How Forgiveness Cleanses Your Mind & Emotions! My Testimony (As Per Jesse Lee Peterson's Teaching)

What Has Changed Since I Forgave My Mother?

I mentioned here that during a recent visit to Chicago, a discussion between my mom and I opened the door for me to do as Jesse Lee Peterson suggests ~ forgive her.  This was on the heels of my awakening experience six or seven months earlier.  In this post, I will describe the changes I've noticed as a result of forgiving my parents, especially my mother most recently, and why I am excited to share my experiences with others.

Click here to learn how forgiveness can set us free, and click here to learn how to forgive, and for  links to the entire Forgiveness Series. Watch my video discussing forgiveness, and my experience, below.

The main reason I feel inspired, or compelled to share this Forgiveness Series, is because it has been a profoundly transformative, eye opening, amazing experience. I encourage you to check in, and decide if you believe this could benefit you as well.

This delicious cocoa cookie was artfully crated with love by Ashley, Simply-Made in Payson, AZ

After years of searching, studying, getting certified in various holistic healing fields, and 'believing' in many varied systems or spiritual teachings, including New Age/metaphysical teachings like the  Laws of Manifestation and Attraction, and Zen Buddhist meditation practices, nothing has been as liberating and transformative as forgiving my parents.

While in a fallen state, I would get hooked into this and that ~ this book, that class, this teacher, that certification, this meditation retreat, etc. This is pretty common judging by the amount of money people are pouring into the many speaking events and (so-called) healing retreats by the health gurus or 'experts.'  It's a cash cow industry, and all kinds of people want in. Women especially seem to get addicted to going to these seminars, and trying all the latest holistic practices.

I may have gleaned bits and pieces of enlightening information from all of it, yet I was always left thirsting for more. I searched for the teaching or methods that could 'finally' help me heal, and overcome my debilitating emotions to live a productive, peaceful, satisfying life. I searched for answers, which I now see I would never find from these external sources.

By contrast, I noticed that once I forgave my parents, all the other stuff seemed irrelevant.  Not one of these other teachings or practices helped me fully transform my life.

What I have observed is that many people begin to parrot the teachings, as I had, and become the next wave of 'teachers' ~ whether on YouTube or elsewhere ~ creating a new following of people.  This isn't wrong or bad, it's just a passing on of teachings that may not actually be helping people really transform their lives. Rather, these systems keep you hooked. They keep you coming back for more ~ more special meditations, special healing seminars, retreats, etc., hoping that at some point everything will fall into place as promised by the various teachers of all these movements.

Taken from the car, en route to Payson, AZ

It is because of how much time, money, and energy I put into trying to overcome my own debilitating emotions and highly sensitive nature that I feel so passionate about helping others liberate themselves!   I know how much of a drag it was on my life. Despite all 'good intentions' to be in my Right Alignment, I could never quite get there. I made progress, yet the changes I experienced after forgiving my parents were instantaneous! Supernatural. Like a miracle!

I know that those of you who go and forgive your mother and father will not regret it. It truly is a rebirthing from who we were in the fallen state, to who we are meant to BE ~ as sons and daughters of God.

I can testify so far, that letting God illuminate my path is FAR more effortless!  Now that I have gotten out of my own way, life is an adventure again. I look forward to witnessing how it continues to unfold ~ guided by my golden compass within!

Many others have had similarly freeing and transformative results after forgiving their parents, especially their mother.  It's clear by the many testimonials of men and women from around the world to Jesse Lee Peterson's live call-in show.  (You can listen to mine, here, at about 1:16:20)

Peterson is truly helping people from all around the world to transform their lives to become the man or woman they were meant to be. I thank God (and Jesse, and his experts) for that!

Here is an overview of what has changed for me since forgiving my mom:

  • Immediately, the veils dropped, and I began to see things very clearly (see below)
  • I felt more free, like some cords of attachment between us were released
  • All my own emotions seem to have evaporated (see below)
  • I have no anger, regret, or remorse at all
  • I feel very present each day, going with what is in front of me, moment by moment (see below)
  • I have an overwhelming sense of genuine love for all, especially and including an unbelievable love for God, my own father, and men in general!
  • I feel more mentally clear and sharp
  • I feel a great sense of inner joy
  • I am at peace
  • I am finally following my Golden Compass, allowing God to illuminate my life
  • I understand how I was (unwittingly) playing God, despite what I believed to be good intentions, wanting to help or fix others
  • I am able to better observe, rather than participate in my thoughts, which are from Satan
  • I feel shielded by some invisible energetic force field
  • I understand that no one can help themselves, as we are all in a fallen state 
  • My sense of spontaneity and adventure has returned

Sunrise, also taken from the car, en route to Payson, AZ

The Veils Dropped

Peterson is always saying that the spirit of woman is evil, and now I see he is right.  Whether we like it or not, or will admit it or not, Satan is our daddy, and we have big egos!  It's not us, per say, but the spirit that takes over us ~ through our egos!  None of our parents were perfect. But we can become perfect by following Peterson's advice.

I love my mother, yet I can see all the times when she would play victim, go into denial, and use self pity to manipulate others for attention. She was always very quick to judge others, or judge my choices and actions. She can also be quick to dismiss things that she doesn't want to look at or take the time to deal with. Patience is not her virtue!

There are many more things I noticed, but will just say that rather than being affected by her emotions, her frustration, or other emotional manipulations, I just observed it with fascination. I was no longer her child. Once I forgave her, I was finally able to relate to her as a peer. Or, more accurately, her parent.

My Emotions Evaporated

This is a miracle.  I was an emotional person my entire life. I struggled with insecurities, regrets, and other challenges that took a long time to overcome. The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan was written as a MAP to overcome our debilitating emotions and mindsets that inhibit our ability to accomplish our goals.

I outline several effective tools I learned through becoming certified as a Holistic CORE Counselor.  I had made incredible progress on my own using those tools, yet, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced after forgiving my mother. I literally felt like all those emotions were whisked away. Poof, gone!

It's amazing, liberating, and still a little strange, as it's a totally new way of operating, for me!

I wrote The Strong Spirit 10-Step Plan as a MAP to get from Point A, to Point B. I am now writing about the next step ~ how to live your most illuminated life by trusting your Divine Operating System (DOS) in my upcoming book, The Golden Compass. This time, it's a guide to getting to Point BE, by letting go to let God guide your life!

I'm More Present Moment Centered

  • The weight of whatever I once carried of remorse, regrets, or anything from my past is no longer part of my reality. I live in a more present-focused state of awareness. This allows me to be more mentally clear, sharp, and observant too.  I work on what comes to me to work on, and take breaks when that feels right. 
  • If I get antsy, I move about. If I feel like reading, I actually read. I am enjoying more leisure, and seemingly getting more done.
  • I no longer make lists each day to remember what I have in mind to do, as what really needs my attention gets impressed upon me, and I just do it.
  • I actually am remaining quite focused, while feeling like I didn't actually do anything at the end of the day. I mean, like it took no effort on my part. It's amazing! No to do lists? Yes! Wow! I still take notes if needed. Nothing wrong with making lists, it's just that I suddenly don't feel the need to. 
  • I am doing what I believe God desires for me to do. This is what it is like to follow your Golden Compass, which I discuss in my upcoming book. It really feels as though I am just a vehicle for which God is expressing His desire and Will for me, through me, as me, yet it's really all Him.

As Peterson often says, "Of ourselves we can do nothing; On our own we can do nothing." 

I've spent enough time, energy, and resources trying to implement my will, and follow the advice of my parents, teachers, and others who parroted standard advice. I've plugged into so many various teachings and groups. And, while all that put me on a path, it was never a direct route to living an illuminated life ~ illuminated by God's Light, Love & Truth.

I've never known such consistent peace. Yes, it's still a new experience, however, it feels different. Like I can't access those old emotions if I tried!

I often believed I was on the right path, doing the right things, and accomplishing whatever I accomplished from my own hard work. I now see very clearly how Satan has been my daddy through my life, as I lived in a fallen state. I believed I had good intentions, yet even our intentions can be sourced in deceptions.  Our intentions simply mirror our beliefs, which are crystalized while in a fallen state.

I believe many of us experience internal  conflict because we have a deep inner yearning for God, and what we are being called to do, yet we (unwittingly) go against ourselves.  God's hand may be reaching out, yet we inadvertently follow Satan's lies. We are convinced we made the 'right' choice.
We believe we are eating the best diet, being kind and compassionate, and doing all the right things, yet all this can be deceiving. 

As Peterson continually repeats, We can't love God if we don't love our earthly father. Once we forgive, God forgives us. He removes our anger and emotions which are part of the women's spirit. The spirit of women is ruled by Satan, until we return to the divine order. I believe it, and I'm experiencing it.  We do things we can't help while in the fallen state.

With God lighting the way, Right versus Wrong is very clear. There is no desire to 'sin' or do what is wrong. Viewing life from this lens helps one to be more discerning versus judgmental.  God reveals to us the Truth. We are meant to be guided from within, not from the teachings of so-called experts.

I asked God to reveal to me the truth of who I am. And, immediately, I was shown through an exchange with a family member. Upon reflection, I was able to see more clearly the ways in which my ego, or Satan, was controlling me, and how that had been influencing my behaviors. It was a great learning experience, for which I am very grateful, despite the rift it caused.  I'll discuss this more in the next post.

I discuss why the forgiveness process is so beneficial and healing, and my own experiences forgiving others in the video below.

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