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A Poem - Using God's Word To Overcome Negative Thoughts & False Beliefs

Toledo Botanical Gardens Here is the poem I mentioned in my last post that helped me through some shall I say dysregulated moments.  It’s very simple, making it easier to remember and recite repeatedly ~ and the likelier I will! (recite it repeatedly, that is.)  Repetition of positive, encouraging, truth-filled statements ~ whether in our own words written like a poem, or direct from scripture ~ helps re-wire the neurocircuitry in the brain, and subconscious mind.  This is how we override the false beliefs and repetitive negative thoughts that are limiting our lives.  I chose words that best countered my false beliefs, and matched with God's word in the scripture.  Feel free to use it and make it your own, or write a poem, and feel free to share it in the comments! The verses that inspired this poem are outlined below.

Most Of Our Thoughts Are NEGATIVE: How God’s Word Can Set Us Free - Three Steps & Why It's Important!

  In my last post , I mentioned that it is possible to enjoy peace of mind amidst uncertainty, strength and courage rather than fear, and freedom from group think.   By mastering your mind ~ managing what goes on between your temples ~ you can better serve God's purpose for your life.  I also spoke about overcoming limiting beliefs, low self-worth, anger, habitual worry, addictions, and a myriad of other negative mental/emotional states, including those associated with dysregulation and CPTSD.  In this post, we go deeper into mind management:  why it's important, and how to use God's Word to set you free from the mental tyranny ~ with three basic steps. How do we achieve an ongoing state of peace?  These days, it seems very elusive.  Many women ~ especially moms ~ are such habitual worriers, it's become second nature!  All of us have thousands of thoughts a day, most of which are negative, as you will read below.  So, how do we overcome? There are countless self-help an