The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan

 The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is a ten-step guide or MAP  to help you overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams.  

Whether you desire to lose weight, improve your finances, or meet your ideal soul partner, the steps are the same.  You need to bridge the gap from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you desire to be ~ whether 20 or 50 pounds lighter, debt-free and owning your own home, or creating a beautiful life with your new soul mate.

Having dealt with ongoing challenges and struggles for much of my life time, I finally found the tools to help me transform my own life ~ and now the lives of my clients.  (You can read more about me, here.)

I spent way too much money and time trying to heal myself ~ physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Although while young, I skipped a grade, and many considered me to be very gifted, I never seemed to be able to thrive ~ no matter what I ate, which therapies I tried, and how many holistic health courses I took.

I also did not feel cut from the same cloth of those who were successful.  I was a more introverted and highly sensitive person (HSP) which added to my challenges at coping in our modern, more extroverted-oriented and highly stimulating world.  

When I found Dr. Martin Hart, founder of the American Society of Alternative Therapists, and creator of the Certified Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling system, I immediately resonated with what he expressed about the program.  I signed up, and completed the training to become a Certified Holistic C.O.R.E. Counselor / Educator.  It has been the most potent course of study I have ever undertaken.  I weave the tools I learned from Dr. Hart's program into everything I do, including my hypnotherapy and coaching sessions with clients, and now this book.  

I continually use these tools to help me work through my own personal emotional triggers and 'parts.'  It's a life long process, but having the right tools can truly help us transform our lives.  

Consider how your life might be different if you could:

  • Respond more consciously when emotionally triggered ~ whether  you are cut off in traffic, or dealing with family or work challenges
  • Feel more in control of your emotions 
  • Receive and understand the messages of your physical and mental / emotional symptoms, and more effectively heal from major health conditions
  • Transcend negative, limiting beliefs and mental habits
  • Realize your true nature
  • Recognize and work with your most powerful raw materials to manifest ~ or consciously create ~ your desired outcomes
  • Free yourself from destructive patterns and self-sabotage
  • Reclaim your true power and destiny to live your most illuminated life
Once you practice the tools I share in my coaching/hypnotherapy practice, and here in the book, you will be able to more fully integrate them into your daily life, and use them when needed to better handle challenges when they do arise, and they always do.

Taking responsibility for all that shows up ~ a key part of the C.O.R.E. program ~ 
will greatly increase your confidence, and help you feel more empowered as the sole driver of your life.  

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is a ten-step process that can help you get from Point A to Point B ~ and beyond ~ as effectively and elegantly as possible!

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan teaches you how to:

  • Learn what type of lens from which you view the world
  • Appropriately express (rather than suppress or repress) your emotions so that they do not become the 'hidden killers'
  • Release &/or reframe limiting beliefs
  • Reclaim your power, and whatever was 'lost' or 'taken' due to earlier life challenges and traumas
  • Meet your future self already having already arrived at your 'Point B'
  • Connect with many other resources, available at your beckon call
  • Focus on your future potential, rather than your past seeming challenges and perceived mistakes
  • Use the power of your mind to help you improve all areas of your life
  • Live as a more fully unified and integrated being

Read what others have to say:

"Tracy has been wonderful. Through her help, I have let go of the shame and guilt that has kept me in a walled off, unavailable box, that I put myself into at a very young age. She has a way about her that puts me at ease, and I am very comfortable talking to her in our sessions. I told her about a particular incident that happened to me which I have never spoken of to anyone. I thought I would carry this to my grave (I have been to a "few therapist.") I feel blessed to have found such a genuine healer. Thank you so much for all you do."
~ Terri K., Chandler, AZ, Hypnotherapy client, and Reiki student

It is my desire to help an ever wider audience learn these simple and effective tools to finally be in dominion of their lives.  

Isn't it about time that you finally let go of all those old limiting beliefs which negate the Truth of Who You Really Are, and cause you to doubt yourself?

When you share your innate gifts in meaningful ways, you enjoy a better quality of life.  You experience greater enthusiasm, vitality, and flow as you become ever more in sync with your Soul's Divine Mission.  

The ten steps of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan will help you access your greatest inner treasures.  

You will also learn to meet your most powerful allies ~ aspects of your own self, and many other helpful resources ~ to help you every step of the way.  These aspects can help you remain inspired and motivated to take the next best steps to help you arrive in a timely manner to your desired destination.  

Whether you desire to lose weight, stop smoking (or give up any other self-negating habit), improve your finances, meet your divine soul partner, or express your talents in purposeful and fruitful ways, the process is the same.  You are here, and you want to be there.  

To undertake any journey in life, what you most need is a MAP.  The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan is one such map that may just become your personal bible to helping you overcome challenges, including debilitating emotions and insecurities, to awaken the most illuminated version of yourself you came here to be.

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan includes tips and steps you can incorporate into your routine to live a more organized and empowered life, and suggestions for when you need more support.  

You will also learn how to recognize when you are in the dreaded D's ~ denial, discounting, diversion and more ~ and how to apply the Useful Rs ~ reframe, reclaim++ ~ to help you overcome issues and habits from the past that are still influencing your present choices.

I have read my share of 'self-help' books over the years.  None addressed the appropriate tools or steps to take to help me overcome a lifetime of personal challenges that were sabotaging my efforts at applying the 'think and be rich' approach to manifestation.   

More than just another self-help book teaching about the Laws of Attraction, the steps in The Self-Empowerment Plan teach you how to overcome your greatest stumbling blocks and how to employ the raw materials required to consciously create your most desired outcomes.  The result is that your most illuminated version of yourself will organically emerge, and your life will take on a new trajectory.

If your inner thoughts are not in alignment with what you desire, no amount of hocus pocus will get you from where you are, to where you desire to be.

"I accomplished more with just one hypnotherapy session with Tracy than I did in all the years of seeing various psychotherapists combined. Tracy is very compassionate, affable, and intuitive. She truly cares for your well-being and wants to see you reach your highest potential. Thank you, Tracy, for all your support and compassion." ~ Addie H., Hypnotherapy & Reiki client  

(Read more testimonials here.)

So what are the ten steps in The Strong Spirit (S.S.) Self-Empowerment Plan?

In order to accomplish our goals, or get from Point A to Point B ~ and beyond ~ you will want to start with a vision, then make a plan.  

Following is an outline of the ten-steps in The S.S. Self-Empowerment Plan:

  1. Start with a vision, and identify your Point B
  2. Assess the situation, and make a game plan
  3. Look within ~ Is there anyone (or any part) that objects to your desire to manifest, or arrive at your Point B?  What type of vision do you have?
  4. Dealing with the 4 (plus 2 more) Ds, and learning The Hidden Killers
  5. Using The 4 Rs 
  6. Meet your allies
  7. Trust your guidance
  8. Clean up your life
  9. Re-Integrate & Re-Assess; Letting go
  10. Get Extra Help

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan also includes:

  • Guided visualizations
  • Supportive lifestyle tips
  • Healing rituals
  • Positive affirmations, and how to use them effectively
  • Letter writing as a strategy for gaining personal knowledge, and self-forgiveness
  • Suggestions for living as a Strong Spirit Person

Our ability to be the most illuminated version of ourself possible is an inside job.  

When you enlighten your load, your inner light will have the space to shine.  The rest happens organically.  

It's simple, yet it requires patience, focus, and willingness to do the work.  For those who are self-motivated, and good at applying what they read into a regular practice, I think you will really enjoy and greatly benefit from my book, just like I have! 

For those who desire more personal attention, you may want to read more about all of my services.

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