Forgiveness Series

Here are the forgiveness series posts, thus far.  Some of the posts also include related videos.

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Summary of the Forgiveness Process (As Per Jesse Lee Peterson)

To briefly summarize the forgiveness process (as outlined by Peterson): 

  • We apologize for holding resentment towards him or her (our mother or father) for X, Y, Z (issues/events which will vary for each person.) 
  • We acknowledge that it is wrong for us to judge them by holding anger or resentment.  
  • We understand that just as we ourselves have done many things seemingly beyond our control, as I discussed in here, we realize it's realize it is the same for them / others. 
  • We realize that our parents couldn't help themselves because they had not overcome their own past issues with their parents or caregivers, and they ~ as all of us ~ are still in a fallen state 
  • Once we forgive them, God forgives us.
  • Once we do this, God will renew our mind, so we can now be 'born again' in the Spirit of God
  • Consistent daily practice of the Silent Prayer, or silent meditation will help us learn to observe rather than participate in our thoughts, as all thoughts are lies. 
  • We allow God to reveal to us the truth of who we are, and to get to know ourselves.
  • We learn how to discern rather than judge. Judgement is discernment + hate/anger.
  • We learn how to discern God's revelations to us, versus Satan who speaks to us in our heads. God reveals. Satan speaks. Satan sounds like our own voice in our head. Satan projects, jumps to conclusions, and keeps you stuck in the past, or fretting about the future.
  • Forgiveness of our parents liberates us to be our true selves.

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