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Children NEED Their Fathers, And We NEED To Forgive Them!

Forgiving Our Parents - Part 1: What's Missing?  The Impact of Fatherless Homes on Children In my previous post , I started to explain the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from the emotional baggage and attachments that will otherwise keep us bound to whomever may have ~ wittingly or unwittingly ~ caused us harm. Many otherwise well intended mothers and fathers may be unwittingly creating unfavorable conditions for raising children, preventing them from evolving into emotionally stable, healthy, successful adults. Over the years of being a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic CORE Counselor , I have listened to many clients recount stories from their upbringing that were ~ if as reported ~ way less than ideal, and in some cases, the stories of abuse were quite shocking. While it may be easy to point out wrongdoing among parents who are abusive, there are many other ways children are getting off to a rough start. I will continue to discuss this in an ongoing

Find Freedom Through Forgiveness

Forgiving Forgiving others for perceived wrongs is a practice that can set you free, however, it is a process that is not always understood.  Some people believe that to forgive someone is to let them off the hook, or somehow give the impression that the hurtful acts were 'ok.' People can carry around their pain for years. To forgive can seem like giving up a part of oneself. Even if that part is a massive wound negatively impacting the psyche, it is a part. Letting it go through forgiveness would feel like a loss. If we don't have our pain, or the story of our pain, what is left?  In this regard, whether realized or not, not forgiving can have a payoff.  It can feel empowering being able to hold something over someone ~ possibly for a lifetime!  This is seen in relationships. The one who feels victimized will guilt-trip their spouse or other person who they perceived to have wronged them to do things they may not want. This is not healthy, yet it happens al

Be Still And Know ~ Thoughts Are Lies

I never used to understand the Christian perspective of 'sin,' however, as I see it, sin is all that we do that is anti-logos. Anti-Nature. Against God!  Setting aside semantics, our lower ego and physical senses are not under the dominion of God. Our thoughts and senses are the potential entry way to 'the devil' or 'satan.' You could say that all thoughts are of the devil, or the great deceiver. At least  that's how Jesse Lee Peterson explains it in his Silent Prayer, below. Any thoughts, insecurities, self-doubts, self negating habits, or any way in which we think and act that is counter to God, or Logos ~ the Divine Order ~  is a sin! As Jesse Lee says, you can't listen to your thoughts. Our thoughts are not from us . We just are programmed to think they are. Sin means without. Without light. Whether you call it a Spirit, possession, the devil, satan, or the lower ego, the net result is damaging to and negating of the True Self. We are a