms not listed.  And having a sudden onset of a stomach ache, or head ache is not in itself automatically the result of being psychically attacked.  This is of course not intended to be a diagnosis!  These are just potential symptoms to look out for.

I have had each of these symptoms come on at different times.  It just took me a long time to finally connect the dots that it wasn't me, or my eating something wrong.  I was being attacked.

Some people have entities.  This may show up as a voice in the head, or other symptoms, beyond what I listed, including:

Feeling taken over
Feeling heavy
Strong desires to drink or do drugs, or engage in other illicit behaviors
Being given instructions to do something that you know in your heart is wrong
Ongoing negative or dark thoughts

How To Determine if Someone You Know and Trusted Is Actually Psychically Attacking You:

If you feel more angry, frustrated, or insecure after being in their presence
If they are always responding with dismissive comments, or seemingly benign critiques of you, or what you are creating, without sharing much positive words of encouragement
If you feel or sense a loss of power, or sudden change in your own mood in their presence
If you suddenly experience any of the above symptoms when around the person

How To Protect Yourself

First and foremost, take care of your health!  Being in good health will keep your immune system strong, which will help you stay strong energetically as well!  The best offense is a strong defense.

Secondly, spend regular time outdoors, grounding.  Nature provides bountiful healing energy, especially when you are barefoot on wet sand, grass, or dirt.  The more grounded you are, the less flighty you will feel.  Get early or later evening sun exposure too!

Third, make it a practice to tune into your inner senses.  Check in with how you are feeling before seeing the person, and after.  Are there any changes?  The main thing to pay attention to is patterns.  A sudden change one time could be non-related.  But if you notice it each time, that is another story.

Pay attention to your inner feelings, sense of smell, and any intuitions, or physical sensations you notice.  If you feel upbeat, and inspired or happy in their presence, great.  You have a good friend you can trust!  If you tend to feel more insecure, moody, angry, tense, or tightness anywhere, or even if you happen to notice a foul smell that you were previously unaware of while in their presence, take note!

If you feel genuinely supported great.  If you are not sure if you are being supported, or if you are unclear about the other person's intentions and agendas, use caution when in their presence!

If attacked:

Take a salt bath.  Get the salt crystals that come in the 40 pound bags for about $5.  Add one pound of the salt crystals (not the pellets) to your bath, along with one pound of baking soda.  Add any essential oils you like, and even Willow or Crab Apple Bach Flower Essences.

Burn a smudge stick all around yourself and your dwelling places.

Burn salt.  Use a heat-proof container.  Place on a wood cutting board or safe surface.

Get outside!  Go barefoot and get grounded!

Ask for help from your own Higher Self, and/or angels, archangels, guides, God, whatever feels comfortable and natural for you of a higher power source.  Many call on Archangels Michael, Raphael, and/or Ariel to help clear, purify and restore harmony.  I also like to call on animal guides, and even to lie on my floor, or directly on the Earth and ask for all 'non-essential and non-beneficial' energies to be cleared from your entire Being and surrounding energy field.

In lieu of calling on higher beings, imagine being under a beautiful blue waterfall of light, and sense, feel, or imagine any unwanted energies washing away.  Fill yourself up afterwards with a white, silver, and/or gold light, green light, or whatever feels appropriate for you.

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