Why We Need To Forgive Our Mother, Part 1

The Forgiveness Series Continues ~ Why We Need To Forgive Our Mother, Part1

I always felt a close bond between my mother and myself. Contrarily,  as I've previously written, I did not feel that way with my father. Through hindsight, I see how much that deep yearning to feel loved, accepted, and valued by my father left a void in my life. I made decisions ~ often acquiescing against my inner knowing ~ because I lacked a proper guidance system. I was subconsciously motivated by my emotional wounds, unwittingly seeking father's love ~ in all the wrong places. I craved the practicality and rationale of a father to guide me, especially as I was often  blinded by my emotions, or wounded parts. But this post is not about my father.

This will be the first post in which I discuss why we need to forgive our mother, as part my forgiveness series focusing on forgiveness, and the importance of raising children in households with their biological father actively present in their lives.  Read HOW EVERYTHING CHANGED, once I forgave her, here.

As Jesse Lee Peterson (JLP) repeats over and over in his morning radio show, we must forgive our mother, and return to our father if we are to ever overcome our anger and resentments, and experience lasting peace.  According to JLP, when we forgive our parents, God will forgive us. Then, once we do this, we are 'born again.' He renews our mind, and removes our anger, and with that all the emotions which are not part of our natural state.

Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, hate, and resentment are all the offspring of anger.

We become illuminated from within ~ a topic for which I am very passionate, and am writing more about in my upcoming book, The Golden Compass.

Once we forgive our parents, the next step is to practice the Silent Prayer every morning and evening. While doing so, we can ask God to reveal to us who we really are, which is not as pretty as we'd like to believe! I will discuss this more in a follow up post, as I believe this process is incredibly liberating, once we can overcome our ego's knee jerk reactions to disbelieve, and even condemn it all. As Peterson says, and I concur, I am a living witness to the effectiveness of this process ~ which is something I will continue to expound upon here, and in The Golden Compass.

The Silent Prayer, or silent meditation allows us to 1) observe, rather than participate in our thoughts, and 2) learn to really listen to God by staying focused in the present moment.  We are not our thoughts. All thoughts are lies, as previously written, here.

By forgiving our mother we can return to our father, who is the vessel for which true love comes through. It comes into man when we are in divine order, which Peterson explains is God in Christ, Christ in Man, Man over Woman, Woman over children ~ as expressed in the Bible. This isn't about whether I agree or not; I am not God, and didn't create this order. I am just coming to see how this order works.

I may have questioned this at one point in my life, however, it totally makes sense to me now. I am hoping to explain through this series of blog posts how women are being completely misled, sadly to our own peril, and that of those in our care. Women are allegedly experiencing greater freedoms than ever, yet they are also taking more anti-depressant medications than ever before.

The more I began to listen to Peterson's live call-in show, the more clear it was that the majority of callers, both men and women, believe their mother was more of a saint, while the father was the source of their anger or resentment ~ he was an 'alcoholic' or 'he left' or 'he was no good' is what children learn from their mother ~ without hearing their father's side of the story. Kids don't think to ask their father his side of the story.

During a recent month-long visit with my mom, I listened to many of the videos in Peterson's Go and Forgive Your Mother playlist.  It's very interesting to hear everyone's testimonies. While in Chicago,   I forgave my mom.  It was an AMAZING and eye opening experience!

I had already had the supernatural experience of all my old shame and regrets being lifted off of me, which I described here. This time, it was really like the veils dropped. I was seeing things so clearly, like a knowing, as many events and past experiences unraveled in my mind. All this was coupled with observations of behaviors of my mom, and those I also inherited that really helped me know without a doubt that what Peterson says about women is true. That until we forgive our mother, and return to our father, Satan IS our daddy, or as I say, our operating system, or SOS!

Women really do have huge egos, and we are being manipulated into believing we are oppressed victims of a patriarch. This is a lie, and it's deliberate. It's part of a bigger plan to destroy the traditional family. Strong families create strong communities, and strong nations ~ the primary source of resistance to power hungry 'leaders' who prefer a more dumbed down, emotional, weak populace which is easier to control.

In my follow-up post, I share what has changed (is changing) for me since I forgave my mother. I also look into how femin-'ism' is a destructive force like a virus of the mind that prevents us from overcoming our anger, anxiety, and other destructive emotions, and experience true, lasting peace and love.

Until we can overcome the negative influences of our thoughts ~ our mind, ego, and intellect ~ Satan will be our daddy, and he will keep us from knowing what love is, and living our most illuminated life.  For true love, peace, and fulfillment, allowing ourselves to be guided by our Divine Operating System ( DOS) is far more effortless than being led by Satan's Operating System (SOS) which is the central theme in The Golden Compass.

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In this Church service held at BOND ~ Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny ~ founded by Jesse Lee Peterson 30 years ago, he shares the best kept secret of all time.

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