Below are a few testimonials from actual clients that I have worked with over the years.  While many more have given rave reviews, I have not always been able to capture them onto the website or online review service.  This is to just give an idea to help you further decide if working with me feels like a good match for you.  Always trust your gut/heart!

"I went to Tracy after I discovered I had several subconscious blocks that I was unable to resolve on my own or through "conventional" therapy. I had been struggling for years with poverty, low sense of self worth, and romance. After three sessions, I felt lighter and a sense of resolution and peace I'd not experienced, except perhaps as a child. Within a few days of my last session, I got a new idea to bring in money and a romantic interest contacted me after not being in touch for weeks. Most importantly, I FEEL so much better and happier. A friend who I've not seen in a while said I carry myself differently and come across as more confident. My vision has improved and rosacea symptoms, a dis-ease I've had for 10 years, have been disappearing every day. Thank you!"      
~Paul, Hypnotherapy & C.O.R.E. Counseling client, AZ

More from Paul...
I found Barefoot acupuncture when I was in a stage of my life where I was just getting unstuck from some negative patterns in relationships and finances. I was in a cycle of poverty and failed finances that had been going on for years. Tracy is a compassionate and highly gifted woman and her sessions helped me break those patterns. My business has taken off and I have had a 180 degree turn around in my interpersonal relationships. Even physical ailments have vanished or dissipated. I had been to standard therapies at different times, but Tracy was able to help in ways, and much faster, than the others' had. I would highly recommend. Even the lobby has a very soothing and healing energy to it making me feel calm as soon as I enter their space. Don is a very kind man and has a very soothing presence. I would feel very comfortable if I needed to go to him for any of his services as well. Tracy and Don have a wonderful place.

"TY for your incredible help during this crisis. I am still practicing the imagery every morning when I walk my dog - so I have the strength for each situation. You have been such a friend to me in addition to your amazing treatments. The 'work' we did has helped so immensely!  I feel like I am on a new road now!"
~ Joyce, ABQ, NM (Life/Health Coaching client)

"I felt heavy when I came in, and much lighter at the end of the session, with much less pressure in my head and urinary bladder. I also felt a different energy in my body, and feel like I have more hope.
~Julie Wood, Reiki/energy healing client

"I accomplished more with just one hypnotherapy session with Tracy than I did in all the years of seeing various psychotherapists combined. Tracy is very compassionate, affable, and intuitive. She truly cares for your well-being and wants to see you reach your highest potential. Thank you, Tracy, for all your support and compassion. 
~ Addie H., Hypnotherapy/C.O.R.E. Counseling & Reiki client

In traditional naturopathic medicine, the priority traditionally was to focus on cleansing out toxins before rebuilding anew.  In a similar manner, I have found that in order to create more of what we want, we have to first clear the obstacles to having what it is we desire, lest we sabotage ourselves before we have a chance to finally manifest our true desires.   
Many life coaches are very goal-oriented.  What many people need is someone who can fill several hats, and understand how to handle the mental and emotional challenges that arise whenever we declare our desire to do, be, and have more.

"The energy clearing and channeled reading I had with Tracy during the Tea, Reiki & Tarot Thursday event was way more than I expected.  She brought in a lot of great information and clarity, which was very uplifting."  
~Judy C., Scottsdale, AZ

"I really resonated with much of the information Tracy mentioned during the channeled reading and energy clearing.  She brought attention to issues that have come up previously that were still effecting my energy field.  She is clearly a very authentic, honest, warm-hearted practitioner." 
~ Raquel, Phoenix, AZ

"Tracy has been wonderful. Through her help, I have let go of the shame and guilt that has kept me in a walled off, unavailable box, that I put myself into at a very young age. She has a way about her that puts me at ease, and I am very comfortable talking to her in our sessions. I told her about a particular incident that happened to me which I have never spoken of to anyone. I thought I would carry this to my grave (I have been to a "few therapist.") I feel blessed to have found such a genuine healer. Thank you so much for all you do.
~ Terri K., Chandler, AZ, Hypnotherapy client, and Reiki student

"When the information came up about my late husband, it brought me amazing relief. It was like a huge weight was lifted that I had been carrying around for years. I finally felt closure, and it brought me a great sense of peace...If it wasn't for the help I get (acupuncture, reiki, reflexology at Barefoot Acupuncture), I would not be managing all of the present challenges nearly as well. You both have helped me to cope and continue to function despite my chronic back problems. TY both for everything, I am so grateful I found you guys."
~ Barb B., Phoenix, AZ

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is a ten-step guide to help you get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you really desire to be ~ whether 20 pounds lighter, debt-free, more vibrant, happy, successful, and/or finding your dream partner in life.  


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