The Path To Peace, Freedom & Fearless Living

Now that I have discussed the topic of dysregulation, and overcoming debilitating insecurities predicated on false beliefs, it's time to take it to the next step.  

A visitor during a recent walk through one of Toledo, Ohio's amazing Metro parks 

If you have not already done so, you may want to read the previous post explaining dysregulation and hidden triggers here, and the post prior to that where I begin to share my personal challenges since our epic relocation, as they relate to this ongoing series.

For the bigger picture, earlier posts discuss my being overcome with a spontaneous desire to surrender, repent and be born again ~ and what felt like a supernatural lifting of heavy weight off my shoulders.  Thus my transformation from secular / new age to being a born again Christian officially commenced, although it was years in the making.  

Once becoming born again, I believe there is a process that ensues, which will of course vary from person to person.  Initially, many, including myself, experience an unbelievably amazing shift ~ an unsurpassed sense of lightness and joy, bordering on bliss.  After some time, I believe we go through a period of being refined ~ an unwinding and releasing before being rebuilt and regenerated.  

I was definitely in that stage this past summer!  

My reason for writing all this is to reach those who like me have felt hindered in life because of insecurities, anxiety, fears, dysregulation and CPTSD (both explained in the previous post), or from the extra challenges of being introverted, highly sensitive or empathic, and not feeling like you fit in.  

Toledo Botanical Gardens, layers of trees and symmetry

I also am speaking to those who may have tried holistic healing, counseling, diet and nutritional supplements, and/or whom follow alternative ideologies including new age and Eastern spiritual approaches ~ and have found some benefit, but question if there may be something missing.

I have been down each of these roads. 

Get your ducks ~ or geese ~ in a row now, rather than later!  

Now that the background has been laid, the stage is set to get more to the heart of the matter, and the motivation for reigniting this blog, namely, to share how:

  • Peace of mind can be your ongoing natural state, rather than a fleeting experience, no matter what chaos may be happening in the world around you
  • Fearless courage can replace doubt, hesitancy, and timidness
  • The limiting beliefs driving your behaviors can be replaced with truths, and unshakeable resolve
  • Love ~ genuine love of God, not fake emotional love ~ is meant to be your natural state
  • An upgraded operating system can change the course of your life in ways beyond your imagining
  • Addictions can be conquered
  • To free yourself from the effects of the world, which operates under a far inferior operating system
  • You can finally overcome feelings of being unworthy or lacking in value
  • Live the life you were created to live
And, how all this is available at no extra charge!  No special therapies or drugs!  

Now, I'm not saying you may not desire or need additional therapies or counseling.  Nor am I saying it will be easy, or that I've mastered any or all of this!  However, I've tasted it enough to know it's totally possible for all of us!  It's the natural outcome of living in harmony with God's laws!

A pathway is available for those who feel called, to upgrade their operating system and begin to be more Spirit led ~ whether deciding on a diet strategy, where to live, or how to deal with any personal life challenges, or hindrances to living a more vibrant, healthy, fruitful life. 

And, I am living testimony:  there is a way to overcome the debilitating and limiting beliefs ~ lies we accepted as truths ~ and habitual worry, self doubts, and negative mindsets ~ above and beyond the standard traditional allopathic or holistic methods.  

All these have value, and should be incorporated if and as needed.  However, I know from personal experience that while I learned a lot from all my own attempts to heal myself ~ physically and mentally/emotionally ~ it's the spiritual component that packs the greatest punch, and the essential piece missing these days.

It's not just missing for some individuals.  

The escalating rates of disease. depression, addictions, and suicides and increasing reliance on Western pharmaceuticals at younger and younger ages are but red flags to a deeper spiritual void that is not being adequately filled, leading to endless needless suffering.

I was raised atheist, and went the way of self-help, metaphysical studies, and new age practices.  I practiced Zen meditation for a year.  I studied Oriental medicine, macrobiotics, plant-based nutrition, yoga, energy healing, and even channeling!  I received readings from psychics and gave readings to others.  I tried all manner of diets and cleanses.  The new age ideologies became woven into my psyche, and I used my heightened sensitivities when doing energy healings and readings.  I could really feel energy, and have had many paranormal experiences with unseen entities as well.

I've also been down some seriously deep rabbit holes.  It continues to this day.

All that I once believed to be true, much of what I was taught since young has all been turned on its head!

Every unanswered question about why things were the way they were has been answered.  What once did not make sense, now does, and yet the discovery of that has been not only eye opening, but at times excruciatingly difficult to stomach.

And my personal final struggle to overcome my emotional triggers, and what I discovered about CPTSD and dysregulation has finally come to a head.  I'm on the winning side of all my past battles with a far inferior operating system.

Now, I'm recalibrating to a far superior operating system.  

I call the default, inferior operating system SOS, and the far superior operating system DOS.


What do those letters stand for?

I'll continue with that in the next post.

I hope you will continue to follow me.  But to be clear, I'm not really offering anything of myself.  

In fact, my greatest break through came when I realized that I of myself could do nothing.  

That humans nature is not innately good like I wanted to believe.  

That we really all have fallen short, and sinned, and it's in acknowledging this that we have our greatest transformation.   

When we finally breakdown, we can beak through.  And break free.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  ~John 8:32 KJV

A couple more earlier posts if interested in following the whole trail that began with a dream to find a piece of land, and live a more fruitful life: 

As we get closer to our original dream, to free ourselves from physical and mental/emotional limitations, and find our piece of land ~ I believe this will all begin to fall together.  I believe that as I close this past chapter, a new and perhaps the greatest chapter of my life is now commencing, even though things can look a bit uncertain in the world right now.

I hope that you are also finding peace amidst uncertainty, strength and courage rather than fear, freedom from group think, and motivation to live the life you were created to live ~ serving God and His divine purpose for your life.

This path is far from easy, yet there is no doubt that it's by far the most rewarding!

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