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Hi!  Welcome to The Strong Spirit Path blog!  

You may be wondering what exactly is the strong spirit path?  (Or who am I, and why am I here???)

I would summarize that the Strong Spirit Path is about how we handle life's challenges, overcome obstacles ~ whether mental, emotional, or physical ~ and how we can live as truly sovereign beings.

It's also about dropping the victim-slave mentality, and staying dedicated to realizing your full potential and aligning with your most illuminated life path.  

Sometimes we have to endure a lot of challenges to realize exactly what we are made of.  It's often precisely the challenges that have rocked us to our core ~ causing us to feel vulnerable, confused, disconnected, isolated, insecure, and/or afraid ~  that blindly and unwittingly takes us, crumb by crumb, down the strong spirit path, kicking and screaming the whole way.  However, when we emerge from the dense brush of the darkened forest, we are transformed.  Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we take flight, leaving behind who we were, and finally emerging as who we were always meant to be ~ our most illuminated Self.

Or at least that is how my life has felt, and why I birthed the Strong Spirit Woman into being.   I have earned the title in spades, and have learned a thing or two along the way.

I hope that by sharing what I learned, I can help others ~ you ~ be spared a lot of the time, heartache, loss, and expense that marked my own journey, and more consciously and effectively create what your most ideal, or illuminated version of yourself and your life.


I've written in greater detail the highlights of my life here, including details of certain events that I have never  before publicly shared.

What I did not understand until more recently is that I am what Elaine Aaron, PhD has termed a highly sensitive person, or HSP, and an introvert, and an empath!

In a nutshell, HSPs get easily over stimulated in an increasingly overstimulating world.  Introverts are more inwardly focused, and empaths are like sponges.  They absorb everything they feel, whether aware or not.  

These sensitivities (especially in combo) caused me to continually withdraw into my shell to 'recover' from being overstimulated, while becoming increasingly timid about being 'out there' in the world.  I often felt like an outsider, or like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.

Essentially, all these sensitivities felt like a curse!  I was often told "Your'e too sensitive!"  However, I have turned my sensitivities into a gift and can now better help others who are also feeling challenged or overly anxious about being out there in the world.

I still have a ways to go to feel fully integrated and aligned with my own most illuminated path.  Step by step, I am getting closer.  You can read about my final remaining outstanding dream I am READY to manifest, here.


  • I will share personal experiences, how I apply my own tools to overcome triggers and issues, and how this process helps me evolve.  As Dr. Hart reiterates over and over in the C.O.R.E. Counseling program, "You only evolve as much as your least evolved parts."

  • I will also share tips and strategies about navigating our extrovert-oriented, highly stimulating world, especially as an HSP, empath, or introvert!  (Watch a video sharing tips, below.)

  • I am a highly attuned intuitive of energy, meaning my ability to feel energy is my most profound sensitivity, and potential curse or gift, depending on how I'm using it!  I have always felt most centered, empowered, at peace, and at home within myself in beautiful, natural areas. I will share my experiences of receiving messages from Nature, and how I utilize Nature as part of my healing work, when meaningful and appropriate for others.


I am a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, Holistic C.O.R.E. Counselor and Master Energy Healer, or as I call, Harmonizer.  I have training in Oriental medicine, massage, and reflexology, along with many other aspects of holistic health, including some more esoteric modalities, such as Magnified Healing and master level channeling.  I'm highly intuitive, clairsentient, and claircognizant.  I feel energy, and I receive an inner knowing, sometimes in the form of images and symbols.  

I've always been passionate about food and health.  Part of my journey to become a Strong Spirit Woman is married to my personal mental and physical health evolution going from a plant-rich paleo diet, to an entirely whole-foods plant-based diet, and now to a low-carb, ketogenic, nearly plant-free hypercarnivore diet.  Ever since I began eating a low-carb/hypercarnivore diet, I've felt like I finally came home to myself, and the me I was always meant to be.

I initially began this blog when I first transitioned to a low-carb/ketogenic diet after my health began to decline while following various versions of a whole-foods, produce-rich, plant-based diet ~ including a high raw diet ~ for over five years.  I have been transitioning all the still relevant food and nutrition related content from what was originally called the Living Your True Nature blog, to The Hypercarnivore blog site.  

While plant-based, I wrote my first four books!  I also had a YouTube channel called Basic Macrobiotics.  (I had trained to become a certified Macrobiotic Counselor.)  After more experimentation, and updated research, I unpublished my first four books, as I no longer supported the premise of following a plant-based diet as a path to greater health.  I have since wrote my fifth book, The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, and began the new Strong Spirit Woman YouTube channel.  For those interested in trying a low-carb, ketogenic, and/or what we term a hypercarnivore diet, you can download The Thirty-Day Hypercarnivore Health Challenge 25+ page e-book for FREE just by subscribing to my website.


  • I love writing.  I'll try to keep my blog posts brief though!

  • I am a very spiritual person.  I do not follow any organized religion, however, I promise that my energy healing, readings, guided meditations, and the like are NOT the work of the devil!  My life lesson involved learning to trust myself, and follow my True Nature.  I believe we have the sensory apparatus, including our heart ~ divined by Providence/God/the Great Creator/Universal Intelligence ~ to help us best navigate our lives, and live our true purpose.  I think that any teaching that tells you to NOT trust your own heart and senses is anti-Nature, and anti-life.

  • I spent one year doing a weekly Sunday 1.5 hour Zen meditation practice, along with monthly longer (12 hour) one-day retreats, monthly volunteer samu practice, and one three day meditation meeting for 15 hours each day.  After one year, and a sprained ankle from trying to be a good little monk, sitting still through the nerve pain, I realized I did not need to do that anymore.  I also decided that I didn't need some Japanese Roshi to impress me with his powers, and instill a belief that 'one day' I may get lucky and get enlightened.  Hogwash.  I did however enjoy the space and the community.  And I still meditate on my own, or out in Nature.  I also realized I have my own rich ancestral European spiritual and cultural heritage, and I didn't need to go outside of it to find something, when all that was missing was my knowledge that it existed.  

  • I used to devour self-help and New-Age books.  Now, I reject much of that as well.  I now see a big part of the New-Age movement as another form of brainwashing.

  • I have spent years breaking free from early life mindsets.  I have had the jaw-dropping, head-spinning, and anger-inducing experiences of learning about what is really going on in the world, including another side to many past historical events.  All I can say is question everything.  Nothing is as it seems.  And there is always more than one side to every story.  The matrix is programming us at every turn, with every ad, sitcom, movie, and school assignment.  Stay alert.  Be an apex predator, and guard your mind and energy with your life.

  • I offer a few types of energy healing ~ available remotely and locally ~  Intuitive Readings, and Channeled Healing Messages, to help people feel more integrated, grounded, centered, at peace, and in harmony to their truer, more authentic core essence.  All sessions are conducted with great reverence and respect for the individual, and as such, speak to the greater truth of who you are.  The sessions and readings are always uplifting and encouraging, yet practical and straight forward.

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