Disbelieve ALL Thoughts ~ The Ego Is An Inferior Operating System

The Ego/Intellect is an Inferior Guidance System!

Are you being influenced by Satan's Operating System (SOS) or the Divine Operating System (DOS) which is God's Will?

If you are a kind, generous person, who always tries to help those in need, give to the poor, and 'do good things' for others, you likely believe you are being guided by your DOS. However, many things we have been taught to believe are virtuous may not be what is Right!  I know, sounds crazy, doesn't it?

I believed being compassionate and helping others was a virtue for much of my life.  By saying that, I'm not condoning being mean, or never helping others, so don't jump to conclusions if you did!

In fact, jumping to conclusions, fretting about the past, worrying about the future, constantly judging yourself and others, reacting emotionally when triggered, having anger or hate towards others who do not agree with your points of view, being a victim, or holding resentments  are hallmarks of succumbing to SOS!

Thinking you are in control of your life ~ believing your intellect is superior to the capabilities of your omnipotent, omniscient Creator ~ is another sign that SOS is running the show.

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We are under the influence of SOS when we go against ourselves.  Most of us are unwittingly operating under SOS rather than our DOS most of the time, which is the subject of my upcoming book, The Golden Compass.

Why do we go against ourselves?

Because we believe our thoughts, and all thoughts are lies!

As Peterson suggests in the video below, test it for yourself. Don't believe me. And don't believe ANY of your own thoughts for one week, and see what happens!

Every time the voice in your head tells you to do, or not do something, or how you shouldn't or can't or whatever it may be, doubt it.

As an example, my mom often misplaces things. She will immediately assume someone took it. Of course, that someone is often me.

This may be a symptom of dementia, but be honest with yourself. How often have you automatically assumed worse case scenarios? How often do you project your shortcomings onto others? How often do you get angry at others who you deem/judge unworthy, because they don't share your political views, or dietary ideologies? Or, how often did you prejudge what you believe others were thinking about you? How often do you judge your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, and those of others?

The voice in our head fills us with fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety, hence we want to disbelieve every thought.

We are all being influenced by SOS. It really is a spiritual battle!  The way to overcome is to observe, as explained in the video.

God knows our gifts, temperament, and abilities.  He has a Divine Plan for each of us, however, we have to allow Him to illuminate our life! When we do, all is added unto us, seemingly without effort. Things begin to unfold, as if by magic, in far more amazing and elegant ways than we ourselves could have ever have conjured or conceived! 

Overcoming anger and resentment will free your mind and heart, and help you regain your courage, clarity, and confidence. No matter what arises, you can respond appropriately in the moment, without attachment.

Can you even imagine how liberating it is to have lasting peace? People pay a lot of money to 'heal' trying all manner of diets and therapies, when what they most lack is true and abiding peace.  Usually because they are still carrying around the traumas of their upbringing.

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