Be Still And Know ~ Thoughts Are Lies

I never used to understand the Christian perspective of 'sin,' however, as I see it, sin is all that we do that is anti-logos. Anti-Nature. Against God!  Setting aside semantics, our lower ego and physical senses are not under the dominion of God. Our thoughts and senses are the potential entry way to 'the devil' or 'satan.' You could say that all thoughts are of the devil, or the great deceiver. At least  that's how Jesse Lee Peterson explains it in his Silent Prayer, below.

Any thoughts, insecurities, self-doubts, self negating habits, or any way in which we think and act that is counter to God, or Logos ~ the Divine Order ~  is a sin!

As Jesse Lee says, you can't listen to your thoughts. Our thoughts are not from us. We just are programmed to think they are.

Sin means without. Without light. Whether you call it a Spirit, possession, the devil, satan, or the lower ego, the net result is damaging to and negating of the True Self. We are a spiritual being, and the Divine Light of Truth dwells within. We have to learn to listen to it. To trust and be guided by that which seeks expression through us. "Thy Will not my will."

By taking time daily to become still, and just observe the activity of the mind dispassionately, we can begin to awaken, and know thyself.  We can allow the Divine Will for our lives to unfold organically.

Be still to know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!  Forgiveness will too! Learn more about forgiveness, next post!

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